The Middle Attributes of Word-Visioning

Word-Vision 16

Seeing Spirit bless the three sets of all relationships is crucial for us to expand our depth in Word’s vision-pearl. Just seeing it is using Word’s anointing attribute correctly, especially when seeing Spirit bless the oneness of desire and conscience in the sets blinded to it in them.


Consider the natural anointing all life has to bless life, the holiness of life. It even has a special name, the Holy Spirit of Name in Word or just Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of Life. And yet under illu­sion, we curse those we project our trauma onto to pro­tect our­selves from our own encaged con­science. Word’s anoint­ing attribute uses Holy Spirit to bless un­condition­ally.

WV-16 shows the steps of restoring awareness to the truth that everyone’s multi-level oneness of desire exists before Name, each step blessed by Holy Spirit even when the conscience is still encaged. A points to Word’s yirah knowledge making us aware that, once captured, isolated in its illu­sion, the misuse of the encaged con­science is to be replaced with the oneness of desire and conscience. B points to it happening.

C points to entering the limitless expe­rience in our focused set down to the left and, at the same time, extending the limited to all three sets across to the right. And D points to all three sets entering the limitless experience of the oneness. 

Lastly, E points to both experiences entering word-vision showing everyone manifest before Name, though some of us blind. With word-vision, we worship Name, worship Life, with our full oneness of desire and anointing to bless even the enemies of good conscience with Holy Spirit or just Spirit, as in “the Spirit of Knowledge and Yirah of Yahweh”.[13] Word uses Spirit’s reverent knowledge of Name’s fragrance to bless everyone.

Now with Word and Spirit in our word-vision, we begin to see our role in holding captive the encaged conscience to break national addiction. There is still willing interaction, for we do not attempt to control anyone or even resist their word-vision. We hold the encaged conscience captive nationally by permeating its national illusions, touching our national word-vision identity before Name.



Word-Vision 17

Desire misused in the encaged conscience keeps part of our focus on illusory beauty, ignoring its unattractive reflection in the world, represented by the colorless reflections on the bottom right. Their true beauty is to the right of them with no reflection, no illusion, and on the left side for all to see. This beauty is who we are in Word, what Spirit blesses, particularly in the sets of our relationships blind to seeing their beauty expressed in Word’s oneness of desire and conscience. WVs 18-21 diagram the stages of learning how to see with his vision-pearl.


With Spirit in your word-vision, use Word’s humble-mindedness as an example of how to make the ene­mies of con­science more important and bless them. Do nothing outside his grace, even when feeling or showing anger toward them. For their misuse of the different forms of grace reveal their plight in the blind vision-pearl, making more resolute our desire that they discover the real desire of their soul.

The misuse of Word’s humble-minded­ness shows the mind appearing to display­ humility but wanting to take every­thing by force. One is espe­cially arrogant after realizing that try­ing to take love by force fails every time.

Word’s humility, however, making enemies more important and blessing them, works from compassion for their state. It moves him to take their encaged conscience captive for their own good.

With WV-3, examine your own usage of his humble-mindedness attribute from both per­spectives of the vision pearl working as one. Recognize whether your word-vision is inter­preting your outer sight with the principle at work in your seeing vision-pearl. Distinguish between humble-mindedness and fearfulness.

 It is good to fear getting angry at others when it comes from hatred. It is not good to fear doing so out of grace. The mature love of Word’s hum­ble-mindedness casts out this kind of fear with yirah and blesses those under the illusion with Spirit.

With WV-4, examine Word’s humble-mindedness in your relationships at each base­line and determine its depth in your three sets. With his humble-mind­edness, love the blind in their world, not their world of blind beauty in WV-5. Seeing their true beauty will keep your mind humble, so work at triggering word-vision that permeates so you can envision it.

And when they realize that their heart is blind and want to see, just as we did, use WV-7 to be patient. For without awareness of Word or Spirit, just as we were, they will sud­denly think they see every­one clearly while still hating the enemies of conscience.

Unable to reflect on the constant trauma their encaged conscience is under, they are still unaware that it has been taken captive by greater encaged consciences. In the presence of our national word-vision identity before Name, they are blindly enslaved by national addictions.


Word-Vision 18

On the left in WV-18, the stars going in and out of the wheel around Name’s feet are names entering and leaving different word-vision sets, being prepared for Word to appear in their light passage. The left hand of Name’s word-vision touches Word on the right and raises him up in us in the light passage of our three sets below. We immediately see how we were misperceiving him as the world-image, driven by our misused desire without the principle. But now through the light passage of our universal word-vision pupil, we get our first glimpse of Word’s oneness of desire and conscience in Name’s vision pearl, symbolized in the sky. The process continues in WVs 19-21.


