Word-Vision of The Middle East Conflict

A. Historical Beliefs Fall Short 


Whether symbolic or not, it is necessary to look at the current conflict over the land called Israel and Palestine in terms of it starting with Name [Life or God] telling Noah that he alone was righteous,[44] putting him in an ark, and then flooding the earth to give humanity a second chance. Life is telling us that righteousness is the only standard for the survival of human life on Earth, whether we believe in God or not. Name will prove it through the conflict over this land.

Word [the mind of Life or Christ] defined righteousness when he insisted that John the Baptist baptize [purify] him after John said that he needed to be baptized by him. Word said, “‘Permit [it] now; for thus it is proper for us to fulfill all righteous­ness.’ Then, he permits him.”[45] This is the principle of word-vision, making all others more important without being against ourselves.

Shortly after Noah, Abraham pleaded with Name not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if He were to find enough righteous people there. Name was willing if only ten were there, but there were not.[46] Before Word demonstrated the meaning of righteousness, the reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed was always misconstrued to be because of immorality, as defined by the moral code of Moses and Mohammed.

For later we learn that Word was crucified “in the great city that is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt”,[47] one city in two states. Sodom was the state of unrighteousness and Egypt, at that time, the state of slavery, symbolic for addiction in the conscience. Egypt replaced Gomorrah, for the latter means life. Word did not need to appear and suffer in reference to these spiritual city names if the issue was only immorality. He pointed out the order of things when he admired the great love a prostitute had and shunned the little love moral leaders had.[48] 

And yet, since there were so few righteous people at that time, Name made morality appear to be the chief issue when He promised the land of Canaan, where Israel sits, to Abraham’s descendants. He fulfilled it right after delivering the moral code to Moses, who made it known that the inhabitants of Canaan were offering human sacrifice.[49] Their astounding immorality was far beyond the actions of Abraham’s descendants, but that did not make them righteous. Fortunately, however, this was Name’s plan to give humanity time, for morality can never be the chief issue. 

The 2,000-year cycle from Abraham to Word ended with the Israelites, Abrahams descendants, being driven off the land. That was the period Name gave them to learn righteousness as a nation. They failed, but individually some of them learned it tacitly and practiced it in all the nations they were dispersed to, alongside those who failed to learn it. The only difference between them that ultimately mattered was the latter harbored great animus for their captors because of their immorality. 

Being driven off the land signaled the beginning of the present 2,000-year cycle for all other nations to learn righteousness, the great socialization of humanity. Mohammed brought Islam six centuries into it, and Muslims, also descendants of Abraham, began desiring to have Israel’s ancient capital Jerusalem for their new religion, just as Christians had. The followers of neither religion had yet learned righteousness as nations. Instead, they used the standard of morality to justify their right under Providence, as they each saw it, to occupy the land. 

Christianity teaches that we can be in a righteous state by faith, whereby Word’s righteousness is imputed to us by merely believing in him. This makes it possible to learn how to make all others more important, but it first requires breaking addiction in our conscience. Then, we can make even enemies of conscience more important, known as loving our enemies, the key practice of righteousness. 

But without learning how, we cannot practice it and be righteous as Word is, not just a state. For “he who practices righteousness is righteous just as he (Word) is righteous.”[50] A similar process exists for those of us who do not believe in Word as Christ but want to learn the principle through his teachings. As explained in Book One, the yirah attribute of Word cleanses our conscience long enough to learn it.


Presently, the Jews have returned and possess Israel after it was in the hands of their Muslim brothers for centuries, but more recently under the authority of the British Empire, which allowed Jews, Christians, and Muslims to live there. Muslims have tried to take it back from their Jewish brothers, both believing they have Providence on their side. 

Today, most nations believe Palestinian Muslims should have their own nation bordering Israel, while America, Israel’s main protector, is split, half supporting Palestine, the other Israel, or at least half of Israel, for it is also split. None of these religions or any of the some two hundred nations of the world have achieved righteousness, the only standard for the survival of humanity at this the end of the present 2,000-year cycle. 

Now since no one has to believe in Christ to follow his teaching on the principle, Jews and Muslims can learn it and continue teaching the morality of their religions within it. Loving one’s enemies is a direct command in Christianity, but how to follow it is still not explicitly taught. Name’s plan appears to be for all three religions to learn it together or risk everything.

Sincere followers of all three religions make others who love them more important, sometimes even strangers who do not love them but who are at least not enemies. But look at where that has gotten us. It has no impact on resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine but rather enforces it. Moses warned the people that the land itself would spew them out if they do not at least follow the moral code he taught.[51] But that only bought us time.

Some would argue that the Israelites kept the code well enough to stay on the land for some sixteen centuries. But even if that were true, in the end, they lacked national righteousness. And now they are back, the nation that bought humanity more time. 

Now, together with Islam and Christianity, Judaism mistakes its moral code for righteousness, but a didactic code never leads to loving enemies of conscience. In fact, it makes it harder, for practicing morality alone leads to judgment against those who do not practice it, making it impossible to love enemies of ones morality. The principle alone empowers us to develop better understanding of ourselves first, then others.

Ten people practicing the principle in Sodom and Gomorrah would have stopped such pernicious judgment. It would have revealed how to free their addicted conscience and establish mature leaders. Present leaders keep sowing the seeds of violence after every conflict by demonstrating their hatred for the other side – failing to mourn for the enemy soldiers they had to kill, who killed their loved ones. But if the children of their enemies saw them mourning for their lost loved ones too, they would not grow up with the hatred their parents have.

David genuinely mourned for such enemies even when they were just sick.[52] Moses and Mohammed also had this kind of agapé, Greek for love. It is the life of our world conscience, which we kill a little more every time we hate.

Righteousness begets righteousness. Showing the enemies of conscience on the other side that we love them, while hating their violence and protecting ourselves, is doing our part in raising up ten righteous people among ourselves and them. It is what every nation of the world urgently needs now at the end of this 2,000-year cycle of humanity.

               B. Preparation for Word-Visions of Word’s 

2,000-Year Conscience


To understand the boundaries of the moral law in the national consciences1 of Israel  and Palestine, we need to see the boundaries where it does not exist, where the principle is at work. Start by looking at the spark of con­scientiousness that exists in both of them. The principle always functions here at least supersededly, between them and all nation-name2 identi­ties, Palestinian, Israeli and so forth. They visibly interact with it in the light of Name’s (Life or Gods) agapé. But to the blind, it is an unseen transpar­ency throughout the world conscience. 

The proof of this comes to us when we see how the world exists in the national conscience of each of us through our nation-names. The nation-name Israel, for example, refers to where citizens who exist in the place called Israel live in their national conscience. The clearer their conscience, the better they see the place Israel in the world and experience both as they are and not as they may think they are. 

