Word-Vision of the 2024 American Elections

A.  The Influence of Women

B.  The Influence of Men

C.  Specific Issues

Adolescence is a necessary stage of our democracy since, as our ancestors did not have it, we have had to learn the hard way how to live with such freedom under opposing, now threatening moral/ethical standards. But considering how the United States is a microcosm of all cultures living under one government, no other democracy is closer to maturing.

We are now facing the greatest challenges for all the earth’s freedom, nothing less. For our own survival, as discussed, the fulfillment of the times of the nations is our chance to adopt the principle. It transcends all standards by elevating our conscience above them, enabling us to dismantle the national inner precipice. We will look at the two main obstacles preventing our success, one as it effects women, the other as it effects men, then specific issues.

Making it a difficult transformation at times, our national adolescence is accompanied by national addiction. Much of this addiction has been forced upon us by the misuse of freedom by some of us to enslave the rest of us on one level or another. We could lose our democracy to those of us blind-sided by the teachings of enslavement because too many of the rest of us who care are enslaved to our daily lives, unable to break free from the addictions of this adolescent stage of our nation. First, how did women get here?

A. The Influence of Women

American women in general and African-American women in particular have been gaining freedoms against the wishes of many over the last one hundred years due to democracy winning. But to a large degree, it is now driving those unhappy to force an all-out political war to take us into autocracy. These women have found freedoms they should have never lost – but without practicing the principle, they are at the forefront of putting our democracy at risk at this critical juncture. For they are on one of the key stages of the national conscience before we the voters, most of us persuadable to vote either way but, blind-sided by daily life, are sold on a false dichotomy.

Consider the inequality women suffered in Jesus’s day. There was little mercy under the moral code, so he found two women whom he used as examples to teach his principle. He pointed out the great love a prostitute had and the little love moral leaders who judged her had. And he did not judge an adulteress but told her to do wrong no more. He knew the slavery women suffer.

Today, consider African-American women whose maternal ancestors were enslaved and often forced into prostitution, and white women whose mater­nal ancestors were treated as second class citizens, often forced into clothing styles against their will. That is, considering the modest dress of women at that time, they were often had to wear clothing contrary to their modesty.

The beauty of their womanhood was in part socially placed before the eyes of men as symbols of power that many men today still use, and thus many of today’s women have also taken control of. This works at the expense of women and men developing their reasoning free from gender biases, vital for democracy’s sense of justice.

Rather than being seen as immodest clothing anymore though, it has become traditional clothing, while African-American and white women know what their ancestors knew it as. Democracy will continue in this bad dream until we raise each other above our gender, and the pinnacle of our being appears for us all to manifest.

But for now, both parties engage in the tradition not knowing that, in either making women less than equal or greater with its power, it is a threat to the maturation of every democracy. Republicans use it to passively judge women, implying that their misuse of the tradition results in liberal thinking on issues like abortion and gay rights. Democrats use it to achieve their goals of popularity through the Arts without knowing how it works against the principle.

The effects of this clothing tradition are devastating to some cultures. The mistreatment of women by extrem­ists works from moral codes against it, manifested thoughts of men severely addicted to such codes. They see American or any other women who are at this national stage and hate them for tempting their eyes and subjecting their children to see it.

But again, Word1 spoke of the love of one woman being judged as greater than the love of those who judged her, indicating that the value of love is greater than all the moral code. He does not judge these women but tells them to do wrong no more.

Word spoke to the ancient Israelites though, all of whom subjected themselves to the moral code of Moses not democracy. We, on the other hand, are either Americans subjecting ourselves to the American Constitution, the highest framework of democracy but not Word’s principle, or Evangelical Americans subjecting ourselves to the moral code of Christianity over Word’s principle. We can both continue in our subjugation and use the principle as our beacon to unite under the Constitution or we can continue on this dangerous path.

It may be hard to look at it this way because neither of us as part of the United States, the beacon of the world, practices the principle nationally. We do not see that we are using blind light to justify ourselves and judge the other side’s usage of this clothing tradition under their subjugation. Mature democracy, on the other hand, recognizes addiction to it and other forms and, thus, can work with different moral/ethical codes under common law – without erecting a precipice in our national conscience. 

