Word-Vision of the 2024 American Elections

A.  The Influence of Women

B.  The Influence of Men

C.  Specific Issues

Adolescence is a necessary stage of our democracy since, as our ancestors deprived themselves of it, we have had to learn the hard way how to live with such freedom under opposing, now threatening, moral/ethical standards. But considering how the United States is a microcosm of all cultures living under one government, no other democracy is closer to maturing the luminescent dialogue of freedom for all peoples. Free from the beastly language of might makes right, we can make continents out of the human island or submit to the ocean of bodies that live for their next earth meal. 

Imagine the moon suddenly rotating. The effects of solar and planetary rotation on the development of our brain would likely have made it much more capable of complex thought were the moon also rotating. 

The point is our brain’s plasticity is quite limited but sufficient to view enough perspectives to know that we cannot prevent extremely complex conflicts or even solve them immediately in real time. We can keep developing faster computer chips but cannot expect our brains to develop any faster to solve such conflicts mired in the human conscience, but do not need to.       

The United States is now facing the greatest challenge to all the earth’s freedom, nothing less. For our own democratic survival, as discussed, the fulfillment of the times of the nations is providing us with a pristine opportunity, 2,000 years in the making, to adopt the principle nationally. 

For we are being confronted with the complex dangers of the Israel/Palestinian conflict at its critical inflection point, bringing overt and covert chaos to all nations in the world gender conscience. It is forcing us to reach the only rational conclusion – choose the principle nationally or lose the priceless freedoms our democratic minds only taste but cherish. 

We can only taste them presently because adolescent democracy is always accompanied by national addiction. A major part of this addiction is the result of centuries of slavery on one level or another. 

We could lose the election to those of us blind-sided by the false teachings of enslavement – because too many of the rest of us who choose democracy, seeking its maturity, are enslaved in our daily lives, forced to worry about our next earth meal when we really want to feed the least among us. 

We will look at the role the two gender perspectives play in the world gender conscience and the specific issues at the center of the 2024 election.

A. The Influence of Women

American women in general and African-American women in particular have been gaining freedoms against the wishes of many over the last one hundred years, due to democracy winning. But to a large degree, now it is what is driving those opposed to such freedom to force an all-out political war to take us into autocracy. 

These women have found freedoms they should have never lost – but without practicing the principle, they are at the forefront of putting our democracy at risk at this critical juncture. For they are on one of the key stages of the national conscience as voters and before the rest of us voters, many of whom, due to national addiction, are persuadable to vote either way, unable to reason through the false gender dichotomy of the world gender conscience. 

Consider the inequality women suffered in Jesus’s day. There was little mercy under the moral code, so he found two women to use as examples to teach his principle. He pointed out the great love a prostitute had, which is why she was completely forgiven, and the little love moral leaders who judged her had, which is why few of their wrongs were forgiven. And he did not judge an adulteress but told her to do wrong no more, for he knew the slavery women suffer from. 

Today, consider African-American women whose maternal ancestors were enslaved and often forced into a form of prostitution with their slaveowners, often bearing their children against their will, and white women whose maternal ancestors were treated as second class citizens, often forced into a symbolic prostitution, that is, considering the modest dress of women at that time, they were often forced into a clothing style likened to prostitutes. 

The beauty of their womanhood was in part socially placed before the eyes of men as a symbol of power. Many men today still use this power as many women have also taken control of. It works, however, at the expense of developing reasoning free from gender biases, vital for democracy’s sense of fairness. 

Rather than being seen as immodest clothing anymore though, it has become traditional clothing for many women, while most African-American and white women ought to know what their ancestors knew it as. Adolescent democracy will continue in this misuse of freedom until we raise each other above our genders, first by blessing one another, and the pinnacle of our being as el-elohe-names appears for us all to manifest.

But for now, both political parties approve of the tradition not knowing that, in either making women less than equal or greater with its power, it is a threat to the maturation of our democracy. Anyone set free from whatever imprisoned them will test their freedom to make sure it is real – but may also test the limits of their freedom and create new limits without concern for anything else.