Also true for the nation-name Palestine, of course, but this is especially important in their present relationship with Israel, called a pair in the name-sets of their national consciences, permeating each other in the world conscience. Although Palestine is not recognized as a nation in the world, their society is held together by a national conscience, and thus they share the nation-name Palestine.

The two main permeational layers of every national conscience are the national vision-pearls of agapé and piety. They combine the light of every person using their nation-name into a single pupil of conscience for everyone in their nation to see with in their own word-vision. Facets within the pupil allow for differences that do not split the pupil.

We are focused on the nation-names Palestine and Israel to understand how they, without the principle, have suffered the addiction of hating the enemies of their national conscience for 2,000 years and as a result  – are at the permeational center of every national conscience throughout the world. Without the principle, we are unknowingly superseded by the extremely obstructive facets in the Palestine/Israel pair, dominating in the pupil of our national conscience.

Superseded in our own word-vision, we know only Word’s piety vision-pearl, not Name’s agapé vision-pearl permeating it. Our nation-names are subject to the pupils of each other’s superseded national conscience, all dominated over by the fractured Palestine/Israeli pair. We cannot see how moral codes work within these boundaries of our world conscience, how much less we can see Name’s agapé transparency in it. 

Unbelievably though, Word’s piety attribute provides us with word-vision of our word-visions, giving us the choice to learn the principle. Through faith or yirah or both, know that all attribute transparencies of life emanate from but remain within Name through Word in our nation-names. This means that every nation-name has the potential for prodigious goodness in its national conscience, and thus possesses the ability to love Palestine and Israel – while understanding them to be the prime enemies of the world conscience.


The world, national, political, and individual levels of conscience cannot be isolated from each other, just as clean or polluted air cannot be isolated in a room, even though individuals in it contribute to it differently. By not loving enemies of the world conscience, the pupil of our individual conscience is also blind to agapé. Growing up, we often believe that all attributes belong to our family or nation and thus potentially to us individually. We come out of this baleful misperception and understand its role in all conflicts as we cleanse the pupil of our conscience simultaneously on all levels with Name’s yirah transparency.

Imagine how you would feel if suddenly, while under the illusion that you were your own source with your own self-sustaining attributes, Name let you become aware of His presence on just one level of your conscience. Or believing that you have been using His attributes for Him, find out that you have been an enemy of life, using them against Him. 

The fear we would then feel if we also misperceived how He was looking at us at that moment with His agapé eyes – would be the misuse of His yirah attribute in the form of fear in us.3 It is provoked in others as a weapon by the enemies of conscience, blind themselves to how this weapon turns on them. 

Admitting our error and feeling gratitude restores our perception of the cleansing fragrance of life’s yirah in all of us, cleansing the pupil of our conscience. We see that Name never stops loving us. How can the conscientiousness of life turn against itself in anyone, our only hope when we lose touch with His depths?

The visual presence of Word’s piety transparency in your national conscience would then reveal the principle working in agapé – and those of us still confined to the fractured pupil of moral codes without the principle. You would immediately feel for us, including those of us who are Palestinians and Israelis. You would make us more important with Word’s anointing attribute, blessing us, not our blindness or actions that come out of it. 

You would use Word’s humble-mindedness attribute to humble yourself to our beauty in Name. Our beauty is the light of His agapé transparency, shining exquisitely as the pupil of our conscience. You would hope that we also choose to learn the principle and see the beauty of Name in Word in each other, which requires the passage-view in our word-vision.

We need the passage-view to understand Israel and Palestine’s blindness to it, so that we can protect ourselves and hopefully provide help to them, the world splinter, as well as all other superseded nation-names. Word taught the summon bonum truth to seeing the passage-view, saying, “When your eye is single, your whole body also is radiant. But when it is evil, your body also [is] completely dark. Be careful, therefore, lest the light that [is] in you is darkness.”[53]

He equated blindness with evil, for light cannot simultaneously be darkness except to the blind, here, the spiritually blind in their conscience. He tells us “not to resist the evil [of blindness]. Instead, whoever slaps you on your right cheek turn to them the other also.”[54]

Without knowledge of how to do this, we cannot see or see with the singularity of his passage-view. He said not even to resist a slap to emphasize no inner resistance, but later he says to buy swords for physical resistance, as symbolized in his teaching through James. “Resist the devil [the blindness in those who physically confront you] and he will flee from you.”[55]


All ten attributes of Word are essential to refraining from resisting what Israel and Palestine form in their blindness – as revealed on the piety level of the passage-view. It shows us how the first nine attributes allow for their own misuse in the first place. Thus, we should not blind ourselves to what Word’s piety vision-pearl works in anticipation of misuse. For resisting it requires our own misuse of Word’s attributes, blinding us to the piety and agapé levels of his passage-view in our word-vision.

Key to receiving the conveyance of Word’s passage-view is the cleansing fragrance of life’s yirah in all of us, “the fragrance of Christ (Word).”[56] While it does not cleanse the pupil of our own national conscience (the other levels implied) unless we see it in ourselves, once cleansed, we can see yirah in the world splinter and not resist its misuse, opening our eyes to Word’s conveyance. 

Not resisting with the help of Word’s fragrance removes the effects of blindness from our word-vision. This gives us vision of Word’s attributes in his passage-view, which is access to participate in their power. It should begin with Word’s grace in the form of anger, in all its disguises under Palestine and Israel’s misuse of it, the most strategic misuse in the world conscience.

Anger in the physical resistance between Palestine and Israel is obvious as they struggle over the land they both believe is theirs. But in the blindness of their word-vision, it is not obvious that the anger they think is theirs is not, only their illusion of it is theirs, driving their hateful physical resistance. 

Name’s anger form of grace in all its righteousness in Word can be understood only in the passage-view. Working simultaneously, its three realms are 1) the twelve vision-pearl gates around Name’s fragrant Identity, 2) the singularity of Word’s inner and outer 2,000-year eyes, and 3) the three sets of nation-names that Name manifests in His light-passage, through whom we envision Him. Together, from Word’s twelve vision-pearls and 2,000-year inner and outer eyes, we see Name through three name-sets appearing pandirectionally in Word’s singularity. 

Seeing Name through Palestine and Israel’s name-sets, appearing pandirectionally in Word’s singularity, reveals the world splinter in the midst of Word’s radiantly transparent pupil in the world conscience, permeationally alongside the radiance of his whole body of agapé light. Here, misuse of the fear and anger forms of Word’s grace are seen in the world splinter in their particular sequence throughout the world conscience. We can form this ourselves only after receiving the conveyance of Word’s passage-view. 

