The Middle Attributes of Word-Visioning

Word-Vision 16

The process of filling our encaged conscience is complete when the encaged and remaining parts no longer exist. This brings us into the full presence of Name’s identity fragrance, where we see Him through the oneness-filled encaged conscience still in our three sets. In so doing, we bless those confined in them with Word's anointing iridescence, depicted by the three diamond shapes before the symbol for Name.


Consider the natural anointing all life has to bless life, most recognizable in the principle, where loving the enemies of our conscience is the highest form of blessing and praying for them. This is the holiness of Life or Spirit. Name’s Holy Spirit is in Word and thus in every name but remains unseen unless we practice the principle. This is Word’s anointing attribute, using Holy Spirit to bless the enemies of conscience, Life blessing its individual lives unconditionally.

To bless others, we use Word’s full oneness between desire and conscience to see Name through them. WV-16 shows us the steps to seeing the encaged conscience of others filled with the oneness, even though it still filled with addictive desire to them. Step A points to capturing the encaged conscience, still seen filled with addictive desire, either our own or another's. B points to filling it with Word’s oneness.

Step C points to both its direct transformation into the full oneness below and, to the right, it first expanding to the three sets then into the full oneness below, step D. Step E points to both paths coming into the full presence of Name’s identity fragrance, seeing Him through those still subject to the encaged conscience in our sets. Blessing the enemies of conscience with Holy Spirit this way requires knowledge of yirah in Name, called “the Spirit of Knowledge and Yirah of Yahweh”.[13] This is holy knowledge or reverent knowledge of the principle.

Word’s anointing attribute works with yirah, grace, and desire but from the second group, the fourth through the eighth. This group of Name’s iridescences puts our focus on Name in those we make more important by working with the diamonds we form in their blindness. It teaches us that the words holy and righteous do not refer to actions without the principle, the belief that people who do wrong cannot be holy or righteous. 

For Word teaches us that “the Spirit is life because of righteousness.” [13.1] Just having Word as our life makes all of us righteous life in Name’s spirit, but without the principle, we cannot word-vision it and lack the reverent knowledge to protect ourselves from seeing people as unholy because of their actions alone. We may be addicted and cannot stop our behavior yet, but as long as we practice the principle whenever we can, we, not any wrong actions, are holy on top of being righteous life in Word. 

Life is naturally good, but its lives must see it for themselves to partake of it. Remember, Word preferred the company of one considered immoral but full of love over those who were considered moral and thought they were holy and righteous by their behavior without the principle.[13.2] Thus, the sooner we learn the principle the sooner we can mature our behavior in accordance with the righteous life we already are, “perfecting holiness with the fear [yirah] of God [Name].”[13.3]



Word-Vision 17

Desire misused in the encaged conscience keeps our focus on illusory beauty. Depicted on the right side, its diamonds fall back into the oceans as we grow old and leave us with only its unattractive colorless reflections on the bottom. Our true beauty is on the left side, symbolized as diamonds within diamonds with tilting saucers on top, depicting our humble-mindedness in Word. This is who we are, whom Spirit blesses in Name’s presence, upholding our vision when we practice the principle. 


With Spirit in your word-vision, use Word’s humble-mindedness as the standard of how to make the enemies of conscience more important and bless them. Do not fall to the illusion that we can do some things outside the forms of his humble grace or must do some outside, especially when feeling or showing anger toward them. Their misuse of Name’s grace in Word reveals their plight in the blind vision-pearl, making our desire more resolute to humbly convince them to search and discover the real desire of their soul. 

The misuse of Word’s humble-minded­ness shows the mind appearing to display humility but wanting to take every­thing by force. One may become espe­cially arrogant after realizing that try­ing to take love by force fails every time.

Word’s humility, however, making enemies more important and blessing them, works from compassion for their state. It moves him to take their encaged conscience captive for their own good.

With WV-3, examine your own usage of Name’s humble-mindedness in Word from both perspectives of word-vision, outer sight and inner vision, working as one. Recognize whether your word-vision is interpreting whatever is in your sight with the principle at work in your seeing vision-pearl. Distinguish between humble-mindedness and fearfulness.

It is good to fear getting angry at others when it comes from hatred. It is not good to fear doing so out of grace. The mature love of Word’s humble-mindedness casts out this kind of fear with yirah and blesses those blind to the vision-pearl with Spirit – both from reverent knowledge.