The effects of these new limits in our culture have been devastating to cultures rejecting them. The mistreatment of women in Afghanistan, for example, works from extremist interpretation of their moral codes against such limits. They see our limits as proof of what happens when women are given freedom. 

They see women in America and every other country at at this stage of democracy and hate them for tempting their eyes and subjecting their children to see it. But in truth, it is simply the necessary stage of adolescent democracy, yet paid for by the suffering of other cultures, so we desperately need to bring our democracy to maturity. 

Remember, Word1 spoke of the love of a woman being judged as greater than the love of those judging her, indicating that the value of love is greater than all the moral code. Thus, he does not judge her but tells her to do wrong no more, that is, to learn the principle that sets us free, women and men, from national addiction.

Word was speaking to the ancient Israelites though, all of whom were subjected at birth to the moral code of Moses not democracy. We, on the other hand, are either Americans subjecting ourselves to the American Constitution, the basic framework of democracy leading us toward Word’s principle, or Evangelical Americans subjecting ourselves to the moral code of Christianity over Word’s principle.2 We can both continue in our subjugation and use the principle as our beacon to unite under the Constitution, or we can continue down this dangerous path. 

Mature democracy recognizes national addiction and, thus, can work with different moral/ethical codes under common law – without erecting a precipice in our national conscience. Word was not against the moral code when revealing that the principle fulfills it. He was against forcing others to accept it as their own, even if it is from God, for that only strengthens addiction. The principle breaks all addiction with love and opens our eyes to the value of the greatest moral/ethical code that we see for ourselves.

Learning how to love the enemies of conscience matures us so that we can find our way in this world, sometimes our own way but one which always leads to collective peace. That is why after saying that we should at least believe in his works, knowing what happens when people follow the principle, he said that we may come to believe that Name sent him. 

This implies that all things will be clear at that point whether we come to believe that Name sent him or not. We will live in peace with our neighbors, able to see the blindness on both sides of the Israel/Palestine conflict and make their nation-names more important than our own without being against ourselves. It will be made possible in large part by the influence of women on democracy. 

For women have a love that needs to love. But the history of gender mistreatment and the reaction to freedom among those of us who are women have been used to form a gender enslavement around us that we may not see. Do not judge or blame those who continue to enslave masses or those who seek to enslave the rest of us to their false world self-image. They receive their power from us when we do not love them as enemies of our world conscience.

 Those of us who want to know that we are el-elohe-names, some with female bodies,5 can practice Meditation 3 at the end of Section 1.C. and take the power of their world conscience back.


B. The Influence of Men

Like every nation, a good portion of men in the United States see from the world splinter, which gives them a god self-image with only the appearance of humility. And like elsewhere else, a larger portion here see without the splinter. It gives them a humble self-image but one that, without power in the world conscience, hates its enemies like the god self-image, but at least they do not feel the need to enslave others.   

Neither side can see with the singularity between Word’s inner and outer eyes to fully understand the relationship between domestic and international politics. Neither side can see how the severity of generational hatred within American politics reflects the much older generational hatred between Israel and Palestine and their ancestors.  

The world conscience of the United Nations has rightly called on Israel to accept a ceasefire to spare Palestinians, but the U.N. cannot even protect the Palestinians from Hamas within them, much less Israel next to them. Thus, at some point, there may be no distinction between Palestine and Hamas, just as, in one sense, the distinction between Nazis and most Germans was lost once WW2 started. 

If the principle is not adopted in Israel though, at some point the distinction between autocratic orthodox groups and moderate Jews will be lost in the eyes of the rest of the world, just as the distinction between white supremist groups and republicans and between socialist groups3 and democrats is being lost. Most Americans want neither fascism nor socialism, but we may be losing the power to prevent both in our national conscience. 

If the principle is not adopted in the U.S., at some point we will look like a fascist or socialist nation to the rest of the world. The generational hatred between Palestine and Israel, reflected in the U.S. and Iran, will complete the division of the rest of the two hundred nations in the world conscience.  

