The Last Two Attributes of Word-Visioning

The Philadelphia Attribute

Word-Vision 21

The five figures on the bottom are before Word’s piety vision-pearl, who is emanating the iridescence of his attributes into them, represented by the light entering their ears and moving through their spine. Between this vision-pearl and Name’s agapé vision-pearl in the sky, symbolized by a pearl and its oneness-filled pupil, are the twelve philadelphia vision-pearl gates, surrounding Name’s fragrant identity. 

The appearance of the twelve permeational gates outside and inside the symbol for His fragrant identity symbolizes their work in the singularity of Word’s inner and outer 2,000-year eyes. When loving Name through the enemies of conscience here before His identity fragrance, we partake of Word’s singularity here. We awaken to our name-sets manifesting out of Name’s agapé vision-pearl through the twelve philadelphia vision-pearls, four names appearing three times, once in each set, twelve in all, one through each vision-pearl gate.


To fully know Name, we first must fully know ourselves as names through the light-passage of Word’s piety vision-pearl, persons of light with word-vision identity names in Name and in His memory. Second, we must fully know ourselves as names through the light-passage of Name’s agapé vision-pearl, with the same word-vision identity names. Permeationally between the vision-pearls are twelve vision-pearl gates. 

Although commonly translated brotherly love, philadelphia is in the femi­nine grammar form, literally translated sisterly love. But since light has no gender, neither does Name or names. In the lan­guage of word-vision, these distinctions represent the two main ways that we, as names, interact with Name, one, as sym­bolic sons of His light in Word and, two, collec­tively as the sym­bolic bride of His light in Word. Life is married to life.

As stated, word-vision enables us to visibly include our beliefs about life in every vision or thought-form, noéma, joined to our sight around us. This originates in our full presence as names in His called el-elohe-names (elohe is pronounced eh-low-hay). In Hebrew, el is a singular form for God and elohe a plural form, together the one form of Name in His many forms in every name through Word. This reveals our individual and collective positions in Name through Word and our beliefs. The many forms of Life’s Word in every life.

Since Israel was the name of an individual and is the name of his nation, the revelation “El-Elohe-Israel”[25] teaches us that being sons is our individ­ual position working collectively in our nations and being the bride is our collective position working individually in our nations, both as nation-names. The three name-sets of our immediate rela­tionships join us to each other and expand us into our nation-names, with the vast majority in each nation not knowable in this world.

El-Elohe-Israel also teaches us that every el-elohe-name has twelve key gates of light to its word-vision. The twelve in El-Elohe-Israel are the names of Israel’s twelve sons,[26] each symbolically a pearl, as stated, “the twelve gates [were] twelve pearls, each one of the gates respec­tively was from one pearl [all working between the vision-pearls].”[27]

Word uses them as gates in and between us as nation-names in our el-elohe-names. Each gate is a name with its own el-elohe-name, but here they work together to facilitate light exchange in and between nation-names, manifesting the next offspring of countless word-visions from the vision-pearls. As nation-names, we exchange national interpretation of each others word-visions in our el-elohe-names as well as form new ones, all visibly patterned to include our beliefs. Naming Israel’s gates after his sons, whose beliefs covered the gamut, is symbolic of this.

The roughly two hundred nation-names in the world each have their own twelve vision-pearl gates. Their living names, of course, are different than the names once labelling them on Earth, just as the names of Israel’s sons only refer to their bodily time here in the Mystery of Word’s Piety. This is a reminder to “have nothing to do with worldly fables [about the role of genealogies] fit only for old women [of that time because they did not receive an education], but discipline yourselves for piety [as women also can do now, developing your word-vision to see all forms of truth with the principle].”[28]

This is what we are doing with these diagrams, disciplining ourselves to see truth with the principle of Word. The twelve pearls in the middle of WV-21 belong to one nation-name, but they also represent all two hundred. They permeationally surround our word-vision now identity nation-names in Name. And with one gate for each person’s appearance in their name-sets, three of the gates are on each side permeating each other as the four permeational directions. 