With WV-4, examine Word’s humble-mindedness in your relationships at each base­line and determine its depth in your three sets. With his humble-mind­edness, love the blind in their world, not their world of blind beauty in WV-5. Seeing their true beauty will keep your mind humble, so work at triggering word-vision that permeates so you can envision it. Permeation is the antithesis of illusory beauty.

And when they realize that their heart is blind and want to see, just as we did, use WV-7 to remind yourself to be patient. For without awareness of Name’s Spirit in Word, they will, just as we did, suddenly think they see everyone clearly while still hating the enemies of conscience. 

Unable to reflect on the constant trauma their encaged conscience is under, they are still unaware that it has been taken captive by a greater encaged conscience. In the presence of our national word-vision identity before Name, they are blindly enslaved by national trauma and addictions. 

Without humility, we cannot use Name’s right hand in us to hold on to the megalithic energy of Spirit’s anointing transparency in Word. With humility, our word-vision has this anointing and, thus, clear access to both seeing vision-pearls to bless the least of us, those who see the least. 

Name’s yirah light emanates also from Word’s anointing and humble-mindedness forms of grace, which are filled with his desire oneness in our word-vision now identity in Name.


Word-Vision 18


The left side of WV-18 represents Name in a symbolic human form, with word-vision identity arms and hands and the universe condensed to a circle for His head. A train of galaxies are lined up behind Him, each labeled in the symbolic pupil of Spirit in Word, depicted in the gray sphere. 

Representing names, stars are going in and out of the wheel around Name’s feet, entering and exiting different name-sets, all given the opportunity to learn the principle. The left hand of Name’s word-vision identity touches Word’s vision-pearl on the right side of the diagram, raising him up in those who learn it. They see Name’s identity fragrance in each of their name-sets, depicted below Word, manifest in Word’s vision-pearl in each of them. 


With Word’s reverent knowledge in your word-vision, consider why Name has faith. Like yirah or “fear”, faith is some­thing we need not Him and yet, like every other essence, it originates in Him. Only in this case, like yirah, desire, and often grace, faith is in a different form.

When our word-vision enters the blind vision-pearl, naturally His attributes in us do not change, neither does the essence of our presence. Only our aware­ness changes, becoming blind awareness in search of facet light-holders, so Name continues to maintain our presence in Himself, being our source essence without our awareness. He super­sedes our awareness with His awareness as us, our source awareness, an act of His faith-energy, doing so until He allows us to resume awareness of our essence in Him through Word.

To restore us, Name’s faith raises up Word in us, which raises up our awareness with the yirah light emanating from Name’s faith, until, once again, His faith becomes our faith also, the form of grace that ends the supersession. We were “raised with [Word] through the faith of the energy (energeia in Greek) of God [Name], who raised him from the dead [the blind, ourselves and the blind in our vision-pearl].”[14]

Once our superseded awareness is restored, we again see our word-vision now identity in Name through His Spirit in Word, the mechanism of awareness of and to Life. This restores our desire for His memory also, especially His memory of when we were superseded in His presence. This removes national illusion in us and thus the hold shared memory has over us in national trauma and addiction. 

Name raising Word in us is the blossoming of the diamonds we placed in the addiction-filled encaged conscience in our vision-pearl. For the principle awakens us to seeing Name as everyone’s source in the supersession.  It works in the part of Name’s faith that judges us through Word to bring us back, Life judging us, protecting all life.

Knowing now how Name’s faith works in our word-vision, have faith that He will raise you up if you are learning the principle, if He has not already. For Word is on everyone’s side, but especially those who practice the principle. We are learning how to hold the encaged conscience captive according to the principle, unlike the encaged conscience holding those less encaged but still blind also.

WV-18 sets the stage for seeing the principle on the national level from the world baseline. Depicted by the spherical symbol amidst the stars, Name’s fragrant identity oversees the depth of the world from the sky.

Word-Vision 19

Having risen in our word-vision through the blossoming diamonds we form, Word displays the four permeational directions working in the inner and outer realms of his vision-pearl, symbolized by the four-directional symbol atop the smaller sphere on the right and atop the larger sphere to the right. Name’s vision-pearl, symbolized in the sky, displays the same with the same symbols inside and outside His sphere.

On the left side, by touching Word’s vision-pearl with the left hand of His word-vision identity, Name awakens Word’s 2,000-year span of now in our inner and outer realms as we worship Him through the enemies of our conscience, depicted on the bottom right. In front of Name's human symbolic form, the ball of light within the light sphere represents the forty-second name in Word’s 2,000-year now. It rises in our word-vision now identity through the yirah ice between Him and our name-sets.

