Feelings of the Mind

As we come to a certain crossroad, the idea of “feelings of the mind” is often replaced with “feelings of the heart”, not because feelings are exclusive to the heart, but, perhaps, because we have not learned how to allow our mind to have feelings—reasoning feelings or even intelligent desires. In fact, the heart, used by itself, is an expression of this inability, producing the feeling of desire and passion without the element of deep reasoning, due to the mind being kept isolated lest it reduces natural desire and passion to something less. But together, we have the feelings, desire and passion of the mind of the heart.

If you are a person who favors reason alone, you can easily reason this away. If you favor feelings alone, you can easily feel it away. When we try to reason from the heart though, our natural visualization must compliment both, from the mind’s eye and the eyes of the heart. We know how to use the mind to envision reasonable forms. But how does the heart envision compassionate or corrupt feelings? What do they look like, other than actions or expressions worn by our mind’s reasonable forms? Yet, we have all learned that they can appear compassionate or corrupt while done with opposite motives.

So we will start with a new vision of reasonable forms, one that can visually display the true feelings of the mind of the heart, whose eyes always see with vision from the national conscience. (back cover)