Consider how the twelve gates see in the pandirections with the singularity of Word’s inner and outer 2,000-year eyes. We should thus appreciate how seeing them manifest in and around our nation-name sets is possible only in the light-passages of Name and Word’s vision-pearls.

Once we take the encaged conscience captive to bless those still held captive in it, we can word-vision Word’s first nine attributes together. They are emanating from our nation-name sets and through our vision in the twelve vision-pearls within and around us. This is first seen in the light-passage of Word’s piety vision-pearl, our passage-view. From here, we can take the now of this world captive to bless those cut off from their own el-elohe-names. 

We are not trying to negate the now of our breath, the animator of wakeful time in the world, even indirectly of the now of dream time. We need to understand that, although our nostrils are the key gates of our physical bodies, their breath does not exist in our conscience. And yet, our breath is linked to it, for it is the breath of the spirit of life in our nostrils,[28.1] understood according to the law of the spirit of life in Word.[28.2]

“The Spirit of our nostrils, the Messiah [in Greek Christos, Word] of Yahweh [Name], was captured [by the blind vision-pearl of others, able to distort our perception of him due to our misuse of his attributes] in their bow­ing [to misused desire][29]…[But] (Name) sent His Word [raising up the Spirit of our nostrils by His faith] and healed them and deliv­ered [them] from their bowing.”[30]

Taking our encaged conscience captive is taking it back from name-sets that took it captive with their addictive-filled encaged conscience, which, as this verse reveals, included taking our breath captive. But since the breath does not exist in our conscience, it is taking the breath captive as part of the breath of the spirit of life in our nostrils, Word, our perception of him.

So, when we fill our encaged conscience with the oneness between Word’s desire and conscience, we are also filling the breath of the Spirit of life in our nostrils, according to the law of the Spirit of life in Word. And thus, when we form symbolic diamonds to fill the encaged conscience of the enemies of our conscience, it heals our perception of Word in them in our world conscience and our perception of Word as the Spirit in our nostrils. It delivers us from illusion, trauma, and addiction. With this law in Word, we are able to form this in our word-vision.

Speaking of himself, Word says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son [Word, our individual symbolic position working collectively in our nation-names] is able to form (poieo1) nothing by himself, unless [it is] something he sees the Father [Name] forming; for whatever He forms, these [forms] the Son [Word] also forms in like manner[31]…Apart from me, you [as symbolic sons] are able to form nothing.”[32] With Name being El, Word being Elohe, and ourselves being individual and nation-names, this is the nature of the light-passages. They provide us with passage-views of both vision-pearls in our el-elohe-names, forming and communicating truth in word-visions.

Like all others, El-Elohe-Israel is first one of Name’s el-elohe-names, communicating truth in His word-vision, then Israel’s in his word-vision simultaneously, both through Word. And like all others, under misuse of the philadelphia form of Word’s grace, name-sets using the nation-name Israel are superseded by it in Word and Name’s vision-pearls. So, when Name raises up Word in us, He raises us up as individual and nation-names in our el-elohe-names. For He raises us out of the superseded part of their vision-pearls and light-passages in our el-elohe-names. 

The yirah light of Word’s philadelphia attribute is raised in us, emanating its permeational fragrance and ice and establishing national baselines and depth to word-visions in our el-elohe-names. National interpretation of nation-name sets in El-Elohe-Israel is possible again and peace is more hopeful. We can take the national encaged conscience captive in order to bless the nation-name sets held captive in it. Grace and peace are multiplied in us in the knowledge of Name and Word.[33] 

With reverent knowledge about Word’s yirah light emanating from the first nine iridescences of Name’s grace, we are learning how to form word-visions without being overly specific about their symbolic dimensions. For nation-names with passage-views of Name in Word, we will continue using a square, ultimately a cube, used to refer to the city of nations, nation-names, described as a glass cube.[34] The ancient knowledge also teaches us about “four wheels [symbolizing four nation-names in their sets confined to Word’s piety vision-pearl, representing all two hundred nation-names]…as for the [nation] wheels, [collectively] they are called the [singular] wheel [the world conscience].”[35]

 Our transformation under Word’s piety vision-pearl takes place in Name’s agape vision-pearl. It changes our nature as individual and nation-names, symbolically from wheels of individual time centered around our personal family to cubes of national time centered around the world family, which includes our personal families. This is why Word is proclaimed in nations, believed on in the world. Our transformation begins simply when we believe in his principle, the principle of life.