With Word’s reverent knowledge in your word-vision, consider why Name has faith. Like yirah or “fear”, faith is some­thing we need not Him and yet, like every other essence, it originates in Him. Only in this case, like yirah and often grace, faith is in a different form.

When our word-vision enters the blind vision-pearl, naturally His attributes in us do not change, neither does the essence of our presence. Only our aware­ness changes, so Name continues to maintain our presence in Himself, being our source essence without our awareness. He super­sedes our awareness with His awareness as us, our source awareness, an act of His faith-energy, doing so until He allows us to resume awareness of our essence in Him through Word.

To restore us, Name’s faith raises up Word in us, who raises up our awareness with Name’s yirah, until, once again, His faith becomes our faith also, ending the superses­sion. We were “raised with [Word] through the faith of the energy (energeia in Greek) of God, who raised him from the dead [the blind, ourselves and the blind in our vision-pearl].”[14]

Once our superseded awareness is restored, it is again seen coming from our word-vision identity in Name through Word and Spirit. This restores our desire for His memory, especially His memory of when we were super­seded in His presence. This removes the hold of trauma memory. 

Verifying that our awareness is unfolding due to the principle, we have greater and greater empathy for the enemies of conscience. For Name will appear in them making Word more important throughout the world, radiance by radiance in our collective word-vision identity in Name. Through Spirit blessing everyone, we can see now that all illusion and addiction work from the vision-pearl of the nations through the encaged conscience of our word-vision not from it. 

The principle awakens us to seeing Name as everyone’s source in the super­session. The death of our awareness due to rejection of the principle sub­jected us all to national illusion and addiction that, through attribute misuse, encage our con­science, all the offspring of the superses­sion. It is the part of Name’s faith that judges us through Word to bring us back, Life judging us, protecting all life.

Knowing how His faith works in our word-vision now, have faith that Name will raise you up if He has not already, sooner if you learn the principle. For Word is on everyone’s side, but especially those who practice the principle. For we are learning how to hold the encaged conscience captive according to the principle, unlike the encaged conscience holding those less encaged.

Permeate the national illusion encaging them by again touching your shared national word-vision identity before Name, but now in Word’s vision-pearl of the nations, where all illusion and addiction originate in the supersession. From here, the illusion and addiction are working through their word-vision, where their misuse of Word’s attributes does not conceal that they belong to Name, so with humble-mindedness bless their word-vision identity in Name. Spirit blesses them through you because you are making them more important, making it possible for them to be influenced in a good way.

Word-Vision 19

Having risen in the light passage of our word-vision, Word shows us the four-directional inner and outer realms of Name’s vision-pearl between Him, symbolized in the sky, and the inner and outer realms of his own vision-pearl below on the right half. On the left half, the oneness of desire and conscience works in both realms of Word’s 2,000-year span of now. Using Word’s vision-pearl, we see the wheel around Name’s feet, symbolized in WV-18, raising up the forty-second name of the oneness with the light of His yirah ice in each of us. It is the last generation of Word’s current 2,000-year I Am Now. The only way we can understand this oneness working in both realms of Word’s vision-pearl is through Name and His memory in Word, touching both ends of now in our word-vision identity.

Word-Vision 16a


Consider Name’s sincerity when He inter­acts with us while we are super­seded, blind to His real presence before us and in us through Word and Spirit. We are unaware that Life is carrying on with our essence without our conscious participa­tion, all while we experience suffering and compar­a­tively insignificant pleasures. Thus, Name’s desire to free us is great, unreal­ized during this interac­tion but eternally fulfilled because of the supersession.

With reverent knowledge of Word’s yirah attribute, use his sincerity attribute in your word-vision to be sincere with those who are more super­seded than you without trying to explain it. For one, how do you explain that the life we all live says, “Before Abraham was, I am”?[15] That was a two-thou­sand-year span when he said it.

Remember, sight with the blind vision-pearl sees the appearance of bad people in a very limited span of now and gets us to hate them, while, with the seeing vision-pearl, we see blind people according to their word-vision identity in the full span of now, enabling us to practice the principle circumspectly. It works accord­ing to the yirah for­mation placed above our heads.

For “over the heads of the living beings [is a bright­ness that shines] according to the light of yirah ice.”[16] Although it literally reads, “the eye of yaray ice”, we see with Name’s light as our eyes in Word and yaray is an adjective form of yirah in Hebrew. 

