Do you remember the first time you heard the words, love your enemies? Have you considered that it requires doing so with your mind first not your heart or soul?

Now even if we could love our enemies, why would we ever want to? Life is too precious to spend loving those who make it more difficult, right? But what if it taps into a deeper love in us that there is no other way to reach, explaining the words, your love is greater than life?

Can love exist without life? Not the normal kind of love.

But one kind of love is life itself.

To find it, we must win the war in our minds. For we all find safe havens in our mind to avoid the battlefield but only until we encounter the enemy. Then, all we can do is hate them until the fire drives us into other safe havens, making us think we have won.

But we should not be lured out of our havens by gallant words alone. The words of only one can lead us in this battle, and you do not even have to believe in him, as contradictory as this may sound.

For he said that if we do not believe in him, at least believe his works. The work of loving his enemies with his mind first was the greatest. Whether you believe in God or not, listen to Christ's teaching on this. I am simply a translator of Hebrew and Greek, interpreting his teaching on this matter, something lost in popular translations.

Every time we hear hateful words, disrespecting others, or see hateful actions, harming them, we witness someone who can no longer find safe haven in their mind, who never encountered one who loves their enemies so as to give that person peace of mind, no less a hero than those who serve and sometimes die on earth's battlefields, sacrificing themselves for others, but their enemies?

Loving our enemies

in the end, anyone who does not love theirs

does not make us perfect, as I was not before or after my victory. I will share the details with you after your victory, for you may see me as an enemy at first, and if you do not know how to love me at that moment, you will not see that I am no one's enemy, as you will not be either, anymore.