But do not judge or blame those who continue to enslave masses or those who seek to enslave the rest of us to their god self-images. They receive their power from us when we do not love them as enemies of our world conscience so we can fully unite – but not against them

Symbolic or not, Word practiced the principle by having died for republicans and democrats so that those who choose to practice it would unite but against no one. Remember, there is no us and them, a false dichotomy used in politics, gender, and religion. There is only all of us and our world conscience. Resist the devil, symbolic or not, in the blind and it, their blindness, will flee, not them, the blind no more! 

We are confronting a love for one’s own that is stronger than death with a love for everyone that is stronger than death.

It is more likely that the moon starts rotating than the negative influence of many men on democracy ceases. The casualness with which they practice in killing others is due to their conscience no longer being overseers in the ocean of male and female earthly bodies. As a result, they turn to power in the world gender conscience, but again, here, men only give their power over to women when they do not love them as enemies of conscience when they are, and vice versa.

Even as physical defenders of family, party, and nation, men with the god self-image are the perpetrators of most crime, for the hatred they use to destroy love outside their circles, often driven by women with the god self-image, always travels the circumference of their circles and demands payment. 

This is when such men and women might let us show them how the principle puts out the fire in everyone’s conscience – that they may come to know that they themselves do not hate others, the illusion in their blindness does. The spiritual moon of the heart is always rotating. 

The positive influence of many men in the United Sates has established the greatest hope for world freedom in all of known human history. Our democracy was formed with the help of minority men as well, particularly American Indians. Their wisdom helped establish American democracy in the first place.4  

How much more can ancient civilizations now part of our nation contribute to American democracy, from the other parts of the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and those lesser known? They only need to accept the principle as the rest of us should.

There is a path forward away from past atrocities, but it requires working together to break our national addiction to adolescent democracy. Then, out of empathy and compassion, we can address past wrongs as we extend our circles more and more out of trust. 

The time has come for the children of Abraham, Jews and Muslims, and his adopted children, Christians, together with all other religions and nonbelievers, to be the righteous nations we already are in our hearts. How can we not see that the earth is trying to give birth to world democracy?

For each of the world’s nation-citizens already follows its own moral/ethical standards through its own democracy or monarchy, even through the blindness of autocracies – as all nations face the choice of accepting the principle. 

Corrupt nations are filled with the dreams of citizens for a great democracy. Therefore, for their dreams to be manifested in the world, we need to bless every nation from the middle paradigm of Word’s attributes in the world conscience.

Those of us who want to know that we are el-elohe-names, some with male bodies,5 can practice Meditation 3 at the end of Section 1.C. and take the power of their world conscience back.

C. Specific Issues

The Economy


Word said to make friends by means of unrighteous wealth so that when it fails, they might receive us in the eternal dwellings,[66] symbolic or not. Unrighteous wealth is the misuse of abundant money, which fails sooner or later, the question being, until then, do we use it at all, and if so, how so wisely? He said that if we are not faithful with such wealth, who will trust us with the true wealth,[67] which is grace, power in Word’s yirah paradigm in the world conscience.

After warning us about the dangers of blind light, Word said that we cannot serve Name and wealth.[68] For serving wealth addicts us to blind light where we can ignore the illegal use of it, whereas serving Name gives us the grace of vision to use wealth lawfully and faithfully. This includes unrighteous wealth that, gained by unlawful means, is not in our power to restore or in everyone’s best interest to do so in the world conscience – according to the principle. 

He revealed the two stages of wealth and blind light when explaining this, saying that we will either hate the one and love the other, or we will hold to one and despise the other,[69] the early and latter stages, respectively. The former is when we hate Name for showing kindness to the enemies of our circle and love wealth for protecting our circle. The latter is when we hold on to wealth hoping that it will save our circle and despise Name for revealing that only love, which we severely lack, can save it. 

Greed is a national addiction that adolescent democracy allows, even depends on in the battle against autocracy and its greed. But since we love autocrats as enemies of our conscience, including business autocrats in our own country, who enslave their workers under national addiction, we are not against them, only their blindness. We cannot blame them, for we give them our inner wealth by not loving them as enemies of our national conscience. But the blind light says, try buying a slice of bread with inner wealth. Grace replies, inner wealth unifies the rich and poor in acts of kindness. 

