Name Meditation

Word-Vision 29

The blue reticle bottom right is yours. Looking through it, project the square symbol for Name onto the bottom right name in the name-set symbolized with the large rounded square center sky. This is Jehoahaz, Name-Seized, an enemy of conscience, and you are making it more important by focusing on Name in it and not in yourself, Jeconiah, for example, Name-Will-Establish. Every time you lose focus, it is because the other three in this name-set pull it away from you, or one of the other names in your name-sets, who use the other six reticles in the sky, pull you away. 

Breath through the transparent part of your reticle where the sky appears, refreshing your awareness that the yirah fragrance of Word, all ten attribute fragrances, are always in your nostrils. So, if your desire – to see Name in Word in Jehoahaz to love Jehoahaz – is strong enough, after three or four cycles of losing focus and breathing, you will surely find Name’s love for you and Jehoahaz in Word, unknown to Jehoahaz. 

When you do, trigger word-vision of it with the mind of your heart beyond all description of beauty in this world. Through Name in your name, Name-Will-establish, love Jehoahaz through Name in its name, Name-Seized, and in its his or her reflection on earth. Envision likewise the other names in the name-sets you share and those you do not. 

Working through Word’s permeational gates, this is the supreme alignment of perfect peace. Regardless of what Jehoahaz does that makes it an enemy of conscience, work from soul and do your part to bring that peace into this world, resisting blindness without being against yourself or any other name. In so doing, Name Meditation brings out the fruits of peace, one of which is humor, and exposes the fruits of no peace, one of which is spitefulness. 

Keep in mind the three levels of Name Meditation. The first level is covered in Book One, which focuses on loving Name through the enemies of conscience by permeating with name-sets in the fragrant identity of Name in Word. Key to this is using the symbol for illusion to recognize our loss of vision of Name in Word and restore it. 

The second level expands our focus to simul-name-sets and Word’s four oceans and diamond blind-light in the world conscience. Key to this is understanding the functions of the reticle, such as how the presence and absence of Name's fragrance in its blind light are in the same permeational position, represented by its orange color. 

And the third expands our focus to the twelve gates working outside of Name as well as inside, joining all el-elohe-names. Key to this is understanding the shared reticle, like our shared seeing vision-pearl in Word. We share the same life in it so we share everything yet retain our individual will and mind in our own permeation in Name. 

Three Levels of Meditation

                   Fragrant Light                  Diamond Light               Position in Name      

    Word-Vision 30

With the three levels working as one, Name Meditation breaks addiction. For the desire to stop is part of our desire to love the enemies of conscience through the greater love stopping brings – seeing Name in Word through them without interruption. When the urge or temptation rises, project the symbol for Name in your reticle, as depicted in WV-29, onto the names in your immediate name-set.

The permeations of blind names work their blind light together in the four oceans, making it seem, in the blindness behind your temptation, like the temptation originates in your flesh. But the shared illusion of blindness only engages the trauma in your world conscience, afflicting your flesh in the same area of the brain where the pleasure of your temptation begins physically.

Ultimately, it is the act of not loving others that produces trauma that leads to addiction. In effect, not loving them produces illusion then trauma, both of which can be avoided temporarily by the misuse of pleasure in addiction.

Trigger the projection of Name onto the names in your immediate name-set and love It with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength – in these names. Use Word’s yirah fragrance to see the iridescence of all ten attributes in these names, including their misuse in addiction. 

Then, with knowledge of Word’s twelve gates also working outside of Name, depicted in WV-30, trigger the el-elohe-names of the names you projected Name onto. It releases you from the illusion of their collective blindness, enabling you to touch your perception of their trauma and opaque illusion with the transparency of Word’s diamond blind-light. Name appears in you and them again and your  illusion and trauma are captured and your temptation is rendered completely useless.

From Opaque to Transparent in the Full Reticle

Word-Vision 31

Do not love yourself directly, your name as yourself, which it is, or your body as yourself, which it is not. Through the supreme alignment in Word, we love ourselves through everyone else, never directly without them. This is the meaning of “he who loves his own wife loves himself.”[88] This is life loving itself through Life in all other lives.

Every time the urge returns and you lose focus on Name in Word, breath through your reticle to refresh your awareness that the spirit of Word is always in our nostrils. It may take several times depending on the type of addiction. Remember, the fire started in your individual conscience, not your body, and has ended up intertwined in the name-sets of your world conscience through shared misuse of Word’s attributes.

Ultimately, the strength of the urge lies in the inability to love the enemies of conscience, for loving them gives us the greatest strength. Hating them shifts our desire onto them, all linked to the individual, political, national, and world fires of the conscience.