Name casts the light of His yirah ice onto the forty-second name and reveals that it is the last generation of Word’s current 2,000-year I Am Now, the fulfillment of the times of the nations.[14.1] The only way we can understand this working in both realms of Word’s vision-pearl is through Name and His memory in Word, touching both ends of now in our word-vision identity. 


Consider Name’s sincerity when He interacts with us while we are superseded, blind to His real presence before us and in us through Spirit in Word. We are unaware that Life is carrying on with our essence without our conscious participation, all while we experience suffering and comparatively insignificant pleasures. Thus, Name’s desire to free us is great, unrealized during this sincere act but eternally fulfilled because of the supersession.

With reverent knowledge of Word’s yirah light emanating from itself, grace itself, and the desire form of grace, we cleanse our perception of Word’s oneness between desire and conscience and desire Name and His memory in every form of grace. 

In the next group of attributes, Word’s yirah light cleanses our perception to see it emanating from his anointing and humble-mindedness forms of grace. We use them in Spirit to bless the enemies of conscience and humble ourselves before their beauty in Name. In response, Word’s yirah light cleanses our perception of the form of grace in Name’s faith as He raises us up in Word. This reveals Word rising through the diamonds we form in the beauty of the blind. In the sincerity form of Name’s grace, the light of yirah cleanses us to see the yirah ice in it, together displaying Word’s 2,000-year now in the blind then us, using it to see it in them.

With Word’s sincerity attribute in our word-vision, we are sincere with those who are more superseded than us without trying to explain. For how do you explain the light of Word’s yirah ice enlightening us to a 2,000-year now in us, saying only, “Before Abraham was, I am”?[15] That was a two-thousand-year span when he said it. 

We could say that it is forty-two generational layers in our collective structural memory, not specific memories. But the only thing that gives that meaning is learning how to use the principle, so that is why we save the knowledge of now in the conscience until here.

Sight with a blind vision-pearl sees the illusion of an evil life in a flicker of now, which hates every reflection of itself mistaken as others. Sight with a seeing vision-pearl sees blind life being chased by its own illusions and, in the full span of now, sees the light of yirah ice above both of their word-visions. Symbolically stated, “Over the heads of the living beings [is a brightness that shines] according to the light of yirah ice.”[16], 1 

The head of evil life dwells in the symbolic lower body of illusion, in “a likeness according to the appearance of fire [in the conscience], from the appearance of his loins and downward, fire [extinguished by yirah ice]; but from his loins and upward [the head of righteous life radiates] according to the appearance of the enlightenment [in the conscience, Name’s intelligence, Word], according to the light of the amber [colors in His vision-pearl].”[17] 

We are using Name’s amber colors of enlightenment to fill the inner and outer realms of our word-vision now identity, “full of eyes around and within,[17.1] our four permeational directions. The symbolic head of our word-vision identity is Word’s vision-pearl, permeating us through the light-passage. With no form of bodily dimensions like our physical body, we secure our real now identity by dismissing the belief that we are this physical body, by receiving the symbolic separation of Word’s head from the rest of his body.

In reference to the tomb where Word was buried, it symbolically states that Peter “sees the linen wrappings lying [there], and the facecloth which was upon his head not with the linen wrappings but folded up in a place by itself.”[17.2] In reference to us, reverent knowledge points to “the souls of those beheaded [not their physical bodies] because of the testimony of Jesus [Word] and because of the word of God [Name].”[17.3] Specifically, it is because of practicing the principle of Word, thereby establishing  our word-vision now identity, freed from the physical bodily identity of blindness with its illusory sense of now.


Feeling at home in our true identity turns the physical identity into absurdity. For experiencing our toes or a taste on our tongue does not live in our conscience. But the misuse of desire encages the conscience and makes us identity with such experiences, particularly family and national ones outside our body. For these strengthen the sense that the boundaries our encaged conscience are its natural ones.

How foreign to learn that the oneness of Word’s conscience and desire in us experiences a 2,000-year now as inherent in our word-vision now identity. Yet how natural it is to feel it in the family and national experiences of our name-sets – according to the real amber boundaries of our love in Name.