  Word-Vision 22a 

Comparing WV-22a with WV-22, how it first appears on the Cover page, the moon’s faint reflection on the lake on the bottom is now a robust amber on the lake of the mind of our heart on the top. This represents Word’s yirah fragrance and  ice enlightening our intelligence to the amber colors of Name’s very essence, agapé. It originates in the fragrance colors in the center symbol for Name in Word, surrounded by the twelve philadelphia vision-pearl gates. The sky appears between them and Name now, for they are permeating the inner and outer realms of  our world conscience. 

The four large rectangles behind Name’s twelve vision-pearls symbolize nation-names. Our position in the upper left is the only one with the wheel in front. It depicts our having overcome national illusion and addiction by making those in the other three positions, confined to their national encaged conscience, more important in our el-elohe-name. This is the nature of Agapé, another name for Name, and His enlightenment.

The five figures on the bottom now have light emitting from their ears. It depicts their ability to hear the permeational agapé light of this form of Name's grace in Word.  The agapé attribute emanates from Agapé.


We can compare the two different cultures of conscience now that the agapé attribute is our focus. The gender culture of conscience is being replaced by the nongender culture of name conscience in the mind of our heart. Gender conscience uses question/answer and object/label forms of communication to indicate reality in the world, which is fine for science, not the human life of agapé. Name conscience uses el-elohe-name/upturn and Name/Word forms to manifest reality in the world conscience, the realm of meaning in our lives.

Without labels, our names being who we are in our el-elohe-names is the means of word-vision communication. An integral part of it is that Word was seen by angels, the light-passage of his piety vision-pearl and conveyance between its word-visions. The agapé light-passage, however, is Word’s angel, the conveyance of truth. Through it, Word “communicated [the truth that Name gave him] and sent [it throughout the world conscience].”[35.1] It reveals that in the piety light-passage, “the whole world [conscience] lies in the evil [of  illusory conveyance].”[35.2] Life allows its light to be conveyed two ways. 

In illusory conveyance, gender conscience uses conscious/subconscious feelings and group boundaries that hate enemies, while true conveyance defines it as unencaged/encaged feelings, using only unencaged feelings in group boundaries that love enemies. 

And in illusory conveyance, gender conscience experiences surfaces visually but permeations blindly according to the now of the breath. In true conveyance, name conscience experiences surfaces and permeations visually according to the now of the world conscience. With these, name conscience uses gender culture communication as a sincere pious act, no longer the language of the mind of the heart.

Throughout the generations of Word’s now in the world conscience, David says to Name, “You have exalted Your Word above all of Your Name.”[36] This is agapé, the key word for love in Greek. It is the love in Name’s light that exalts Word and allows us to see it in our­selves. We are all formations of Name’s agapé in Word, some also in temporary forms of His piety, blinded in Word. As individual and nation-names in our el-elohe-names, we too are agapé in Name, emanating Word’s agapé form of grace.

The passage-view of Name’s agapé vision-pearl is now where our work starts and ends in the principle. The piety passage-view displays the oneness of Word’s first nine attributes emanating from our nation-name sets manifest from his piety vision-pearl through the twelve vision-pearl gates. The agapé passage-view displays the nine again plus the tenth in a oneness emanating likewise but from the agapé vision-pearl through the same gates. The gender culture of conscience works in illusion from the piety passage-view. It has a superseded existence of its own in the nongender culture of name conscience, all seen in the agapé passage-view. 

