Word-Vision 22

What if just looking at this diagram and its three changes in this book could free us from addiction, heal our trauma, and enlighten us to life's peace and joy? Nothing so important is so easy, but if it is just knowledge we are lacking, then the hardest part is just receiving love for such knowledge. For this is knowledge of the heart, part of which the heart hates but part of which it loves. So, you need only choose to receive the love of this knowledge to start putting it to work. 

Look over this diagram and give your own meaning to it. There is no wrong meaning you give. The full meaning is so heartening you may want to start by just looking over the thirty-plus diagrams used to bring out its three changes. 

At the end of each section in The Guide to Word-Vision, the meaning is applied to personal conflicts in the lives of four people anonymously, as well as played out in their thought life. In Word-Vision of the World Conscience, the meaning is applied to national conflicts in The Middle East Conflict and political conflicts in The 2024 American Elections. 

Before we go any further, let’s compare this to getting our car minor or major work, then going over better driving habits in unpredictable traffic. Most people know how to drive just fine, and many know a great deal about how cars work. Thus, much of what is here you probably already know. It is that one or two things that we do not know that changes everything. And I mean everything. Even knowledge of the finer details of car repair are usually not necessary until they change everything.

As for my credentials, I have a master’s degree in linguistics, an essential tool; at seventy, I have spent a lifetime studying the world religions hopefully without being overtly religious, important because living religion in our heart is what reveals the tools they possess; and with these things, I have journeyed into places we all go daily in our heart but with the tools to fully map them out verbally and visually, at least symbolically. 

I offer them for your inspection, spiritual tools for the conscience, not moral ones. And while morals or ethics are important, even reading about the conscience without them is sensitive enough. So much so, I use a pen name to keep myself out of the mix. This is between you and your conscience – without judgment.

I have written everything from the perspective of both the believer and nonbeliever in God, for if we wish to continue living in democracies, we need each other’s help. Jesus said that if we do not believe in him, we should at least believe in his works, discussed further in the section “Fundamentals of Word-Vision”. He said things that are essential for us to work together, so I introduce them for nonbelievers to consider, without trying to convert anyone, and for believers to reconsider in this light.  

As just another experiencer of life, I have mapped out the conscience of the heart for anyone to understand, its deep canyons and regions that seem to defy directions. We usually know how to return safely when diverted there, for most of us have learned that love is our compass, but if you have not or might benefit from knowing how to return safely with greater life and love, please continue.