Passage-view of the world splinter in Word’s radiant pupil displays the forty-two generational layers of Name’s anger for Palestine and Israel – for not loving each other when they saw His agapé transparency in each other, and since then, for refusing to receive word-vision of their word-visions to choose to learn the principle.

Like towering lampposts, Word’s yirah illuminates Name’s anger for them every generation, all forty-two lined up permeationally in his radiant pupil. The light of this nation-name pair bumps into every post like a blind but beloved beggar.

Seeing Name through Palestine and Israel or any other pair reveals, in Word’s passage-view, that we actually see Name through their el-elohe-names. In fact, we see Name in our own el-elohe-names through Name in other el-elohe-names, all permeating each other. Thus, the above-mentioned vision of twelve vision-pearl gates around Name’s fragrant Identity is this presence in our el-elohe-names. It reveals any interfering blindness in our el-elohe-names, as well as in those of the enemies of conscience that Word permeationally focuses us on. 


The light-drama we witness overall in the radiant pupil of our world conscience is how Israel or Palestine is being used in every national conscience to support democracy or autocracy, for both nations have an extremist group pushing for autocracy with the majority in both pushing for democracy. 

However, since neither nation uses the principle, pro-democracy nation-names in every national conscience use one side or the other of the world splinter in their struggle to gain or keep democracy – in the unrecognizable hope that they are moving toward adopting the principle before it is too late. Their world conscience must evolve quick enough to prevent the misuse of Word’s attributes under their moral codes (only the principle uses them correctly) from dividing their alliances to the point where pro-autocracy nation-names gain or increase control. 

Totally bound under moral codes, autocratic nation-names are not loved by today’s pro-democracy nation-names as enemies of the world conscience and, therefore, have fewer chances to choose the principle. Autocracy can gain control no other way in the world conscience, the prelude for all human dramas, starting with the personal journey for freedom in our individual conscience. It unknowingly suffers from hating enemies through the world splinter by misuse of Word’s desire attribute.

To understand desire in the world splinter, know that Word’s grace presence in every other attribute is complete only in Name’s agapé attribute in him. The misuse of fear and anger engages the misuse of desire, which, together, engages grace negatively and makes the misuse of agapé as hatred the primary fuel for anger. These are the dynamics of the world splinter, the generator of the encaged world conscience.

But to allow the world splinter to continue in the form of addiction, our minds must be unable to recognize how it is destroying us and stop it. What makes our minds so feeble? Just as we did not approve of having Name manifest in knowledge of the principle, He “gave us up to a reprobate (adokimon) mind.”[56.1] In other words, rejecting the principle makes our minds feeble, riddled with addictive patterns that convince us it is strong.

Adokimon literally means ‘non-testing’, essentially the state of the addicted mind, unable to test its patterns of thought to recognize and break free from dangerous ones. But with the principle, we use a dokimon mind and can test our own patterns of thought to see through the world splinter, making it, instead, the most valuable jewel of Name’s grace in Word. It is no wonder we feel an irresistible urge to fix others without knowing we suffer from it also.

Word teaches that if, without the principle, we attempt to remove the splinter from someone, it only means that we possess it in our own eye and that it has swollen to a beam, and worse, we are hypocrites for trying.[56.2] This is convincing evidence that we are using an adokimon mind as the mind of our heart. Together, the adokimon mind and world conscience afflicted with the world splinter form a blinding illusion that must be removed in us first to see how it is hiding Name from Palestine and Israel in anyone else.

Word teaches us not to give what is holy,[56.3] our word-visions of Name in the non-illusory world splinter (figuratively by only describing them or simply attempting to, mistakenly thinking we can convey them ourselves), to dogs, referencing enemies of conscience from within the splinter. From within it, they see their enemies as dogs, causing them to wear the image themselves. Word certainly does not see or refer to them as such outside the splinter, never offending their beauty in Name, which would fail to honor Him in them.

And in the same breath, Word teaches us not to cast our pearls – the non-illusory world splinter in Name’s agapé vision-pearl and Word’s piety vision-pearl, the fullness of grace emanating all yirah light – to pigs, again a reference from within the world splinter. For they will trample our true vision of Israel and Palestine from within it and devour their image of us loving Israel or Palestine, whichever they see as their enemy from within the world splinter.   


To understand what we are looking at when seeing the world splinter in Word’s passage-view, we need to know about the onenesses here. The first is between Word’s desire4 and his 2,000-year conscience, the desire oneness, the second between Word’s agapé and his 2,000-year conscience, the agapé oneness.

Together, they are forty-two generational layers of desire and agapé working in our present and rooted in our collective structural memory, not specific memories. Desire is the current of the world conscience, and agapé  is its power. But in the world splinter, they are a spiraling death-current of self-love, starting with Israel and Palestine.

Misuse of Word’s desire for Name and His memory is desire for one’s own name and memory, and misuse of his agapé for Name in everyone is making ourselves more important than everyone. Together, we validate our self-importance with physical pleasure, thinking we are satisfying deceitful desires that we cannot understand with our adokimon mind. In the world splinter, Israel and Palestine are in this trap, at the center of every national conscience in the world.

Looking at this in the passage-view with Word’s principle, we are careful to use his yirah transparency to always replace fear and anger in our perception of now – appearing to feed on misused desire and agapé – with the reality of Word’s yirah fragrance emanating from the oneness, his third, between his desire and agapé for Name in everyone. It radiates across the 2,000-year now of Word’s world conscience divided into three stages permeating each other. 

The forty-two in the previous 2,000-year cycle were divided into the three stages of Abraham, David and Word.[57] The Abraham and David positions of righteousness have long been at work in our cycle as has Word’s. In fact, at the onset of every cycle of conscience, the nature of these three positions of humanity use the principle to form the oneness between desire and conscience in us. It assists or limits our development from childhood on according to our choices.

Now that we are at the end of this timeless cycle of our con­science, timeless to itself, Word himself, in the form of his righteousness, has appeared in it. Life righteousness is raising up our individual conscience into our national conscience to offer all of us the opportunity to see with it outside our­selves, even through the blindness of others.

Israel and Palestine’s misuse of Word’s yirah and anger to resist each other has been working as the most potent desire in their 2,000-year consciences and, now at the end of this cycle, their misuse has become the most difficult blindness in the world to see outside of once we are superseded by it at the epicenter of our our national conscience.

What makes it seem so impenetrable is how the transparency of Name’s faith raised up Word in all forty-two of their generational layers – but only in his piety transparency like their desire. This allows them to amplify their anger and every misguided desire forty-two times – for the law in their conscience either does not prohibit it or give them the means to prevent it. This is what Word’s transparencies work that make it possible for them to work what they do in blindness.

Their limited desire oneness does not allow them to see any of these layers in Word’s agapé transparency right in their permeational midst. No one superseded can, whose national-conscience pupil is covered by their blindness and thus their conscientious memory also.