Therefore, even if you fall to the urge after resisting it with Name Meditation, know that you weaken it every time you practice with the sincere desire to see Name in Word in your name through every name, especially through the names of the enemies of conscience. Once you endure the urge, do not be surprised if it returns right after or even much, much later. The love for Name in your name through other names, especially the enemies of conscience, drives you to respect yourself and not give up. The truth of this knowledge sets us free, so grow in this knowledge.  

You know that you are free when you respond to the very thought of urges, including judgment and self-judgment, with a certain joy that you know you can bear it coming from those addicted so as to help them. That is when we realize that we have been listening to names in the shared reticle of our world conscience who gave up, with whom we cut off all participation by rendering even our memory of temptation completely useless. 

When the thought arises, by desiring Name’s memory of our past temptation, whose memory is free from all blindness, we see what we did not see then. Seeing Name’s memory of our names lifts gender illusion from the three sets of our name-sets, where it changes its disguises in our world conscience.

Therefore, since every enemy of conscience has some level of addiction, use Name Meditation to trigger word-vision of Name’s love for them and bring out the voice of the beautiful faint iridescence around their luminosity. It is the voice of Word’s ten attribute transparencies, reflected in the oceans of their bodies even where it is distorted in their perception through misuse.

Freedom from addiction restores our ability to hear Name’s iridescent voice in Word as it is reflected in all names. It originates in the face of Name in Word, who shows it twisted to the crooked but pure to the pure, expressed in all spiritual music, art, song, and dance, shining in our illuminous faces in Word’s. 

Unfortunately, Jehoahaz only hears Name’s iridescent voice in Word as pure in the few names that it loves, no one outside its her or his circles. Hold the worst violations committed by Jehoahaz as they exist in the reflections of the oceans, again, relatively flat in space and time compared to the simul-names permeating them. Hold this in view of the iridescent luminosity of Name’s countless permeations in Word.

All of our essence and attributes originate from Name in Word. Adding to this immeasurable value in each of us, Word’s reflection in the ocean of stars makes the universe appear in every human face from a unique perspective, all arrayed in the stories of our world conscience in Word. 

Appearing on the surfaces of the world, this uniqueness is the very reflection of our unique position in Name’s cubic city-jewel, permeated by all other el-elohe-names in Word. Use these word-visions to love Jehoahaz and do not be drawn into its his or her addictions in the diamond blind-light outside the beloved city.

Name Meditation With El-Elohe-Names


The 3 steps in Name Meditation to love the enemies of conscience as el-elohe-names.


1.  Use Word in your el-elohe-name to bring out your desire to see Name in the el-elohe-names which are enemies of conscience.

2.  Use Word in your el-elohe-name to form – out of the light of your heart – Name in your perception of these el-elohe-names.

3.  Use this vision in the mind of your heart to see the same in all other el-elohe-names.


Step One  Use Jeconiah as your name, meaning Name-Will-Establish, and Jehoahaz, meaning Name-Seized, as a name who is an enemy of your conscience. As individual names of the same Name, we naturally have a desire to spiritually love each other no matter what. But due to blindness in our conscience, we mistake that desire for a desire to judge others, even to hate them.

Thus, you may not feel like loving Jehoahaz, but as El-Elohe-Jeconiah you can release your incredible innate ability for empathy and compassion and naturally love El-Elohe-Jehoahaz.


Step Two   Using Word in your el-elohe-name, form Name in El-Elohe-Jehoahaz out of the spirics of your own heart, the 2,000-year desire and permeations of your world conscience. It moves in the simul-luminosity of Name’s world story in Word. Name’s breadth of now in the world conscience experiences the layers of Its collective memory across all 2,000 years as the present. We do not experience it in specific memories, but as the great depth of Name in us through Word. Use it to form and love El-Elohe-Jehoahaz exactly as it manifests in the world conscience, perfectly, in part superseded.

Step Three   See and love all other el-elohe-names the same way by working through the twelve gates of your el-elohe-name. Share the world-conscience reticle appearing in your gates with others knowingly now. It is cleansed perpetually with Word’s permeational light-passage between all simul-name-sets.



The Reticle of our El-Elohe-Names


The normal lines of a reticle, say on a telescope or microscope, help us locate and bring objects into focus, but the reticle of our el-elohe-names helps us locate and bring into focus light in ourselves that is blind to itself, and thus to us, blinding us. It then helps us do the same with the light of others. Only then can we improve the resolution of Name in Word in the perception of our el-elohe-names and thus others.