But if we give in to the blind light in the 2024 elections, promising us everything if we only bow down to it, we stop loving the blind and love their blindness, the early stage. There is only us and our national conscience.


Consider how men and women form circles to confine their love. The most powerful circle is naturally between parent and child, but this one is rarely what we think it is.

In their own circles, the woman who gets an abortion and the one who believes it is the taking of a life are using equal love. Speaking in general terms, the former does not see the fetus as living so she decides which fetus she will birth and give all her love to. The latter sees the fetus as living and does not choose but accepts the pregnancy, gives birth and all her love to it while feeling every abortion is a great loss of life.

Neither has control of their love because it is based on belief not truth, not that truth is not involved in their thinking, but if they are not loving the enemies of their conscience, neither of them can understand the truth of their circle.

Under the world gender conscience, the gender body is the person, whether it is still in the womb or out of it, seen as having a beating heart that is alive not just biologically animated. Science supports this because its empirical system cannot identify the essence of life, spirit, but can measure a heartbeat.

Our own experience teaches each of us how to identify spirit for ourselves in our world conscience. That is, the purer our perception in the world conscience is through the principle the better we can distinguish spirit from biological animation with the eyes of our individual conscience.

The gender fetus does not have the spirit of life until its first breath, what the Bible calls the spirit of the breath of life.[69.1] Compare the fetus to a body kept alive by a ventilator. If you remove a body dependent on its ventilator or a fetus from its womb prematurely, they will both die, indicating that neither had the spirit.

Moses taught about the breath of the spirit of life when saying that a fine alone must be paid for the death of a fetus caused by another, but if, after taking the first breath of the spirit of life or in reference to the mother already taking it, there is loss of life, the penalty is death, life for life.[70]

What looks like two exceptions to non-living fetuses was when Word himself was in Mary’s womb, but he is the Spirit of life, and John the Baptist, who is the only person in the Bible who was birthed twice.[70.1] Supposedly alive in his fetus before birth, John leaped for joy when his mother heard Mary, pregnant with Word, come near and greeted her.[71]

Leaping for joy certainly indicates that John was using his fetus but not the way he did once birth occurred.  Consider how Word was referred to in Mary’s womb: “that which has been birthed in her is of the Holy Spirit.”[72] Although commonly translated “conceived in her”, the Greek text clearly states birthed in her, indicating a spiritual birth before Word’s physical birth. Likewise, John’s usage of his fetus at that moment was spiritual.

In every one of us, we find “the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus (Word)”,[73] but not in the unborn unless they come into the world. For Word “enlightens everyone coming into the world…in him was life, and the life was the light of everyone.”[74] Life alone gives life.

The problem is that under national addiction in our world conscience, we lack the self-control to fully plan for a child and, thus, those who accept abortion, may turn to it. But that is not murder. It is good intention in love’s limited circle, as is calling it murder by those against abortion in their limited circle.

When we have the purity of conscience to expand our circle beyond family, community, and nation, without being against any of them, only then do we have the empathy to see that addiction to blind light is what limits our love from seeing each other during illusory dialogue on the subject.

Our laws should always protect women first since, being alive, they are of greater value than the fetus. Our laws should be extended to protect pregnant women even when they insist on an abortion and there is no threat to their health other than the risk of getting one illegally. For their insistence puts the responsibility on the rest of us to protect them, the living. And like most citizens, they may be under national addiction due to adolescent democracy, impairing their judgment, another example of the urgency for us to mature nationally.

But how do we protect the heart of women who still believe a life is being taken? Encourage them to share their love with children living in poverty, if they are not already doing so, to keep them alive and feeling loved.

The truth, however, is the best protector. Word is, of course, in all women who get abortions, in their body not their fetus until birth. Like the rest of us though, the only thing he judges us for is whether we love the enemies of our conscience.

This does not mean that morals/ethics do not matter, but without the principle, the pupil of our world conscience cannot distinguish between violations associated with fines and those associated with life.