The key layout for nation-names in the piety passage-view has us loving four nation-names as four enemies of conscience, regardless of whether we are members of one of these nation-names. In one set, there are two pairs each with two nation-names that love each other, with each pair hating the other. In the other two sets, the two nation-names in each pair hate each other but only one in the other pair, loving the other, for it is the same one they love in the first-set pairs. 

When looking blindly from the first name-set through the other two sets permeating them, the two nation-names loving each other in their pairs blindly experience the other two nation-names and themselves in the pairs of the other two sets, sometimes as part of the trauma of their encaged conscience, sometimes part of its addictive pleasures.  

Once we set baselines with each of them, the three different arrangements of our nation-name sets show us the levels of their national encaged consciences, which we humble ourselves before in the greatness of their beauty in Name. Due to our own past trauma and addiction in failing to use the principle, we cannot get passed the first level before being judged by the forty generational layers in our world conscience. 

Thus, use your agapé passage-view to love Name through all these piety name-sets, knowing that this view of us all – being manifest out of the amber light of His agapé vision-pearl through his twelve vision-pearl gates – never saturates our word-vision. It is the highest form of word-vision, staying absolutely transparent yet visible so that all of our thoughts remain free to work from any part of Word’s 2,000-year now in name conscience.

Word’s yirah light emanates from the iridescent oneness of his attributes in both passage-views, showing all forms to be forms of Name’s grace and agapé. Misuse of agapé permeating the piety passage-view is the underlying failure behind not using the principle, the permeator of all worlds. We must become proficient with it in our mind to unleash the agapé of our heart. 

Envision a greater light having made a lesser light’s permeation in it brighter, while, within this exaltation, the lesser light has made the greater light’s permeation in it brighter, both in the same position of their principle-driven word-vision light. Being in the light of the lesser, Word, we visually experience both exaltations by making each other’s light brighter in their permeation in each other in the same position of our principle word-vision. We are equal light though, still exalting each other, the superseded among us by using Word risen out of the world in them as forms of his piety.

As agapé word-visions in our own el-elohe-names and each other’s, we display all exaltations. Each of them wears the diamond facets of Word’s ten-attribute oneness. They manifest Name’s permeating crystalline depths without any distance between the brilliant amber in their transparent agapé iridescence.

“The one who does not love (agapaó) does not know God [Name], for the God [of life] is agapé.”[33] Those of us who follow the principle but do not believe in Word as Christ but as the perfect reflection of agapé still know Name, sometimes as Life.

If then, we exalt the enemies of good conscience in ourselves, we and they as agapé names, through Word’s piety in their superses­sion, loving every­one else also according to the princi­ple is easy. If we do not exalt their beauty in Name, we cannot see Name exalting Word in our el-elohe-names, nor can we know Name in any way. We misuse agapé to love to exalt our­selves above others, hating them when they do the same to us or worse when they exalt us above them­selves and expose our blindness. 

To show us the way out, Word overrides the brightness of his own piety in us with the agapé light of himself in Name’s light-passage. He speaks to us through the nation-names in our el-elohe-name. Through our twelve vision-pearls, he blesses us with Name’s fragrant Identity and opens our eyes to his world vision-pearl, showering the light of our ears with the love of the truth. 


The WV-22 series, the third and fourth in Book Two, symbolizes the word-vision that Name gave to Word to open the eyes of the blind. If we have received the love of the truth, the eyes of our world conscience are being metamorphosed into every form of Word’s grace in Agapé to see each other as agapé names of each other.


“Something happened to us, Mom. Dad is still here. Don’t worry anymore, please.”

“What do you mean? He’s dead. Wake up,” she cried, “I need you both to be with me now.”

Laura and Jack knew that what happened to them was real, but they doubted whether they really understood it. They need more time to internalize knowledge about the key layout of nation-names. They share the same nation-name with Sheila but cannot use Word’s conveyance well enough to see all three nation-name sets in her simultaneously and humble themselves before their beauty in Name. 