Word says, “The lamp of the body is your eye [Word’s vision-pearl]; when your eye is single [a singularity between the eyes in our inner and outer permeational realms], your whole body also is radiant [filling our name-sets]. But when it is evil, your body also [is] completely dark [blindness in an encaged conscience]. Take heed, therefore, lest the light that [is] in you is darkness [blindness to us]. If, therefore, your whole body [is] radiant, not having any part completely dark, it shall be wholly radiant, as when the lamp [of Name] enlightens you with lightning [flashes of the now of Word’s 2,000-year national vision-pearl].”[18]

Consider what Word said to some at the end of that period. “Fill up the measure of your fathers...truly I say to you, all these [things] shall come upon this genera­tion.”[19] We live in our own generation, but our life is not limited to it. We experience Word’s now oneness of desire in everything we do. When we limit our love to only those who love us, such as family or nation, we encage our conscience outside these circles and blind ourselves to our true experience in Word. If we are using the same encaged conscience that has come before us, we suffer its accumulative end if we are the last generation of our 2,000-year now in Word’s national vision-pearl.

On the other hand, if we can hold the encaged conscience captive according to the principle, we continuously reap the grace of Word’s attributes misused both by those presently encaged and those encaged and linked in previous generations. For receiving Name’s memory of their misuse is seeing His grace undefiled in Word’s national vision-pearl, and seeing in word-vision is possessing. 

This is because we see only when we see truth, and we do that only when we see from the truth in us. Sight cannot see truth. Life sees its light in every life and ignores all nonliving light.

We even reap Word’s grace in our own past encaging, seeing it together with the blind grace of the presently encaged. It multiplies in us when we make his grace in them more important, all in the national grace of Word’s 2,000-year national vision-pearl.

Love them sincerely in their word-vision now identity by seeding it with diamonds. Look for opportunities to free them from the evil of national addictions, opportunities to teach them about the principle. This is our world baseline and depth in Word, the fragrance of who we are in Name.

            The Piety Attribute 

Word-Vision 20



Symbolized by the center square, the identity fragrance of Word’s piety vision-pearl, first symbolized on the bottom of WV-10, is emanating everything else in this diagram. All in permeations joined together, it is his mega-grace, with a 2,000-year city street below his identity fragrance and, to the right, ours manifest in name-sets beholding Name through the enemies of conscience. On the city street of  our world conscience, we make decisions of left, right, or straight at pivotal junctures of thought. 

With His word-vision arms and hands and universal head in the left sphere, Name displays both ends of Word’s now in our conscience. His right word-vision hand touches the three stages of the encaged conscience: pre-encaged, addiction-filled encaged, and oneness-filled encaged. Below them, the misuse of desire, anger, and fear are measured on Word’s now event line of 2,000-years. Three oneness-filled symbols divide it into segments of now in our world conscience, fourteen generations each between Abraham, David, and Word, forty-two in all.[20]

All within our world conscience also, the fragrant mega-grace of Word’s piety vision-pearl emanates everything in and from itself. From this vantage point, the earth in the sky always blocks the sunlight so that the living light events of the principle can be recorded.

All within our world conscience also, the fragrant mega-grace of Word’s piety vision-pearl emanates everything in and from itself. From this view, the earth in the sky always blocks the sunlight so as to record the living light events of the principle.


Reverent knowledge of Names piety form of grace brings all the previously explained forms into a mega-form, manifested in and from Word’s  piety vision-pearl. The yirah, grace, and desire forms of the first group still yirah cleanse our perception of his oneness between desire and conscience so that our natural desire for Name and His memory in every form of grace in everyone returns. 

In the middle group, Word’s yirah light still cleanses our perception to see the anointing, humble-mindedness, faith of Name, and sincerity attributes so that we can bless all others in Name and His memory, especially the enemies of conscience. The last attribute of this group, Word’s piety iridescence, enlightens us to see the fragrance and ice of his yirah light in all of them, including itself and the first three. They all manifest their oneness in our world conscience in and before Word’s piety vision-pearl.

This reverent knowledge begins with “the Mystery of the Piety [of Word], who was manifested in flesh [as part of the world illusion of our now identity in flesh], justified in Spirit [one can be justified for knowingly using the illusion only if it is to awaken those under it, as Word does through the first eight attributes of Name in him, as many are called to do, therefore, “discipline your­selves for piety”[20.1]],

“Seen by angels [the light-passage of his piety vision-pearl and conveyance between its word-visions], proclaimed in nations [through the national name-sets of his piety vision-pearl], believed on in the world [conscience, manifesting his fragrant identity in the piety vision-pearl], [and] taken up in glory [through his own mega-grace in Name].”[21]

The Mystery of Piety is Word’s pious act of going along with the illusion that Name has put the world image under in order to break it. Raising our awareness is no act though. It restores the arms and hands of our word-vision now identity so that we can practice the principle, according to the oneness between our desire and world conscience – through the forty-second name on the now event line. 