Gay Rights


If you accept the way the label Word is understood here by those who believe in Jesus and those who do not, either way to learn the principle, then consider how this helps us look at two opposing moral/ethical standards. Opposition or support for gay rights mostly lines up with our usage of Word. The problem is we establish only one set of laws, the good news being we do so democratically according to a constitution.

Making others more important than ourselves, particularly those who do not love us, goes far beyond tolerating them. Under the principle, it means seeing and loving Name through Word in them like everyone else. 

If we do not love them, our conscience will not allow us to love Name as God or Life. We may try loving Name directly and either become hypocrites or never mature. For either side on the issue of gay rights to get beyond tolerating or, if be the case, hating the other side and love them, they first need to understand why they see the other side the way they do.

Gay rights encompass the rights of anyone who does not follow male/female type relationships exclusively or at all, as well as anyone who does not identify exclusively as a man or a woman. Gay rights advance when democracy wins, which has only been fairly recently, historically speaking, so we have not had much time to exam why we see each other the way we do.

Those of us who support gay rights have no problem with the way heterosexuals see themselves or develop relationships according to their gender. But if those of us fighting for gay rights do not love those who judge us, love them as enemies of our conscience, we also are at the forefront of putting our democracy at risk at this critical juncture. 

The Bible, of course, has had the greatest influence on shaping the views of many Americans of all backgrounds on this issue, but let's look at whether our views are shaped according to what the Bible actually teaches.

Word said, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life.”[75] He was directing his followers away from putting these gender bodies at the forefront as the teachings of Moses do. Until we do, we use blind light to understand Paul’s words on the matter of gay rights, thinking it is part of Word’s teachings.

Paul knew which of his churches were not ready to love their enemies, so in his efforts not to lose them, he wisely repeated the moral code without putting it into context with Word’s teaching on the principle. For better to allow them to judge than lose them altogether, risking the chance they would never hear him teach the principle.

Paul gave us the key to understanding the false assumption that such lifestyles are always a choice and, thus, something we can simply change our mind about. Remember, this is from the viewpoint of one moral standard and not stated as the only valid one in a democracy. Ancient Israel was a monarchy run by one religion without any choice for its citizens.

Paul said, “Just as they did not approve of having God (Name) [manifest] in knowledge [preferring to either completely deny Him, deny any higher being or the oneness of Life itself, or manifest Him in simple beliefs, right or wrong], God (Name) gave them up to a reprobate (adokimon) mind to do the things that are not proper.”[76] Adokimon literally means ‘non-testing’, essentially the state of the addicted mind, unable to test its patterns of thought to recognize and break free from destructive ones.

Without a testing mind, in essence we have no free will, no ability to recognize choices before us beyond their appearance. Testing, here, means to look at something repeatedly until we see enough, beyond the initial appearance, to understand it and govern our choices accordingly.

Name gives every one of us over to an adokimon mind when we persist in choosing things our conscience would otherwise overburden us with guilt. He thus allows us to do them with some peace of mind but hopes we change our mind according to His moral standard, here, specifically against gay rights. But by adding everything from greed to being unmerciful in this passage,[77] Paul made it clear that an adokimon mind is given consequently for any such persistence. 

Once our mind is given over for any issue, limiting or encaging our conscience, we can no longer be seen as being able to make a simple or lifestyle choice and change instantly or sometimes at all. It indicates though that we had the ability previously, but just when we lost it is not for any of us who follow this or any other moral code to judge. 

We may even be born a certain way due to Name knowing how we will make such choices long before we do,[77.1] part of Word’s 2,000-year world conscience. This is why Word was speaking to all of us in the world when he said to forgive each other, anyone violating our moral code. For we do not know what we are doing if we violate a code we follow or fail to do our best not to offend others of a different moral code. And thus, we also do not know what we are doing if we do not forgive them, believers in him or not. This especially holds true for those of us judging others.

None of this is meant to imply that the lifestyles behind gay rights cannot simply be a choice, not simply part of birth, or not completely acceptable under a different moral/ethical standard. The point is that they may also be part of national addiction in our world conscience.