In addition to their own pair in one set, Laura and Jack each are in pairs with Sheila, extending the number of pairs in this one set. The hatred Sheila has for pairs that hate her pairs with Jack and Laura in this set keeps her encaged conscience filled with addictive desire. Using the principle though, Laura and Jack do not hate them but love them, yet, are unable to fill them with diamonds to symbolize their beauty, for Laura and Jack still have encaged consciences in the other two sets of this layout, using the gender culture of conscience there

They cannot experience the permeations of the other two sets in the first. However, they do see now how their minds have been limited by the lack of depth in their world conscience, blinding them to the depth of everyone’s word-vision identity names in Word. 

“Sorry, Mom, I was just trying to make you feel better. Dad’s gone and we need each other more than ever.” Laura was so intent on learning how to love the enemies of her conscience that she forgot to make her mother more important also while, of course, hating her hatred for the enemies of their conscience.

Like yirah and desire, agapé has a side that does not apply to us. Laura is the image of agapé when she is loving her mother, not the source of it. Misuse of Name’s agapé makes us believe that we are the source of it, that it comes from us in a oneness with our desire. This limits how much of Name’s agapé for us we can receive. For when desire is not in its oneness with Word’s world conscience, it cannot be in its oneness with Name’s agapé.

“Do you see it, Jack, the agapé transparency? Wow!! Its light-passage reveals that the world is bowing to temporary beauty thinking we are source agapé. We choose whom we will share ourselves with as agapé and whom we shall deny our agapé!! We have become falsely dependent on each other this way through the misuse of Name’s agapé in Word. At one time or another, we have all bowed to each other as misused agapé and to the misguided desire in ourselves and the few we have chosen to love in our encaged conscience. It captured us in the illusory conveyance of the key nation-name layout.” 

“Name, however, sent Word to save us from their bowing, not our bowing, Laura, their bowing! Do you see? Our word-vision identity is joined in Word’s  piety vision-pearl, starting with our nation-names. 

“When I say, ‘Who is American?’, all Americans answer. When I say, ‘Who is Russian?’, all Russians answer. For these are our word-vision nation-name identities in Word’s piety vision-pearl. When we do not love the members of our own nation-name who are enemies of our national conscience, we cannot see them. We are, thus, subject to their bowing to misused agapé in the national conscience of our nation-name. And in the key layout, it subjects us to the same bowing in other nation-names, joining Russians and Americans misusing agapé, subjecting  those who do not but only in one set.”

Speaking only from the one nation-name set that holds her pair with Jack, Laura adds, “We may resist but, ultimately, we must bow due to source addiction in our conscience, until we can break it and the addiction it created in our flesh. We can do it but only with knowledge of the Piety Mystery that states how Word was manifested in flesh…seen by angels.  

“Biological addiction has been understood ever since Pavlov,2 but without knowledge of conveyance in our nation-name sets, freedom from biological addiction cannot free us from the addiction-filled encaged national conscience. Misuse of any of Word’s attributes is what encages our conscience, thus correct use of them alone breaks source addiction in our conscience. 

“For think of the onenesses between desire and conscience and between desire and agapé. By using the principle with these, you build enormous grace-wealth in your world conscience. Seeing it works through Word’s yirah attribute, which is why Name called it His treasure. It reveals our greatest treasure in Word, freeing us indeed from bowing in the key nation-name layout.

“Our conscience is no longer addicted when, first, we know that the object of the addiction never existed in our conscience, and second, when we think we are reacting anyway know that, in our nation-name sets, it is a member whose conscience is at least addicted in one set, believing the object does exist in their conscience. We are no longer deceived when their bowing suddenly appears through their mimicking of the principle. With the word-vision to discern this, we can make their nation-name more important in Word.”

“I used to think that life was so unfair,” Sheila softly says. She spoke from all three of their name-sets, reaching deeper into Laura and Jack’s heart than they could enter themselves. Humbled in their surprise, they listened with the light emitting from their ears as though Name Himself were speaking to them.