However, we are learning how to use the principle and not resist Palestine and Israel’s blindness in our national conscience. We prevent their blindness from overcoming us by feeding its misperception back into Word’s piety vision-pearl, revealing how his transparencies give it illusory form in their eyes based on their misuse. It works through misuse of Name’s philadelphia transparency, the national gates of communication in Word, joining all national consciences according to the three stages of their 2,000-year cycles.

In our blindness, we use them as gates to join our addicted consciences. Our blind forms overcome each other and we remain confined to the earliest period of our national conscience, unable to see outside ourselves. Throughout the world, many citizens in every nation are like national children, unaware when they are communicating with national adults or corrupt national children. The former work through the national adulthood of these children, for they cannot, the latter pose as national adults and deceive them.

Using the principle in their nation-name maturity, national adults speak to these children through the children’s nation-name maturity, though sleeping, through their national consciences joined by Word’s philadelphia gates. The blind experience misinterprets this according to the linear stages of the physical body, for being confined to Word’s piety transparency, all we know is Word “manifested in flesh”.[58]

Blind to Word manifested in Spirit, the experience of the addicted conscience starts when we have youthful flesh. It is when we learn the cost of not knowing how to use the gates to defend our misguided desires and not feel guilty for refusing to make those outside our circle more important. This was David’s struggle until he learned the principle and could give up these desires and make everyone more important before Name.

But when we do not learn it, in time, the experience of the addicted conscience resolves its problems of youth as it gains adult flesh to work through. This is when we have learned how to use the gates to strengthen our circle so we can engage our misguided desires and cut off extended empathy for those outside. This was Abrahams struggle until he learned righteousness.

But when we still do not learn it, in time, the experience of the addicted conscience reaches its final stage and has to work through elderly flesh. This is when we believe that the fire of our desire will soon go out, but Word does not struggle. He extends his empathy until the end to teach us that the fire we always thought was in our flesh[59] has been in our con­science. The illusion kept us from using all three stages of our 2,000-year national conscience together – to see outside the struggles between nation-names having superseded us.

We can begin though whenever we person­ally decide to learn and practice the principle, for the desire oneness based on the principle is in us from the beginning, the wisdom of agapé itself having no need for early brain development, as the saying goes, out of the mouths of babes.

Once we begin, automatically working at Name’s philadelphia gates of conscientious light between us, Word puts this fire out for us in our national pupils with “the light of yirah ice”.[60] It reveals him in our breath as “the spirit of our nostrils”.[61] Self-control returns to our normal desires. From the center of our 2,000-year national conscience, Word rises up in all forty-two of its genera­tional layers in his agapé transparency and amplifies our desire oneness with him in each of them. Now we are ready to see with the light of Israel and Palestine’s amplified blindness, right through its boundaries, to love them right in our permeational midst before Name.

Word says, “Love your enemies [step one, with a clear conscience in our heart] and do good and lend [step two, doing good, using just the example of lending since this is the nature of love, lending others our attention, time, heart and money when able, never being against ourselves], despairing nothing [including whether they are grateful or not], and your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High [Name], for He is kind to the ungrateful and evil [blind].”[62]

These are momentous shifts in our national conscience: the light of Word’s yirah ice in our national pupil, Word the spirit of our national nostrils, and Word risen in all forty-two generational layers of our 2,000-year perception of Name in the world. Having started with Palestine and Israel, our perception extends now to Iran and the United States, their most ardent supporters, respectively.  

We will also move from the meaning of written words to the meaning of light-forms in vision, together in word-visions. Here, starting with the three sets of relationships between four nation-names, each have distinct light-forms. This is in stark contrast with the one physical form the same citizens have engaged in countless relation­ships.

In our example, an Iranian has three relationships with an American, Palestinian and Israeli that exist through his one form. In word-vision, there are also three light-forms of the Iranian, one for each of these relationships, each working in different states of his conscience as with the others. This is how, at one point in our timeless conscience, Name “spoke in vision”[63] to us.

The first set is between Israel and Palestine and between Iran and the United States. Whichever pair we start from, we form a baseline of perception with which to line up the other set to form depth, regardless of whether the baseline or depth is aligned or opposing itself. The second set is between the United States and Palestine and between Iran and Israel. And the third is between Iran and Palestine and between Israel and the United States. The momentous shift in our national conscience works with the multi-forms of all four naturally, as it does with four sets between five nation-names and so on.5

We cannot label these multi-light-forms with our birth names or nation-names since, with these, we are conditioned to associate one name to one form, as with all names we are familiar with. Living names in multi-light-forms in and of our 2,000-year national conscience are unfamiliar to us to say the least.

Thus, we need to use names of a language foreign to us that we can condition as personal and nation-names in Name’s multi-form reality of conscientious light in Word. If you are unfamiliar with Hebrew or can use it this way, pick substitute names from the Hebrew names listed in the Appendix (see the page for “The World Conscience”, Section B, “The City-Jewel” for detailed examples), one for your individual conscience and one for your national conscience, where the multi-forms of our names exist, as well as for anyone else you choose to word-vision.

As for the four nation-names of our focus, only Israel refers to an individual also, whose position in the forty-two generational layers of most of the previous 2,000-year period and now again but only at the end of the current period has been the fertile light out of which many have formed their multi-light-form nation-name, Israeli. Choose three substitute nation-names from the list for the others, regardless of how long the nations have been nations, for everyone has these layers in their conscience, contributing to the present nationhood to which they belong. Condition your usage of them to see their positions as fertile light also.

It is not necessary to change them, for example, from Palestine to Palestinian. In the light of our mind, these labels are only basic representations of label sounds, used in triggering word-vision with the light and voice of our heart beyond description.  

A final note before beginning. The most well-known part of Word’s teaching on loving enemies is stated in his words, “Father (Name), forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”[64] This is often the first step in learning how to love them, but unless we learn what he meant when saying they do not know what they are doing, it never does. It is not that we just feel sorry for them being in some irresponsible state.

We need to know what makes them still loveable despite this state and whatever they have done. This kind of love forgives from the mind of the heart, where reason reminds us that the worst thing they can do is kill the temporal body. No one can do eternal harm to anyone.


C. Triggering Word-Vision of Palestinians and Israelis:

 Indescribable Beauty out of Blindness

Key to knowing how to use symbols to trigger word-vision is seeing Name and Word as labels and sounds in human language, but in the language of light as the only source and engraver, respectively, of luminous words and their voice. They are central to the story of life in its true light form. The con­scious story tells itself in sentence-type arrangements of luminosity, as both horizon and sun rising, both eyes and the light that enters them, and both words and what they label and mean. Name and Word are the subject and object of all sentence luminosities and everyone in them. They manifest themselves as sentence, para­graph, chapter and story-luminosities, and we live and move in them and speak.