Here, trapped in the world gender conscience and working against the truth that flesh profits nothing, we blindly use gender as our identity and to judge others. But as we break national addiction with the principle, we learn about our word-vision name identity in Name and can use our standard to respect all others. We learn to wield the principle of conscience with a testing (dokimon) mind in the world.



What is the right number of immigrants that should be allowed into the United States annually? Is there a point where we are being responsible to our own nation but irresponsible to the world? The laws that protect national boundaries are similar to those for our residence, but there is another set of boundaries that determine the laws for these two and determine the right number of immigrants in our minds, quite different for democrats and republicans.

According to Greek manuscripts, Paul literally said to the blind Galatians, whom he loved dearly, “Your temptation [was] in my flesh.”[78] Without a context, what does this mean?

With context, Paul said to them, “You know that because of [your] weakness of the flesh I preached to you [a certain way] at first. And [you know that] your temptation [was] in my flesh, [but] you did not despise [me] nor reject [me] with contempt [which they would have if he appeared to be a hypocrite to them, speaking truth as though he were free yet being enslaved like them]. But you received me as an angel of God [who is far from any addiction], as Christ Jesus [who bore our sin in his flesh; Life carrying the burdens of life to set us free].

“Where then is your blessing [seeing an ordinary person like them free in his mind]? For I bear witness to you that, if possible, you would have plucked out your eyes and given [them] to me [in amazement]. Have I become your enemy by speaking truth to you? They [those who persuaded the Galatians to turn against Paul after this life-changing experience] eagerly seek after you without doing what is right, working to exclude you [from me]. They want you to eagerly seek after them.”[79] 

Normally, the Galatians would have assumed that Paul was under the same addictive nature as them when seeing temptation in his body, whatever it was. Since they were still using an adokimon mind, they could not exam things beyond their appearance. But on this occasion, their eyes were wide open, looking at their addictive desires in Paul failing to tempt him, and yet their eyes were completely shut shortly after by the persuasion of the blind around them.  

The Galatians set up the boundaries of blindness to exclude Paul. The reasons they used had nothing to do with reality, for their world conscience was far from reality. If we set up boundaries of blindness to keep the number of immigrants low, in respect to what we are capable of and is good for our safety and economy, then we become enemies of the truth.  

Crime and Guns


There is no law against free will, but we can keep our democracy only as long as enough of us want to do good but realize that, under national addiction, we can only choose the appearance of good, unknowingly choosing the bad – not to love the enemies of our conscience. Each of us should be able to say to ourselves, “If I form (poieo) the very thing that I do not want to [first in the mind], [it is] no longer I who works it out [works out the process to form it] but sin [blindness in relationships, name-sets] dwelling in me [my world conscience].”[79.1] 

Every time we choose to do good, we break the conscientious law of nonresistance. Word said not to resist evil, the evil of blindness in ourselves. For that only works out the process to do it – due to the loss of ability to use his light in us to see with, which cannot be fixed by resisting it. By resisting our blindness, we, who are choosing good, resist Word’s light and blindly work out our temptations in each other.

The Galatians went right back to their resistance after Paul left because they did not know how to stop resisting – which is to make the enemies of our conscience more important to see Name in their blind light. They rightly resisted criminals committing crimes against them, seeing their appearance as evil, but likewise, they thought they were resisting the appearance of evil in their conscience but, instead, resisted their own blindness. They should have resisted only the criminal acts of the blind so that the blindness in them both might be healed.

We cannot stop others from choosing bad at least in their mind, but as long as most of us keep choosing good and learn how to use the principle to see Name with their blind light to love them, we will dramatically strengthen our unified national conscience and reduce crime and the misuse of guns in our democracy.

This is not another way of simply saying hate the sin love the sinner, or hate the crime love the criminal. It explains how we must literally use the light of Word in us, the light of Life, to visibly, not figuratively, see this same light in them in our national conscience; otherwise, we love the criminal with a blind love that is subject to national addiction, the greatest criminal. 