We locate the luminosity of our name in Name and bring the iridescence of its attributes into focus to start blessing the blind. But when we are blind, the reticle complicates our blindness by locating and focusing on the wrong things. A blind reticle cannot locate the light of the heart and, therefore, brings its attributes into focus as though they were attributes of the physical light of this world. The attribute of desire in the luminosity of our hearts is to see Name in each other, whereas, misperceived as being of this world, it is to satisfy ourselves with anything we want.

Now since the luminosity of our names permeates each other, when we cannot use it to see with, our reticle acts as a mirror facing us with this false desire, built around images of individual, political, and national false identity. For we project a physical misperception of our luminosity onto it. Instead of seeing through it, something physical light cannot do, it is mirrored back onto us, wearing false identities.

A blind mirror restricts our inner vision to the outer vision of our physical eyes. For the sight of these eyes does not permeate spatially, and their sight belongs to the dimensions of time in this world. Changes are measured in Life on a different scale.

We see this in the individual conscience of our el-elohe-names, changing its state only when we make choices that change it. A clear or guilty conscience does not change over time, the time of this world. After a while, it simply goes unnoticed for what it is.

A blind reticle also takes away most of the power of our conscience by misusing its organizational levels. The separate light of our el-elohe-names permeates each other and forms our world conscience on three levels: individual, political, and national. A blind reticle uses false identity and desire to turn each level against itself in each name, then between our names.

Our world conscience changes only when our nation makes international choices that change it. We can override a guilty world conscience though but only by holding our part in it to the principle of loving its enemies. Otherwise, the individual, political, and national levels of our world conscience continue in its guilt, with the political and national levels carrying over every generation without regards to time.

However, there are time limits for physical actions based on the state of our conscience, such as the duration of one lifetime, a party or nation. There are also limits to how much guilt the conscience can bear on each level before it no longer exists in its natural functions. For the world conscience, it is forty-two generations, the 2,000 years of Name’s sense of now in it, which, combined with its spatial permeations, is the space-time of the world conscience, its spirics.

A blind reticle cannot locate the presence of this duration or its permeations because it works from space-time according to the outer vision of our physical eyes, its physics. Physics is incapable of functioning in any part of our world conscience. For a blind reticle cannot locate the luminosity of its own el-elohe-name or the iridescence of its attributes to see their spirics in the world conscience. With a functioning reticle though, we can even use others’ misperception to see Name in and through their luminosity and iridescence permeating us in the world conscience of Word.

Sharing the world-conscience reticle knowingly, we see it holding all blind light as the grand diamond blind-light – whose facets remove the misuse of physical light so that we use the principle in these blind names “for them”. In Word’s full reticle, this enables us to use their blind-light, blind to them, to see Word blessing them.

And seeing through their blind mirrors of the four oceans, we continue to permeationally see from one el-elohe-name to the next – the true resolution of Name in Word in our world conscience. It reveals Name in and through their blind-light on all levels, including the inner and outer permeational levels of our collective gathering in Word’s world conscience in Name’s city-jewel of el-elohe-names.

The full living reticle of Word reveals the outer and inner levels of our city-jewel in relation to the outer and inner environments of our physical bodies. The latter’s precise physical balance is determined by the influence of the different levels of our 2,000-year world conscience in Name’s city-jewel. If we do not keep expanding permeationally in the principle, the fulfillment of the times of the nations brings the disharmony of these 2,000-year levels of our world conscience into our bodies.

However, if we keep expanding permeationally in the principle, we know the peace of these 2,000-year levels in our bodies through Name’s supersession of the world. It reflects inwardly and outwardly on all levels of our world conscience, revealing that the light of physics in the four oceans reflects in our eyes but not onto us, no longer blinding us to Word blessing all of us in Name. 

Our breath, the active connection between our body’s outward and inward environments, is also permeated by our reticle, which, with the principle, allows us to see Name even in the breath of the enemies of our world conscience.

Only then do blind reticles permeate our breath as Word’s diamond blind-light. This reveals the iridescent attributes of everyone’s true identity blessing Word. It is a profound blessing for us to see this as our el-elohe-names permeate each other in the story luminosity of the city-jewel of Name and Its Memory.

As discussed concerning Jaazaniah, we make choices that align us with other el-elohe-names, so to partake of this blessing, we should breath the yirah fragrance of the harmonious dichotomy this creates in our shared reticle in the world conscience of Word.

The Harmonious Dichotomy in our Reticle

Word-Vision 32

[88] Ephesians 5:28