Triggering living words into our awareness with the labels of these sentences is done automatically by the mind of the heart when the labels, or any other symbolic forms, are formed there with the meaning of the principle. For the principle is the perme­ation law of Name and Word’s conscientious light. Once triggered, word-visions permeate back into the sentence-type light that created the idea for them in the story of living light. Thus, through word-vision, sight of the human story, told in label-sentences, is seen in the part of the story of light that created the idea for it.

The meaning and forms of Name and Word’s conscientious light as living words, sentences and story are permeationally infinite, not to be compared to the limited forms of light in the universe or working in our mind without our heart. The goal is to trigger word-visions of Name and Word to move in and out of the addictive boundaries of the conscience to help those of us trapped there. Through the entanglement of their multi-forms, they are trapped in their own blind light, confined to it in their mind or heart. They are helplessly unable to move their thoughts in the story of Name’s conscientious light in Word, like we were before the principle came to us from Word.

Before you begin word-visioning, remember, there is no good side and bad side in the big picture. The world cannot hide from the proof that Name has presented us with. The human conscience has been awoken forcibly. Hindus and Buddhists and those of all other religions, this is not a Western problem of religion. There is no us and them. There is only all of us and our conscience. Our science or money is not going to save us from ourselves. The younger generation is not going to solve the problem either without the principle.

Our conscience has been forcibly awoken by horrendous images of suffering or reports of it. Meanwhile, the conscience of others outside our circle was forcibly awoken previously by such images, but these did not awaken ours. For none of us can allow such images of others’ suffering deep into our own national conscience if they are outside our circle.

The images can enter the surface of our conscience for momentary empathy but can go no farther for the sake of our mental survival. This is the external conflict caused by internal conflict. This is why humanity cannot survive indefinitely without the principle, for it alone empowers our conscience to word-vision inside and outside itself. 

The Illumination Singularity

Word-Vision 10a

What makes WV-10a extremely useful is that it helps us see with the blind light in our conscience to love its enemies. Give your eyes a moment to adjust to its shading. Among its many symbols, first we will use the first two word-vision positions in the upper half, representing the nation-names Israel and Palestine, and Word’s agapé vision-pearl permeationally above and between them to trigger word-vision in the mind of our heart. Here, all forms of light permeate each other completely. Nothing here is side by side even partially, as the word-visions behind positions three and four are, symbolizing permeation.

Name’s attribute transparencies also permeate each other while radiating our light-forms in three different ways: with the agapé and piety transparencies and an additional form of the latter. This is highlighted with the three circles of the illumination singularity, using Word’s two yirah radiuses and limited piety sets encircled. We will symbolize all of this in the light of our mind with basic representations, nothing detailed, using simple glass cubes and spheres radiating a beautiful faint iridescence.

Form two glass cubes having come out of the first two word-vision positions, permeating each other and passing through the image of illusion, which has been captured by agapé in the nation-name sets and revealed by Word’s yirah transparency directly below it. Form the two glass cubes permeationally before a glass sphere having come out of the vision-pearl position, passing through its time structure of past, present and future and light-passage to names. Form all of them radiating a faint iridescence. (The first part of the goal is to word-vision Name and Word and do so correctly, picturing all of His attribute transparencies originating in Himself in Word and exposing the illusion that they belong to anyone else.)

Using the principle, the permeation law, as the underlying meaning of this beau­tiful light-form, trigger word-vision beyond description with it out of the light of your heart, that is, allow your heart the freedom to reform it with its own conscientious energy. Word-vision A1 brings out great love, at least visually to start, for both Palestine and Israel’s nation-names before Word, unvarnished in the grand meaning of Name’s story of light. 

With symbols in our sight, they are a double light-wave rising out of Earth’s curvature. Rather than triggering this, use it as a boundary to the permeations of the first word-vision.

Next, include the third and fourth word-vision positions for Iran and the United States, and together, use all four nation-names in the four positions of the first set in the forefront of the nation-name sets. Form glass cubes representing all four of them having come out of the first set, permeating each other and passing through the image of illusion. Form them permeationally before the glass sphere, having likewise come out of the vision-pearl position, all radiating a faint iridescence.

Using the principle as its underlying meaning, trigger word-vision beyond description with this beautiful light-form out of the light of your heart. Word-Vision A2 brings out great love for all four unvarnished nation-names in all three sets before Word, at least visually. Each set displays their mature conscientious states superseded in Word, part of Name’s story of light that created the idea for the world in Word. With symbols, they are two double light-waves in three different bursts, rising together out of Earths curvature.

Next, use the word-vision and nation-name set positions for individual names. Use your own substitute name in the first position of both and three other substitute names of your choosing in the other three positions of both. With glass cubes symbolizing all four of you, form them having come out of the first set, having passed through the illusion and permeating each other. Form them permeationally before the glass sphere having likewise come out of the vision-pearl position, all of you radiating a faint iridescence. But this time, also form perpetual movement.

In the glass cubes, form the light of all of your named consciences being perpetually cleansed as they move through the permeational light-passage of Word’s glass sphere. Your consciences move at will between their individual forms and expanded forms as part of your national conscience, where your chosen nation-names exist. Form the light of all your named national consciences also being perpetually cleansed in Word’s light-passage, revealing the connection between the three layered-stages between you at his gates.

Using the principle as its underlying meaning, trigger word-vision beyond description with this efflorescent light-form out of the light of your heart. Word-Vision A3 brings out great love in you for the three other unvarnished names in the three sets of your shared multi-light-forms before Word. It also brings out enormous gratitude for Name having restored the pupil and nostrils of your individual and national consciences. Each set displays your mature conscientious states superseded in Word, positioned with purpose in Name’s story of light. With symbols, they make up three pulsating bursts rising together above Earth’s curvature.

When you saw and smelled the fragrance of Word, his bodily light immediately came into sharp focus. The entire story of Name’s light appeared within him and, in one corner, the layered stages of your superseded sets, suspended at the gates between your national con­sciences.

Now that you have gotten your first glimpse of Word’s gates between you, you are ready to use the momentous shift in your national conscience. You are ready to see and see with the nation-name light of Israel and Pales­tine’s amplified blindness there – seeing the perpetual movement of their light being cleansed and the reve­lation of the layered stages in their superseded sets.

First, with the principle, see the oneness of the light in your desire oneness visibly permeating them in the second word-vision. That is, making Palestine and Israel’s nation-names more important in your word-vision enables you to see their multi-light-forms permeating each other in their sets before Word – while being suffused with your desire oneness. Your oneness even permeates their layered stages at the gates before Word, which they use in their addiction to blindness.