Word was not against the moral code but pointed out that the principle fulfills it. Learning how to love the enemies of conscience matures us so we can find our way in this world, sometimes our own way. That is why after saying that we should at least believe in his works, knowing what happens when people follow the principle, he said that we may come to believe that Name (reference to God or Life depending on your beliefs) sent him. It implies that all things will be clear at that point, starting with the positive and negative influences of women on democracy.

The love women are expressing in this tradition will change the world once it breaks out of the circle confining it. For it is a love that needs love. It is a desire to be needed and marveled at, whose time has come to open the mind of our hearts to see it free from this tradition. It is a love that will use gender no longer as a substitute but a dignified role of womankind to help mankind achieve the same. Help us feel Name’s love in those with physical beauty and those without it by letting go of this tradition, dear mother, dear wife, dear sister, dear daughter.   

Love does not force us to see things we do not see or agree with. Starting with women, the love that is in us is kind, it is patient. In the fulfillment of the times of the nations, the 2024 elections are a golden inflection point. Love is kind and patient even up to voting day and beyond.


Do not judge or blame those who continue to enslave masses or those who seek to enslave the rest of us to their false world self-image. They receive their power from us when we do not love them as enemies of our world conscience.


B. The Influence of Men

To understand men’s influence on elections, we just need to look at the conflicts between Palestine and Israel over the land. As women traditionally were more focused on family and men on the nation, the history of bloody battles over land plays out in the national conscience of men. The timing of the present Israeli/Palestinian War just prior to the 2024 elections that threaten American democracy is in accordance with the fulfillment of the times of the nations.

In our national conscience, men see them as one conflict, the external and internal conquest of land control. Through identification, the severity of generational hatred in American politics reflects this much older generational hatred in the Middle East. A reflection in our national conscience, it guides men according to party.

Consider how republicans have tacitly accepted help from Russian interference in our elections but do not give China the benefit of the doubt on much of anything – simple tactics for victory on the battlefield. One part of democrats vigorously supports Israel while another vigorously supports Palestine – simple domestic tactics for victory. One part of republicans vigorously supports Israel over Palestine while another vigorously promotes antisemitism – a domestic and battlefield tactic for victory.

While some of these factions are not coordinated within their parties, the goal is to use them to defeat the other party as a battle over land, believing it is a competition of conscience for the greater good when they do whatever they can to avoid the principle.

When the U.N. correctly cries out for a ceasefire to spare Palestinian lives, is this the world conscience that ignored Jewish cries to help them escape Nazi atrocities, or is it the world conscience that feels empathy for everyone except Israeli suffering due to blind light working from its past?

Do not judge or blame those who continue to enslave masses or those who seek to enslave the rest of us to their false world self-image. They receive their power from us when we do not love them as enemies of our world conscience. Symbolic or not, Word practiced the principle by having died for republicans and democrats so that those who choose to practice it would unite but against no one. Remember, there is no us and them, the false dichotomy. There is only all of us and our conscience. Resist the devil, symbolic or not, in the blind and it will flee, not the blind!

As explained, through the false world self-image, gender is used to form a love stronger than death but a love only for its circle, family, party or nation, which it defends by enforcing its blindness with the hatred stronger than death, key factors in the tactics of hatred. 

Right now, the false image continues working the death of love outside its circles in this the last generational layer, the forty-second. And thus, its love and hatred, both stronger than death, work between circles of Palestine and Israel and between circles of democrats and republicans. But the love for all, stronger than all death, unites us to resist the blindness that flees from the blind, so that they might not flee.

The negative influence of men on democracy can change. Our role in the world gender conscience gives power to women in it because we do not love them as enemies of conscience, as they give power to us when they do not love us likewise. But as physical defenders of family, party and nation, men are the perpetrators of most crime, for they use the hatred of the false image to continue the death of love outside their circles.

Such men might let us show them how to put out the fire in their conscience – if they knew that we hate only their blindness and love them, if they knew that they do not hate others, the illusion in their blindness hates them.