The Separation of Church and State is essential for democracy, but we cannot separate the principle from the state and expect different moral/ethical standards to peacefully co-exist indefinitely. This is why Word encouraged us to believe in the principle, the summation of all his works, even if we do not believe in him. 

The principle starts as an inward action and manifests outwardly but only if we are trained. Formal education trains us with the highest level of facts available each generation – for our best chance of survival. Whether we see Word religiously or nonreligiously in our personal lives, we can still agree to educate ourselves with the principle detached from our beliefs. If it is, indeed, the highest level of facts concerning our national mental health, we can see why this statement by Word is about the survival of nations. Paraphrased, Word saves only the nations that show kindness to the least among them.[80] 

We can interpret this to mean that he will save democracy – only in the nations that have adopted the principle, even those that do not explicitly teach it in their education system. But if as believers, we interpret this to only be about his power and authority saving us, then this can be considered as part of our beliefs, which should be respected alongside all others.

The need to learn the principle, however, remains essential for the religious among us also, if these among us are to be part of a unified national conscience that strengthens our democracy. While they certainly believe in the principle as believers of Word, training, then, is what has been lacking among them, as it has been for the rest of us. The first level of training is symbolized as milk, the third as solid food.

“Everyone who partakes of milk [is] inexpe­rienced in the word of righteousness [the ability to reason with righteous judgment from a dokimon mind], for he is an infant [in the higher education of his own national mental health]. But solid food is mature [manifesta­tions (of Name in Word’s world conscience)], which, because of the possession [of such word-vision], have the senses [of the mind of our heart] trained while laid bare6 [indicating that trained senses do not veil anything, being transparent and laid bare, making transparent, if not already, every permeation they form and take form as] for discern­ing both beautiful and worthless [word-visions].”[80.1]

The second level of training in the principle is transformation, the process of maturing by way of discipline, enduring hardship for the principle. “All discipline for those present seems not to be joyful but sorrowful, yet to those having been trained by it [the senses of their world conscience], after­wards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness.”[80.2]

Without this part in our training, it is all just words when autocracy comes to steal our democracy. Book One is the milk. Book Two is the solid food.



Whether or not severe weather affects us personally in loss of life or property, we should examine claims that such losses could be avoided. If we examine them only when affected personally, we should also examine why we did not do so when it did not affect us. For this indicates severe weather in our world conscience. 

Climate is a word, a topic, a story. Most of us around the world care about the story of humanity and see ourselves as the caregivers of all other species when they are in need. But if nations are in need of caregivers, we need to go back to the basics.

Word said that if we do not believe the grammar (grama, root of grammar in Greek) of Moses’s teaching, how can we believe the words of his own teaching?[81] Moses taught about Word implicitly through the grammar of his moral code, not the code itself.

To understand the Climate Story of Earth, we should start with the personal luminosity available to us in the grammar of the words Word made flesh. Then include the global luminosity available in the grammar of the words Word made Earth, as a form of his piety, a form of Name’s agapé. These are in the story dialogue of the glass sea, divided into the four oceans of our world conscience. 

The moral of the story is paraphrased like this: To the extent that you do the things that matter for one another, especially the least among you, you have done them for me; to the extent that you did not, you did this to me.[81.1] Apply this now to Word made Earth, and know that what we do or do not do to Earth we do or not do to Word in ourselves – Word being the life of each of our bodies and all of our bodies collectively, neither of which exists without Word made Earth.


Drugs and Addiction


Addiction is finding a superficial pleasure to take the place of a natural pleasure we have lost, such as a loved one, or cannot experience, such as peace. It is a superficial pleasure that we cannot stop turning to without help from the exact means for its type. Hating the enemies of our conscience is superficial pleasure that replaces the loss of a loved one or the inability to experience the natural pleasure of loving them, our enemies. Republicans have mostly lost the ability to love Biden, and Democrats have mostly lost the ability to love Trump. 

Looking at this, the greatest national addiction, and all lesser forms of addiction, which candidate is more likely to help us break them? 