Name’s desire for Israel and Palestine is always fulfilled in His timeless mind but unrealized by us if we do not love them both unconditionally right now, without blinding ourselves to their blindness. This is regardless of any misguided desire in us judging either of them. For the blindness of any addiction working in our national conscience is suspended while we are practicing the principle, until our blindness is done away with completely in the story of Name’s light.

So prepare to see, outside your blindness, the nation-names of Palestine and Israel hating each other in their amplified blindness. Their role, one of being without awareness of the gates between their generational layers, is now viewable in the story of Word’s light in your national conscience. 

The first two word-vision positions upside down on the bottom of the diagram represent Israel and Palestine’s confinement to Word’s piety transparency and the third and fourth the United States and Iran’s. The name sets are not represented here because this is where blindness and addiction work in the conscience.

When confined here, we cannot see the gates of our multi-light-forms or theirs as Word’s and thus cannot see with either. Thus, we cannot even comprehend the dilemma for us in Word’s story: Conquering the fear of death in order to hate is the hellish path, but doing so to love is the heavenly path, for it is the fear of love in our conscience that we conquer, the fear of hatred’s death. 

This is the choice we face in Word’s story of light, the dilemma being not knowing if the heavenly exists until we have traveled it. What we can know now is that, if we do not love the enemies of conscience, we fear death, at least the death of hatred, of not loving them. We fear Name’s love in Word standing at our gates.

When not confined to Word’s piety transparency, we see the gates of our multi-light-forms and theirs as Word’s with Name’s love in them and, thus, see with all of them and comprehend our part in Word’s story of light. But with these nation-names of Israel and Palestine unable to see either right in their permeational midst, we need to recognize the three limited piety sets at work in them in front of Word’s piety vision-pearl. Represented in the third circle of the illumination singularity, the limited piety sets help us understand the part of their light that works in their blindness. It is what they see when hating each other through the amplified blindness of their generational layers in all three of their nation-name sets.

The two yirah radiuses joined to this circle represents your perception being cleansed to see Name’s agapé and piety transparencies radiating in a oneness, the piety oneness, through their blindness. Visible in their multi-light-forms, the piety oneness clears your perception of their misuse of Name’s yirah to invoke fear and anger in each other, which was being diffused into your national conscience unknowingly. Do not resist it but overcome their blindness by feeding its misperception back into Word’s piety vision-pearl, where his limited piety sets give it form in their eyes.

The limited piety sets symbolize their amplified blindness to permeation while still unknowingly permeating in their part of the story of Word’s light. Through these sets, their desire oneness is severely limited, working through their unawareness of Word’s gates between their generational layers. This is the seminal means for inflicting suffering on others.

However, at the same time, Palestine and Israel’s part in the story is ultimately the same as ours, as all nation-names: to go wherever their feet take them until they choose to conquer the fear of Name’s love in Word in their national conscience, whether in a brief thought or over years, so as to see everyone in him in Name. Afterwards, they can choose to return to the hellish path, but until then, their fire has been put out. It reveals to them why they thought that the temporally wrong are also wrong in the big picture for the same reason. It reveals their hidden hatred.

What does exist behind the beautiful faint iridescence of their limited piety sets, coating their eyes? What is Word allowing to form and not form through their severely limited desire oneness, as you feed its misperception back into his piety vision-pearl? It is all happening at his gates, where he joins the three stages of their generational layers to those in all other national consciences. This is what makes it possible for the illusion afflicting the blind nation-names in Israel, Palestine, Iran and the United States to be diffused into all other blind nation-names or serve as a wall of self-imposed disbelief.

The illusion works from their generational hatred for each other being stronger than death. Distorting all experience, it can be expressed only with the substance of dust in their story on earth, whereas the truth that love for an enemy is stronger than all death, empowering all experience, is the very substance of Name in Word, which can also be expressed with the substance of dust, but only in the story of Word’s light.

To summarize, the four upside-down word-vision positions represent confinement to Word’s piety transparency through blind light, and the limited piety sets in place of our name sets represent the forms of blind light, unable to see itself permeating. Form four glass cubes having come out of the upside-down word-vision positions, having passed through the image of illusion here (restrained by Word’s yirah transparency touching it), and permeating each other. Within them, form three diamond-shape forms having come out of the limited piety-set circle and permeating each other. 

As one form, form it permeationally before a glass sphere having come out of Word’s piety vision-pearl position. Likewise, it passed through his limited time structure of the past, present and future and his light-passage, which brought forth his yirah transparency to restrain their illusion. Form them all radiating a beautiful faint iridescence. But here the iridescence is centered around the 2,000-year generational illusion in their diamond forms, tactically suspended at the gates between Palestine and Israel’s blind light in Word’s piety transparency.

Using the meaning of the principle, trigger word-vision beyond description with this powerful light-form out of the light of your heart. Word-Vision A4 brings out great love for all four nation-names in their blindness before Word, as well as for their unvarnished multi-light-forms before him in your Word-Vision A2. Both are critical to the story of Word’s light in your national conscience. Their hatred overcame the fear of death, so they need someone to put out the fire in their conscience. With symbols, the four nation-names make up three light-bursts pulsating word-visions between each other across Earth’s curvature.

Both WV-A2 and A4 bring us enlightened recognition that Name in Word is the subject and object of their life and attributes and, yet, He allows their misuse of them in order to diffuse the resultant hatred in them in all three layered-stages, which has entered into all other blind nation-names. Again, it is due to our choices, often forgotten choices when we refused to change our mind while we still had the chance.

Using the momentous shift in your national conscience to love these nation-names and see how their blind light works, you have found Word’s love, stronger than death. It engaged the eye of your national conscience in Name and made it single again in your part of the story of his light. Use it now to see Word’s piety oneness permeating radiantly in your desire oneness, together suffusing Israel and Palestine’s multi-light-forms luminescently. With their limited desire oneness, they cannot knowingly be in their own presence. 

Thus, in Word’s limited piety set, it is this complex luminance of Name in Word in them that they misuse, to them the fire in their conscience. Bless them and humble yourself before their beauty that they, and to whomever the fire has spread, might let you tell them how to put it out.

Like complimentary angles, the limited, addicted conscience on fire, the encaged conscience, is unaware of itself as its own reciprocal unlimited and nonaddicted conscience cool as yirah ice, the encaged and remainder as one in the supersession. Addicted, it is confined to Word’s piety restraining its illusion. Nonaddicted, it is free in Word’s agapé having captured the illusion in his nation-name sets. As his piety and agapé transparencies radiate their oneness in Palestine and Israel’s multi-light-forms, this keeps them from being aware of their own presence and thus keeps the two angles of their conscience in blind opposition.