The positive influence of men comes from minorities as well, particularly American Indians. Their wisdom helped establish American democracy in the first place.2 How much more can they and other ancient civilizations, now part of our nation, contribute, from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the others in the Americas and those lesser known? They only need to accept the principle as the rest of us should.

There is a path forward away from past atrocities, but it requires helping one another break the national addiction to adolescent democracy. Then, out of empathy, we can address past wrongs as we extend our circles more and more.

The time has come for the children of Abraham, Jews and Muslims, his adopted children, Christians, and all other religions and nonbelievers to be the righteous nations we already are in our hearts. You see, on one level, the world is already a democracy, allowing for each of its nation citizens to follow their own moral/ethical standard through local democracy or a monarchy – according to the principle.

For everyone has, by simply existing in the world, a true world self-image, but at the same time, we all have a false one until we take off the blinders. Thus, even corrupt nations are great democracies in the minds of their citizens. It just needs to be manifested in the world.

C. Specific Issues

The Economy


Word said to make friends by means of unrighteous wealth so that when it fails, they might receive us in the eternal dwellings,[66] symbolic or not. Unrighteous wealth is the misuse of money, which, as a system, fails us sooner or later, the question being, until then, do we use it wisely? He said that if we are not faithful with such wealth, who will trust us with the true wealth,[67] which is grace, power in our conscience.

After warning us about the dangers of blind light, Word said that we cannot serve Name and wealth.[68] In other words, serving wealth addicts us to blind light, whereas serving Name gives us the grace of vision to use, not create, even unrighteous wealth wisely and faithfully. He revealed the two stages of blind light when explaining this, saying that we will either hate the one and love the other, or we will hold to one and despise the other.[69]

The early stage is when we hate Name for showing kindness to the enemies of our circle and love wealth for protecting our circle. The latter stage is when we hold on to wealth hoping that it will save our circle and despise Name for revealing that only love, which we severely lack, can save our circle.

Symbolic greed works in the mind of our heart when we refuse to give what we do have there, blind light, to those we judge, resulting in physical greed, unrighteous wealth. Both work beyond our control under national addiction, but again, do not blame the wealthy. We give them our inner wealth by not loving them as enemies of our national conscience. But the blind light says, “Try buying a slice of bread with inner wealth.”  Acts of kindness warm the heart, and warm hearts find each other and build empires one slice at a time.

But if we give in to the blind light promising us everything if we only bow down to it, we stop loving the blind and love their blindness, the early stage. There is only us and our conscience.


Consider how men and women form circles to confine their love. The most powerful circle is naturally between parent and child, but this circle is rarely what we think it is.

In their own circles, the woman who gets an abortion and the one who believes it is the taking of a life are using equal love. Speaking in general terms, the former does not see the fetus as living so she decides which fetus she will birth and give all her love to. The latter sees the fetus as living and does not choose but accepts the pregnancy, gives birth and all her love to it and feels every abortion as a great loss of life. Neither has control of their love because it is based on belief not truth, not that truth is not involved in their thinking, but if they are not loving the enemies of their conscience, neither of them can understand the truth of their circle.

Under the world gender conscience, the gender body is the person, whether it is still in the womb or out of it, seen as having a beating heart that is alive not just animated. Science supports this because its empirical system cannot identify spirit but can measure the heartbeat. Religion’s spiritual system teaches each person how to identify spirit for themselves by using the world conscience. That is, the purer the world conscience, through the principle, the better spirit manifests itself before the eyes of our individual conscience. 

The gender fetus does not have the spirit of life until the first breath, in the Bible called the spirit of the breath of life. Compare the fetus to a body kept alive by a ventilator. If you remove the ventilator or the fetus from the womb prematurely, they will both die, indicating that neither has the spirit.

Under national addiction in our world conscience, we lack the self-control to plan for a child and, thus, those who accept it, turn to abortion. But that is not murder. It is the good intention of love’s circle limited, as is calling it murder by those against abortion. When we have the purity of conscience to expand our circle beyond family, community, and nation, without being against any of them, we have the empathy to see that addiction to blind light is what limits our love from seeing each other.