Word can do this for us because he is “the all [the light of Life, the life that gives light to everyone who comes into this world [21.1]] and in all [of us]”.[22] As the language enlight­enment of Life, Word is the oneness of all our intelli­gence in the world. It is expressed in each of us through his piety vision-pearl, even as many express their illusions of it through hatred, but at other times when feeling it – expressing it in the form of love for Name’s love in us.

Many of us who believe on Word but are still under the illusion are hoping to be freed by faith alone, not knowing that understanding is freedom, the truth setting us free. Not knowing our place in the world as it is superseded or place in our nation as it is superseded, we may proclaim Word to be taken up in glory in the hope of being set free by faith.

Faith alone or even good deeds do not set us free from addiction. Reverent knowledge about illusion, trauma, and addiction sets us free, with an understanding of how not loving the enemies of conscience  is the root cause of addiction. The next part of this understanding is about names.

Like Name, we are our names with word-vision identity, known through the 2,000-year now of Word. Referring to him, “his name is called the Word of God [Name].”[23] His name is who he is. Word is his name in all word-vision identi­ties, a name referencing all words birthed out of their sem­inal word, name in Name. Every name is a person of light in the syntactic order of word-vision, not the names that label the physical bodies we feel and see on Earth.

In a transfer of identities, Word’s piety form of grace awakes us from the one that exists only in blindness as we discover our word-vision identity name in Name. It is the truth about all of us, true because Name is the One “who fills the all [Word] in all [of us]”.[24] He is His name, the Name of names. Thus, we too are living names in Word whether we are friends or foes of Word’s good conscience in us.

As friends, use WV-20 to trigger word-vision of Word’s piety vision-pearl in your world conscience, symbolized above Names universal head. Everything we have learned up to this point is represented in this word-vision, including the blessing we have as names, who bless our foes in and before Name through the Spirit in Word. Life shares its fullness with each of its lives and collectively with all of us.


On their way home that day, Laura thanked Jack for speaking up for her mother, good people who are enemies of conscience in only a small part of their conscience.

“Did you see how quickly my dad got angry? It’s always the same when I say something. His own mind and conscience fight each other first. I cannot keep him in a calm state to talk about it. But I see the same thing in myself though to a lesser degree.”

“You’re not like him at all, but I know what you mean. I’ve noticed it in myself too. Clearing my mind helps me reflect on it, but when it comes around again, there is nothing I can do to stop it. Whether it is fear, anger, or a misguided desire, it is bigger than me. But I feel that if I just knew enough about it and myself, I could be free of it. You too?”


If the catatonic part of Jack and Laura’s conscience ever reaches the stage Fred has, they too will no longer be able to clear their mind and think about these things. This knowledge would seem completely irra­tional, which means that, for now, Jack and Laura still have enough empathy that is not encaged to receive this knowledge and learn how to love the enemies of their conscience. They still have the will to make a choice.

We all lose our will at times but go through a cycle and regain it. But Laura’s father may not even get a chance to choose on his death­bed. There is no way of knowing whether any part of his conscience is still unencaged. Neither is it assured whether we will choose to stay the course if we decide to learn the principle. It is not knowledge detached from the conscience like physics. Knowledge about the conscience engages the conscience. 

It is spiritual knowledge, meaning that once we get through the first errors that we held on to, which restricted us, we have more unencaged conscience to free ourselves from other errors. These are the self-enlightening faceted attributes of Word, the transparencies of his vision-pearl in our world conscience.

Jack and Laura made the right choice and are now learning it. Name’s anointing attribute in Word is next for them. First, they remember being taught as children and still believe that we should never wish good things for bad people. They do want her father to stop mistreating her mother so that good things would happen but, either way, they still love him and he loves them. This is about loving bad people who do not love you.

Laura felt it first, Spirit in Word, blessing her and inspiring her to bless everyone else. Jack understood her words explaining it, but he could not prevent the encaged part of his social conscience from attacking him whenever picturing himself blessing people everyone hates. 

“Cleanse that part of your conscience with Word’s yirah fragrance,” Laura said, “long enough to see that, in your inner vision, these everyone are not everyone and should be blessed as enemies of conscience themselves just as the people they hate. For they are both working from the same encaged part of their national conscience, capable of reaching critical mass under certain conditions.” 