Nonetheless, these two nation-names, and all others linked to the fire in and through their generational layers, manifest blind and not blind – without opposition though to us before our conscientious eye made single in Word. His sentence-type light formation behind these label-sentences shows how the latter angle of the conscience puts out the fire in its former angle by looking at itself through Word’s desire oneness. It radiates all our multi-light-forms in Name luminescently.

Lastly, the fifth word-vision will expand the baseline and depth of our perceptual singularity by forming the entire story of Word’s light into one world story in our national conscience. In a worshipping stance of light, the world’s true agapé nature is suspended in the bodily form of a world conscience in and before Word’s worshipable el-elohe-name. Through all two hundred nation-name stories, they dwell permeationally together peacefully in the principle. 

However, as we know, the world opposes itself at the same time, fearing Name’s agapé dreadfully as it passes through its layered stages confined to Word’s limited piety sets. They have become the diamond-filled gates of a world whose conscience is in danger of dying.

Starting at the gates between Israel, Palestine, Iran and the United States unto all two hundred, the luminescence of Name in Word is diffused perpetually between the world conscience in all national consciences, but also through the diamond-filled gates – where their luminescence is misexperienced as a world gender conscience.

Inspiring us through our birth names, the world gender conscience works from our limited desire one­ness and thus forms a false world self-image. But neither it nor any other falsities, like skin-color and language consciences, can work from our unlimited desire oneness. For this one­ness uses Word’s perceptual singularity, seeing and seeing with this blind light of nation-names, who see only with distinctions having nothing to do with righteousness but only with the addictive nature, and thus they do not see the fire in it.

Seeing and seeing with their amplified blind light across all forty-two generational layers, we can see Word in it in every layer, Word manifested flesh. With his perceptual singularity, we see the role the world gender conscience plays in Israel and Palestine’s misuse and diffusion of Word’s luminescence. But to understand it, we need to see that everyone’s birth name participates in the true world self-image of Word, but when blind, also walks in the false in diamond-form gender patterns. It symbolizes the layered misuse in our nation-name sets. The true self-image includes gender also, just not only gender or gender first.

In one of his many forms, each with Name in him, Word is a being of world light in bodily illumination that is larger than the circumference of the earth,6 with a temporal gender body on it (bodies collectively).

Word is not a gender being with a temporal inner spark of light, although when we are conscientiously blind, the latter is exactly what life feels like. Through this false world self-image, gender is used to form a love stronger than death but a love only for its circle, which it defends by enforcing its blindness with the hatred stronger than death, key factors in layered misuse with birth names. 

The false image continues working the death of love outside its circles in this the last generational layer, the forty-second. And thus, its love and hatred, both stronger than death, work between certain circles of Palestine and Israel, both walking in diamond-form gender patterns like all others in the world gender conscience.

But now, in those of us using the false world self-image, we can see the true one also at work. For since the love for all that is stronger than all death has reached every part of the world in every national conscience, the fire of the world gender conscience can no longer rage before its reciprocal world conscience.

We no longer need to believe that what we see in our sight is all there is to life, is all the love we need. This is greatly diminishing our efforts across the temporal period of life we are each presently in, not knowing that the world as we see it exists only in the blind light of our world conscience.

Word’s perceptual singularity shows us how to see our life in the four physical oceans of the world – one, his ocean of water, of which a drop as saliva is on our tongues; two, his ocean of air, of which one drop is the breath of the spirit of our nostrils; three, his ocean of bodies, one of which is ours; and four, housing all of them, all balanced in each body within his national conscience, his ocean of stars, of which a flicker enters our eyes, making the universe part of our world also. This perspective exists in Word’s unlimited desire oneness, keeping gender in perspective and not allowing it or any other physical distinction to be used in the light of his world and national consciences.

When you can no longer know someone according to the false world self-image, use a substitute name and nation-name to word-vision them as a person of world light in many sets, having a temporal gender body and birth name like yours, part of the four oceans of the physical world.

In a basic representation, substitute glass cubes for the world’s two hundred nation-names and their multi-light-forms with a single glass polyhedron (3D polygon) of many, many sides. Having likewise passed through the image of illusion, its countless sides permeate each other and are permeationally before the glass sphere having likewise come out of Name’s agapé vision-pearl position. 

Within the polyhedron, form a smaller glass polyhedron having come out of the four upside-down positions, but with its many sides appearing to be side by side without permeating each other. For this is the blind light of the two hundred, unable to see that we permeate each other in our nation-name sets.

Within the smaller polyhedron, form three diamond shapes having come out of the limited piety-set circle with many, many facets also appearing not to permeate each other, but they do. For they are the form their blind light takes in the smaller polyhedron, which is permeationally before the glass sphere having likewise come out of Word’s piety vision-pearl position, all of which is permeationally before the glass sphere out of Name’s agapé vision-pearl.

As one form, it consists of a seeing glass polyhedron within which is the blind light of a smaller polyhedron with diamond shapes within it, all between two all-seeing glass spheres, an inner and an outer. (To form it, use the principle in all el-elohe-names and love Name from all of your mind in Word, Word being the mind of Name.)

The physical world with its four temporal oceans is within it all, permeating none of it and thus not triggered. But the world is permeated by all of it, including our breath and words, allowing the opaque surfaces of our gender bodies to reflect their dependencies on each other onto its clear permeating surfaces. It gives some of them the appearance of being side by side in various forms of blind light that use temporal dependencies.

But the only dependency of our world bodily light is on Name in Word through their perceptual singularity. It is symbolized by our glass polyhedrons being permeated by both glass spheres. Use the symbols at Earth’s curvature for borders that hold whatever is in your sight. Their temporal dependencies are confined there, bordering and reflecting on just one permeational level and thus not confining the countless dependency-permeations of our world bodily light but permeated by them in their sets.

In the dependency-borders is an array of blind light that is also a part of a larger panarray of seeing light in the dependency permeations. Thus, all forty-two generations of our nation-name sets permeate the world gender conscience blindly for some but not all. This is the one world story as it exists in our national conscience, radiating its beautiful faint iridescence.

Using the meaning of the principle, trigger word-vision beyond description with this magnificent light-form (which only the singularity of Word’s national pupil can receive) out of the light of Name’s heart. Word-Vision A5 brings out great love for all the world, blind and not blind, in the world story of Word’s light. Here, all of Name’s onenesses are seen and used to see with in the perceptual singularity of the world’s agapé light-formation, the spiritual world in Word’s el-elohe-name.

The brilliant rays of Name’s onenesses keep rising up from Earth’s curvature in our national conscience – out of the nation-name sets we keep making more important before Word. Rising up out of these nation-names, His rays illuminate their national fragrance and voice in all forty-two of Word’s living horizons at Earth’s curvature. From one end to the other of our jeweled national conscience, this is the prime intersection of the spiritual and physical worlds of Word before Name.