Laws should always accommodate those suffering from addiction to protect them first since, being alive, they are of greater value than the unborn child. Moses explained this when stating that a fine alone must be paid for the death of a fetus caused by another, but if life is lost, once born or in reference to the mother, the penalty is death, life for life.[70]

The law should extend to protecting pregnant women even when they insist on an abortion and there is no threat to their health other than the risk of getting one illegally. Their insistence puts the responsibility on the rest of us to protect them, which is especially urgent in several states ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

But how do we protect the heart of women who still believe a life is being taken? If not doing so already, sharing their great love with children living in poverty to keep them alive is one possibility, letting them know how much they are loved. In every one of them, we find “the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus (Word)”,[71] but not in the unborn unless they come into the world. For Word “enlightens everyone coming into the world…in him was life, and the life was the light of everyone.”[72]

The two exceptions were when the Word of life himself was in Mary’s womb, for he is the Spirit of Life, and John the Baptist. Before birth, John’s fetus leaped for joy when his mother heard Mary, who was carrying Jesus at that time, greet her.[73] Leaping for joy certainly indicates that John was in that fetus, for believers, one more miracle associated with Jesus being conceived in Mary by the Holy Spirit.[74]

Word is, of course, in all women who get abortions and does not judge them for taking a life, because they do not. He only wants to free all of us from national addiction in our world conscience.

Gay Rights


If you accept the label Word as it is being used by those who believe in Jesus and those who do not, either way to learn the principle, then consider the two following moral/ethical standards as valid to their followers, while subject to laws established democratically according to our constitution.

Making others more important than ourselves, particularly those we do not love, goes far beyond tolerating them. Under the principle, it means worshiping Name through Word in them like everyone else. If we do not love them, our conscience will not allow us to love Name as God or Life. So we try worshipping Name directly and either become hypocritical or never mature. For one side to get beyond tolerating or hating the other side if be the case, they need to understand why they see the other side the way they do.

I am using gay rights to encompass the rights of anyone who does not follow male/female type relationships exclusively or at all, as well as anyone who does not identify exclusively as a man or a woman. Gay rights advance when democracy wins, which has only been fairly recently, historically speaking.

Those of us in this group have no problem with the way heterosexuals identify themselves or develop relationships according to their gender. But if those of us fighting for gay rights do not love those who judge us, love them as enemies of our con­science, we also are at the forefront of putting our democ­racy at risk at this critical juncture. Therefore, let’s look at how the Bible has shaped the views of many Americans of all back­grounds on this issue, as well as how it should shape them.

Word said, “It is the spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life.”[75] He was directing his followers away from putting these gender bodies at the forefront as the teachings of Moses do. Until we do, we use blind light to apply, against gay rights, Paul’s words on the matter, thinking it is part of Word’s teachings.

Paul knew which of his churches were not ready to practice the principle, so in his efforts not to lose them, he wisely repeated the moral code without putting it into context with Word’s teaching on the principle. For better to allow them to judge than lose them altogether, risking the chance they would never hear him teach the principle.

Paul gave us the key to understanding the assumption that such lifestyles are always a choice and, thus, something we can simply change our mind about. Remember, this is from the viewpoint of one moral standard and not quoted as the only valid one in a democracy, as can be enforced in places like ancient Israel or any country run by one religion without any choice for its citizens.

Paul said, “Just as they did not approve of having God (Name) [manifest] in knowledge [preferring to either completely deny Him, deny any higher being or the oneness of Life itself, or instead, manifest Him in simple beliefs, right or wrong], God (Name) gave them up to a reprobate (adokimon) mind to do the things that are not proper.”[76] Adokimon literally means ‘non-testing’, essentially the state of the addicted mind, unable to test its patterns of thought to recognize and break free from dangerous ones.

Without a testing mind, we have no free will, no ability to recognize choices before us beyond their appearance. Testing, here, means to look at something repeatedly until we see enough, beyond the initial appearance, that empowers us to understand it and govern our choices accordingly.