“I'll try again, but my mind went opaque before, maybe because I misread Name’s yirah warning of fear in this group as my fear of their anger if I were to love those they hate. And maybe it was Name’s  anger in this group for them not loving others and in me for not loving them along with those they hate. Every time their encaged conscience reached critical mass and was cut off from His grace in Word, it cut me off too because I depended on them on account of my fear.

“I could see them and the people they hate only in their single appearance in this world, not the life each of their names are in each of my three name-sets with them. It is the same multi-present life everyone’s name has in Word. I was blinded by opaque images of their behavior or rumors of it. But now I can make a two-way baseline with them even as theirs remains one-way, allowing for permeational depth in my conscience.”

Jack got through this error and used his stronger conscience to start blessing all of them with Word’s anointing. And with Spirit in Word, he experienced Word’s humble mind before Laura did. Word-visioning everyone’s infinite and illuminating beauty in Name, he focuses now on those who hate him for loving their enemies. It humbles his mind and blesses him with infinite peace.

But when Laura tried, the encaged part of her social con­science attacked her for threatening the tempo­ral and elusive beauty of this world, primarily the beauty of woman.

“Cleanse your encaged conscience with yirah fragrance as you told me to,” Jack said. “Envision nothing but the infinite beauty of spirit in your name-sets, focusing on those who unknowingly see you as a threat to their blindness. Do not hide your mind behind their images of temporary beauty or yours. It gives the misuse of fear, anger, and desire another channel through gender.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I have my first word-vision of it,” Laura replied. “The facets of yirah, grace, and desire are radiating together and bringing my focus onto the beauty of Word’s world intelligence in others. Unimaginable word-vision of them appears in me through Word’s anointing and humble-mindedness. I’m being preparing to use the other three attributes in this group to perfect perception of them in my world conscience. 

“Jack, are you seeing what I am seeing? A pearl-like vision throne at the center of the world conscience. Its light is flowing toward a galaxy-filled hole in the sky. I can see many names going into it but cannot tell whether they come out on the other permeational side. Maybe it is a black hole of addictive desire in my dad drawing the light out of me!!”

Laura, you see the word-vision of Word’s world intelligence in him? Fill your image of his encaged conscience with it. And fill your perception of his blindness with symbolic diamonds. It will bring out the light of oneness between desire and conscience in you, which, without fail, takes the encaged conscience captive.”  

Laura’s breathing is restored. The light-passage of Word’s piety vision-pearl immediately births Word in the perception of her father. Rising out of his addiction-filled blindness, her awareness captures it effortlessly. For she has appeared with him on the other permeational side, finding Jack and her mother there and everyone’s real names. 

In what feels to Laura and Jack like an extortion of their sense of now, a tremendous burst of iridescent light exits the black hole in all of them. Feeding its expanding self-enlightenment back into Word’s piety vision-pearl, the light is simultaneously emanating from it. In this effulgent moment, the identity fragrances of all four of them brilliantly puncture the sky of the world conscience.

Opening the singularity of their inward and outward eyes as if for the first time, Laura and Jack find themselves looking at perfect transparent manifestations of their names. Word-visions of their essence in Word are looking directly at them from their own past. Their superseded  awareness was unaware that they never left, only their vision left. 

In this past, before getting another chance to change their minds, Laura and Jack had repeatedly ignored the principle and blinded their own names with Word’s attributive transparencies. Whereas in the present now, they are using the principle in their name-sets to see through their blindness in the past. It reveals Name’s memory of their unchangeable brilliance in Him, manifesting in the past before them without blindness. 

“Jack, do you see how our past presence is part of our present?” The fragrant identity of Word’s piety vision-pearl has gently cast both ends of Name’s light-passage into their world conscience. Their true now finally covers the same span of 2,000 years. Speaking sincerely to Fred and Sheila as if their now were no different, Word humbly suggests they learn how to love the enemies of their conscience. 

“Yes, my love, forty-two generational layers, like the pattern of Word’s original I Am Now in the fulfillment of the times of Israel. In Word, each of us is the forty-first name in the current now, unborn light, and the forty-second, birthed light, as we are now. The other forty are names of light like us in the current now of Word’s piety vision-pearl, names in the past 2,000 years of their generations. It is all part of the now of our national conscience in the fulfillment of the times of all nations.

“Now I understand why my parents could not see each other throughout their lives. Their names are unborn, allowing the light of forty of the generations in their world conscience to blind them. Now I see how to love the worst enemies of conscience while still hating their behavior. Our desire to do so in Word is one with our 2,000-year conscience in Name.”

“Are you guys ok?” Laura’s mother asks. “I tried to get your attention. Laura, your father died in his sleep.”

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