Due to gravity, the light of a star peaks around the curvature of a planet before the star’s trajectory gets there. Likewise, the gravity of addiction pulls the future over the present before it gets here, for under national addiction we cannot be in the present but only an imagined future, where we cannot love the opposing presidential candidate. 

The world changes between the time we are hating one or the other and the future we imagine appears to replace the present. The now we are encaged in cannot keep up with the now of our world conscience. Name has three names for us to realize this. 

Name is called Yahweh, which is the past of everything, His memory. He is called Yah Yahweh, which is the future of everything, His future, continually formed from the past. And He is called Ehyeh, which is the all-encompassing eternity of the present, His present, encompassing His past and future in His own presence of the everlasting now. 

We partake of this in our el-elohe-names. We stay conscious of the Ehyeh present of El only if we make others more important and can use their light to see Name Ehyeh, with Yahweh and Yah Yahweh within Name. If we do not, we are confined to Yahweh memory, the past of our experiences misperceived in Word in Name, projected into the Yah Yahweh future as a false projection.  

In Part II of Book One, we discussed how forty-one past generations have formed layers in our national or ancestral memory, impacting our present conscience depending on our choices. This is our world conscience in our el-elohe-names, determining how we know Name in Word.

The six or seven generations of American history are pivotal in the present activity of our national conscience. In the second half of these generations, the democratic and republican parties switched ideologies. Lincoln was a republican and ended slavery, but republicans later opposed civil rights. The confederate south was democratic in favor of slavery, but later the democrats became the party of civil rights. 

Many citizens simply changed parties while others changed their values, but every one of us has a reversal of blindness in our generational layers. Remember, with the principle, we are against no one, only blind light. There should always be a place for both parties in our national conscience, for that is the nature of democracy. 

Since national addiction is at work in the United States’ reversal of blindness, lined up in the first world set with all other nations, misperception of Word in Yahweh is a runaway train in the world conscience, already off its tracks, skidding on the earth until it is forced to stop. 

Will it stop with democracy winning this election, allowing democracies to reach maturity, will it stop after freedoms are stripped worldwide from adolescent democracies, or will it go all the way, stopping only when civilization is destroyed by nuclear means? Mature agapé casts out fear to do what love always does.


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1. A symbolic reference to Jesus that believers and nonbelievers can use to learn his teachings on the principle. For he said that even if we do not believe in him, we should believe in his works, this teaching his greatest behavioral work. 

2. Trying to subject fellow citizens to one’s own moral standard reflects the teachings of Moses not Christ. Part of the problem lies in using the parable Christ taught about money usage[81.2] to force others to submit to Biblical morals. The parable ends with Christ saying, “But these enemies of mine, those not wanting me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them before me.” In the context of the parable, this means that our own conscience, the king of our heart, will slay us, make us blind, if we do not use the principle as the standard for money usage.

In another passage, clearly not a parable,[81.3] when two of his disciples saw people not receiving him and asked him if they should bring fire down from heaven to consume them, he rebuked them. For he knew they were still clinging on to the teachings of Moses.

In a rather obscure Greek manuscript, the essence of his rebuke is added by recording him to have also said, “You do not know what kind of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man [one of his titles] did not come to destroy the lives of men but to save them.”[81.4] 

He came to save the lives of these two disciples of his as well, who sought to destroy the lives of those who would not subject themselves to Christ. Christ was not an autocrat but a democrat, saving lives to teach them the principle not morals (under Specific Issues, see Abortion).  

3. Word’s teaching on money usage (see end note 2) promotes responsible capitalism under the principle, not compatible with full socialism. However, certain fields like medicine, not part of his teaching, should use socialism.

4. Atlantaciviccircle.org, “Native America’s influence on American Democracy: the back story,” by Tammy Joyner, November 7, 2021.

5. It is secondary as to whether one’s body is female or male or that it is precisely such, for realizing our el-elohe-name awakens us to our word-vision name identity. With it we see our physical body as a means of expressing ourselves and not who we are.

6. The phrase, trained while laid bare, is translated from a single Greek verb whose root comes from an adjective that means naked.