Name gives any of us over to an adokimon mind only when we persist in choosing to do things our conscience would otherwise not allow us to do. He thus allows us to do them with some peace of mind but hopes we change our mind according to this moral standard, listing everything from greed to being unmerciful also.[77]

Once our mind is given over in this case, we can no longer be seen as being able to make a lifestyle choice and change instantly or sometimes at all. It indicates though that we had a choice before that, but just when that was is not for any of us who follow this moral code to judge.

We may even be born a certain way due to Name knowing of such choices long before we make them, an omnipotent ability of His noted in the Bible. This is why Word told us – believers in him or not – to forgive them, anyone violating our understanding of what violates our moral code. For they do not know what they are doing if they are truly violating it – believers in him or not. This especially holds true for those of us who do not know what we are doing judging others.

None of this is meant to imply that these lifestyles cannot simply be a choice, not simply part of birth, or not completely acceptable under a different moral/ethical standard. The point is that they can also be part of national addiction in our world conscience.

Here, trapped in the world gender conscience against the truth that flesh profits nothing, everyone blindly uses gender as their identity, to judge others, or both. But when we break national addiction, we can use our standard to respect all others in democracy – if we learn to wield­ the principle of conscience with a nonaddicted mind.



What is the right number of foreigners that should be allowed into our country to stay? Is there a point when we are not against ourselves and being responsible in our nation but against ourselves and irresponsible in the world? The movement of life on the earth is the movement of insects, animals, fish, birds, and humans. But in our case, it includes movement into our consciousness on a level unlike the other species, who are mostly just aware of each other’s physical presence.

According to Greek, Paul literally said to the blind Galatians, whom he loved dearly, “Your temptation [was] in my flesh.”[78] While seeing with their blind light to help them, he experienced their national addiction in his body but was not tempted. Normally, they would have assumed that he was under the same addiction when seeing this since they were still using an adokimon mind. They could not consider beyond the appearance of what they were looking at. But on this occasion, they were made aware that it was their addictive desires and Paul was not subject to them.

For a moment, the Galatians saw Paul seeing with their blind light and they stopped resisting their blindness. Paul said that, if possible, they would have plucked their eyes out and given them to him. Imagine how amazed they were. They received him as an angel of Name, even as Word himself,[79] because Word bore our blind light in his flesh, in essence, saw with our misuse of his light but was not subject to it.

Are the tens of thousands who enter our southern borders escaping a fire and we here do not want their burnt clothes to dirty our white carpet? Are we using the fact that some of them are being used by the drug cartels to ignore the suffering of the majority of them? Similar misuses of Word’s light existed in the Galatians, and Paul bore their temptation in his body but this time to help those suffering as a result, to help within boundaries that were not against his own ability to help.

While the light is shining on our borders, this is a sacred opportunity to see Word in us willing to do the same, within boundaries that are not against the ability of our nation to help.

Crime and Guns


There is no law against free will, but we can keep our democracy only as long as enough of us want to do good but realize that, under national addiction, we can only choose the appearance of good. If blind, we unknowingly choose the bad – to not love the enemies of our conscience.

Every time we choose to do good, we break the conscientious law of nonresistance. Word said not to resist evil, the evil of blindness in ourselves, for that only makes things worse. It is the loss of ability to use his light in us to see with, which cannot be fixed by resisting it. By resisting, we, who think we are choosing good, blindly go in circles as our temptations rise up in each other.

The Galatians went right back to going in circles after Paul left because they did not know how to stop resisting – by  making their enemies of conscience more important to see with their blind light. They rightly resisted criminals committing crimes against them, seeing their appearance as evil, but likewise, they thought they were resisting the appearance of evil in their conscience but, instead, resisted their own blindness. They should have resisted only the criminal acts of the blind so that blindness might leave them both.

We cannot stop those of us choosing bad from so choosing, but as long as most of us keep choosing good and learn how to use the principle to see with their blind light, we will dramatically strengthen our unified national conscience and reduce crime and the misuse of guns in our democracy.

This is not a fancy way of saying hate the sin love the sinner, or hate the crime love the criminal. It explains that we have to literally use the light in us to visibly, not figuratively, see this light in them in our national conscience; otherwise, we love the criminal with a blind love that is subject to national addiction, the greatest criminal.