Trigger these five word-visions as a form of meditation, the first four within or from the fifth. Reflect on how they are now part of the present light of Word’s story in your national conscience, as well as the light of Word’s memory in it. As a multi-form name of conscientious light, you have thus consciously appeared in its sentence-type structures of light, headed up by the agencies of life in Name and Word. Having spoken light-forms into their story’s grand meaning of the present, you and many others will transform into future ones every time you contemplate, in word-visions, what may be or interpret what has been or is.


Worship Name [Life or God] in Word through the crystal-clear nation-names of his world and his limited but crystal-clear piety in some of us. This makes everyone more important than yourself and demonstrates your love for them, a sincere love that forgives but hates all misuse of Word’s piety before Name in your national conscience.


Do not get drawn in anymore to the illusory internal interaction between the sets of Israel and Palestine or any sets drawn into theirs, from the political to the personal. Even though one side is usually temporally right, in the big picture all are wrong but only because they do not use the principle. If any of them convince you that they are right in the big picture, it will cause you to discard the principle. Side with the temporally right while keeping the principle, while loving them all as enemies of conscience. Worship Name through them all.

Getting drawn in without the principle inevitably leads to entanglement in external interaction. When already entangled, get free from the internal first. Establish this true baseline of worship in your nation-name sets, even if you are doing so with Word superseding them. As your understanding of the external improves, you will find the patience to endure or the wisest steps forward.

Marvel at the permeational illumination of your word-visions triggered from the U.S., Iran, Israel, and Palestinian diamond polyhedrons between both spheres. Display it most humbly in Name and Word’s story of light out of respect for each of their sufferings, alongside the other suffering nations. In our national conscience, their light formations move permeationally through the Spirit of Word in a crystalline river of iridescent currents. In and before Name, their cries caused by one another, though temporal, are enshrined in all forty-two generational layers of our national conscience – for each of us to feel with empathy.

Despite their beauty and all of ours symbolized in the diagram, the lower part represents, without requiring us to envision its physical dimensions, the 2,000 years we have been inflicting this unimaginable misery on each other physically or internally or both. In the story, Name has allowed us to do it (but only through Word’s piety transparency) because we keep rejecting the truth of Word in us. As a result, we do not have the basic meaning of conscientious light to understand Him. We cannot have free agency and not destroy ourselves without practicing the truth of Word’s principle.

Life is showing us the irrefutable need to keep the pupil of our national conscience clear so we can practice the principle and see outside ourselves. Otherwise, the love we think we are using in our limited conscience, think we are using in our misguided desire, which should be used to love Name through those outside our circle too, will again awaken when we see horrendous images of suffering innocence and turn on us in a rage because we tried to kill part of Name's love in Word in us.

We are all partly to blame if we hate the enemies of conscience, limiting the oneness of our desire and national conscience more and more. For in our blindness, we publicly direct the rage at the enemy and ensure that our children learn to hate more than us. 

Teach them to hate the evil of blindness while loving the blind themselves. Teach them to never fear loving the blind in word-visons that reveal their true nature in the story of life and in the story of this world, understanding how the latter has corrupted all of us at one time or another.


Now Israel and Palestine have been using yirah to cleanse their national consciences but only for their religious moral code, as is true for all blind nation-names who live by their religious or nonreligious codes. We should reason with them, although many of them already know, how every code has an inflection point where it becomes useful only as a standard of reference.

In other words, if every Muslim were like Mohammed and every Jew like Moses, they would not need the moral code as a law but only as a reference. No one questions their devotion to it as a law, although they question each other, their illusion of each other, as all blind nation-names do.

The obvious fact is that we are not starting with a clean slate where we do not need the code as a law. Due to choices on everyone’s part, most of us as world citizens are left with a conscience subject to a code and addiction. Although protecting us from one another, the law cannot be expected to bring us out of this one day so we are all like Mohammed and Moses or whomever of character, according to the principle, we aspire to be like.

The moral codes they taught have this inflection point explicitly or implicitly. It allows for followers to forgive and resolve issues themselves, even though the code rejects this socially in certain cases to uphold the code as a law. This is necessary until we see that the better way of protecting societies within and from each other is to empower those encaged in their national conscience.

Empower them to see through the illusion in it and not just see with it, so that they can walk like Moses or Mohammed and do so together in both religions. Once this path of Word’s is truly explained to the encaged, they will finally see how to truly decide for themselves as opposed to their addiction choosing. The latter always ends up forcing the rest of us to enforce the code as law but hopefully with the guidance of the principle.

If Palestine and Israel trigger these five word-visions in the mind of their heart, using them to practice the principle and worship Name through Word in each other, they will be using the righteousness that ensures our future on the earth before Name. Together, we will all exchange such word-visions between the countless appearances of the Word of life, one in each of us and one in all of us before him in Name.

But if they do not and we continue to, at least they will not be able to coat the pupil of our national consciences any longer. Through Word, hopefully we continue doing our part in saving the world from itself. Our part is the willingness to help anyone remove a blind part in their conscience not loving its enemies, especially now at this the fulfillment of the times of the nations.[65]

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1. The Greek word for conscience is suneidesis, which is also translated consciousness. There is no other word for consciousness in the writings of Christ and his early followers, indicating that they used suneidesis to encompass a single state of conscientious consciousness. I use conscience with this meaning as the true state of reality. We cannot be conscious of anything without our conscience being involved on some level.

A place we are conscious of, for example, is a place that is in and thus part of our conscientious consciousness, and since we live through or in our conscientious consciousness, we live in that place as it exists there. The clearer our conscience, the better we see the place and experience it as it is and not as we think it is. As for the nation we exist in, we live in it in our national conscience.

2. Ethnos is a single Greek word for both nation and national citizen, every nation and its citizens, sometimes focusing on the nation, sometimes on one or more of its citizens, but always together. This connection is in the national conscience for each of us, captured in the phrase nation-name.

Thus, the nation-name Israel, for example, refers to where citizens who exist in the place called Israel live in their national conscience. The clearer their conscience, the better they see the place Israel and experience it as it is and not as they think it is.

3. The Hebrew word yirah is commonly translated fear, but it is also described as being “clean, enduring forever”[66] and is Name’s treasure.[67] This side of yirah is understood in relation to agapé. “Mature love (agapé) casts out the [side of] fear [that] has tor­ment.”[68]

4. As a form of Name’s grace, desire cannot be desire as we know it in its corrupt state in us, like yirah known as fear only in us. Thus, in referring to desire in Name or Word, for them it is a perpetual state of fulfillment in knowing that, in the reality of freewill, we want to know that they desire for us to stop suffering and hurting each other.