“The way I treated myself and let your father treat me is no longer a mystery to me. What you both said about name-sets is so true, capturing the encaged conscience in its set and the remainder of it in the other name-sets. 

"Name said it all when He said, “I [am] molding light [in your world conscience when you use my attributes in Word] and creating darkness [there when you misuse them], forming peace [between you there when you follow the principle of Word] and creating evil [conveyance when you do not]. I [am] Yahweh [Name], forming all these [things in Word’s 2,000-year now, where the forty-two generational layers bow in darkness or light].”[37.1]

 Life responds to the choices its lives make. Life in our world conscience is more than fair. It is compassionate. But since its reflection in the world is across 2,000 years, it often seems unfair here but is not.

“Jack, you and Laura are young and will face difficult choices in your generation. Love the enemies of your conscience. Make sure you are doing so from all three name-sets in your world conscience. While Israel was still being referred to as Jacob, Word gave us an example to follow in the mind of our hearts.

‘Jacob lifted up his eyes [the eyes of his world conscience] and looked and behold, Esau [a brother who hated him] was coming and with him four hundred men…[So Jacob] bowed to the ground seven times [to see through the seven levels of misguided desire in Esau, for Name’s agapé transparency appeared opaque in him] until he came near to his brother [before Word’s piety vision-pearl].

‘And Esau ran to meet him [in this world] and embraced him and leaned on his neck [the point of separation between the spiritual head and body] and kissed him, and they both wept…And Jacob said, “…I have seen your face [in Word’s true conveyance] as though I have seen the face of God [Name], and you are pleased with me”…[shortly after in the 2,000-year now of his world conscience, Jacob travelled and settled in Shechem of Canaan] and there, he built an altar and called it El-Elohe-Israel].’[38]

“All the senseless suffering in the world today is due to Name’s agapé transparency appearing opaque to us, and yet we do nothing about it. As a result, the forty names that came before us in the world conscience are opaque to us and their bowing, actual or not, captures us. But if we see Name’s agapé transparency in them, we see them, superseded or not, bowing to Name in us like Jacob did before Esau. 

This does not always mean we will be received like Jacob was. It depends on national addiction in our nation-name and others. Either way, we cannot stop what is happening in the world conscience. We can help turn it into good or just get out of the way.

“But when we cannot get out of the way and fighting righteously fails, humble yourselves and live quietly under dictators on any level, like the people of Israel were told to do when Name exiled them[38.1] – due in large part to the forty names who came before them. They could not stop what was happening in their world conscience and maybe did nothing to deserve it as individuals.

“The mature nation-names among them accepted the suffering brought upon them by others, loving the enemies of conscience. Seventy years later, they were all freed, the seven cycles Esau was still under when Jacob humbled himself before him, and the ‘seven periods of time’[38.2] Nebuchadnezzar was under when Name humbled him.

“Today, the very place where El-Elohe-Israel was first revealed, Shechem of Canaan, is now called the West Bank, a land desired by Israel and Palestine. Like Jacob, Canaan was just another man,[39] who hopefully received the revelation of El-Elohe-Canaan. And had he lived at the same time, hopefully he would have bowed before Name in El-Elohe-Israel, as Jacob would have done for him. Today, my children, what is happening in the world conscience cannot be stopped. Make the choice to follow the principle.

Remember though, just as Fred lost the ability to choose in his mind – due to what was happening in his world conscience and what he did about it while he still could – we no longer have the ability in our mind to choose as nation-names when democracy does not exist among us. 

Dictators will lie and say that Name sent them to restore morality. Name sent Word to restore the principle of loving the enemies of conscience. When blindness is lifted for those who follow it, they will be able to make better moral choices on their own, the first gift from Agapé,  freewill.”

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1. A Greek word, poieo is translated by forty plus English words, which can be summed up in word-vision as ‘to form’.

2. Pavlov, Ivan, See sections “Nervous System Research” and “Classical Conditioning”.