The Separation of Church and State is essential for democracy, but we cannot separate the principle from the state and expect different moral/ethical standards to co-exist peacefully. This is why Word encouraged us to believe in it even if we do not believe in him. For he did not say the power and authority of his name would save our nation only if we believe in him, or even just his principle – as an inward action only.

The principle starts as an inward action and manifests outwardly. Thus, Word saves the nations that show kindness to the least among them,[80] loving their enemies, which includes those who judge them instead and those who judge those who judge them, all resisting their own blindness.

If we do not believe in Word, we can interpret this to mean that he will save the democracy in these nations, whose education system teaches the principle nonreligiously alongside the sciences. If we believe in Word and believe that his power and authority will save us just for believing, then this can be considered as part of our moral standard, which should be respected alongside all others.

The need to learn the principle remains necessary though, to see with blind light and love the enemies of our conscience, if we are to be part of a unified national conscience that strengthens our democracy.




Regardless of whether we see the changes around the world in weather as due to human actions, climate change is at the center of our world conscience. For it requires the cooperation of all the major producers to reverse the effects of human actions regardless of whether they are relevant or not. It makes those who do not cooperate, at least for the sake of cooperating with the rest of the world that believes they are relevant, subject to world addiction.

Climate is a word, a topic, a story. Most of us around the world, of course, care about humanity, but we are also limited in our circles, our love limited by hating our enemies outside them. The climate story can bring us together but only if we learn how to love the enemies of our world conscience, see with their blind light, and work together to change the mind of those governments not cooperating. It starts with some of the citizens in these nations and what blinds them, the smaller parts of the story.

Word said that if you do not believe the writings (gramma in Greek, gräm'-mah) of Moses’s teaching, how can you believe the words of his teaching, the words of Word?[81] Grammas form the grammatical and meaningful parts of words and sentences. Moses taught about the living Word through the grammas of the moral code, not the moral code itself. To understand the climate story of Earth, we need the sentence luminosity of Word, his paragraph, chapter and then story luminosity, the luminosity of Life in its own mind. Word made flesh is Word made Earth, the physical world of Word clothing his spiritual world to tell us the story of life.

The world conscience operates without the world gender conscience. For our dependencies on Name in Word are what govern our conscience, including how it is affected by our gender dependencies. It creates harmony between them. There is no need for another level to our conscience. In its blind light, the world gender conscience uses only the gender dependencies without harmony with our dependencies on Name in Word. Here, our love forms and is limited to our largest but blindest circle, which excludes those we hate outside all our smaller circles.

However, seeing and seeing with its blind light, we see the climate story of Word’s love, being misused by the many. Seeing and seeing with the world blind light, we are consciously part of Name’s story in Word. Bearing their blind light in our bodies without being made blind, we need to unite and solve the climate problem.


Drugs and Addiction


Due to gravity, the light of a star peaks around the curvature of a planet before the star’s trajectory gets there. Likewise, the gravity of addiction pulls the future over the present before it gets here, for we choose not to or cannot be in the present but only an imagined future. The problem then is that the world changes between the time we take the drug, in whatever form, and the future we imagine appears to replace the present.

In Part II, we discussed how forty-two past generations have formed layers in our national or ancestral memory, impacting our present conscience depending on our choices. The six or seven generations of American history are pivotal in the present activity of our national conscience.

Although it took over half a century, within these pivotal generations the democratic and republican parties switched ideologies. Lincoln was a republican and ended slavery, but republicans later opposed civil rights. Remember, with the principle, we are against no one, only blind light. There is always a place for both parties in our national conscience. In the balance of “opposing gravities”, the democratic part went through the opposite, with citizens changing parties or ideas generationally.

Our dependencies on Name in Word transcend this and every inverting stream in our national and world conscience. But when addicted to national blind light, we take our drug at one end of this stream of consciousness and find the stream inverted as we come around the earth’s curvature in our national conscience, never seeing Word’s world conscience. We come out with an imagined future of our liking, but one incapable of peace.

Drugs, addiction, and the principle are on the ballot of the 2024 American elections.


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