Word’s yirah attribute is described as seeing ice above our heads to help us form word-vision of the principle in his 2,000-year span of now. Until we receive the love of this reverent knowledge, Word’s presence in the symbolic lower half of our word-vision is in “a likeness according to the appear­ance of fire, from the appearance of his loins and down­ward, fire; but from his loins and upward [his yirah light shines in our word-vision] according to the appearance of the enlight­en­ment [of Name’s intelligence, Word], according to the light of the amber [colors in His word-vision].”[17] 

The seeing ice of Word’s yirah light enlightens our intel­ligence with Word, starting with his intelligent desire for us to have Name’s memory of the 2,000-year now in his vision-pearl of the nations. We need the flame in the lower half of our word-vision to cool down, as it were, to receive it. Caused by misuse of Word’s attributes, the fire has been passed on through the generations during this period of his national vision-pearl. It works through present misuse in the lower realm of our word-vision.

When envisioned permeationally, the upper and lower realms are recognized as outer and inner word-vision, respectively, neither being sight. It is symbolized in WV-19 by four-directional symbols. The white inside blue in the sky sphere is Name’s inner word-vision, the blue inside white below it His outer word-vision. They are repeated above the spheres representing Word, the larger one representing his word-vision housing us, the smaller one within us, our inner word-vision or lower half that needs to cool down.

Word’s inner and outer word-vision can be measured only as part of his 2,000-year now. It is another dimension to the oneness of his desire and conscience. Thus, the three sets of our relationships experience this oneness in this span of now only, and only in our word-vision identity before Name in Word’s national vision-pearl.

Word says, “The lamp of the body is your eye [Word’s vision-pearl]; when your eye is single, your whole body also is radiant [our body of relationships]. But when it is evil, your body also [is] completely dark. Take heed, therefore, lest the light that [is] in you is darkness [blindness to us]. If, therefore, your whole body [is] radiant, not having any part completely dark, it shall be wholly radiant, as when the lamp [of Name] enlightens you with lightning [flashes of the now of Word’s 2,000-year national vision-pearl].”[18] 

Consider what Word said to some at the end of that period. “Fill up the measure of your fathers...truly I say to you, all these [things] shall come upon this genera­tion.”[19]  We live in our own generation, but our life is not limited to it. Thus, we experience Word’s now oneness of desire in everything we do. When we limit our love to only those who love us, such as family, we encage our conscience outside this circle and blind ourselves to our true experience in Word. If we are using the same encaged conscience that has come before us, we suffer its accumulative end if we are the last generation of our 2,000-year now in Word’s national vision-pearl.

But at the same time if we are holding the encaged con­science captive according to the principle, every day we reap the grace of Word’s attributes misused by those in it now and those in it in the previous generations. For receiving Names memory of their misuse is seeing His grace undefiled in Word’s national vision-pearl, and seeing in word-vision is possessing. This is because we see only when we see Truth, and we do that only when we see from Truth in us. Sight cannot see Truth.

We even reap Word’s grace in our own past misuse, seeing it together with that of the encaged. It multiplies our grace when we make his grace in them more important, all in the national grace of Word’s 2,000-year national vision-pearl.

Loving them sincerely in Spirit and Truth, look for opportunities to free them from the evil of national addictions, by teaching them about the principle.

Word-Vision 20

Both ends of Word’s now are in our light passage now, working in the word-visions of our conscience. The oneness of Word’s conscience and desire move in it between the inner and outer realms of his vision-pearl. Name displays both ends in our conscience with simultaneous events in His memory. The world is lit up while eclipsing the sun in the sky, symbolizing this. Two thousand years are on the street on the bottom, symbolizing it, both impossibilities in this world. Name and Word’s vision-pearls on both sides exchange principle word-vision of everyone’s sets interacting between all forty-two generations, while Name touches our word-vision identity with the light of the mind of His heart in the present.




With reverent knowledge of Word’s yirah ice, we are ready for “the Mystery of the Piety [of Word], who was manifested in flesh [as part of the world illusion], justified in Spirit [because, while blessing us, he uses the illusion to awaken us], seen by angels [the convey­ance between all word-visions], pro­claimed in nations, believed on in the world, [and] taken up in glory.”[20]

While the left hand of Name’s word-vision exchanges word-visions eter­nally with Word between their vision-pearls, the movement of His right hand is now displayed also, holding the three stages of the encaged conscience across the generations. Below the three stages, the oneness of desire and conscience in three limited forms measures the misuse of Word’s desire, anger and fear attributes along the event line of now. The three segments each represent fourteen gen­erations between Abraham, David, and Word, forty-two in all.[21]

The word-vision symbol on the bottom right combines the present sight of now and the inner-vision now of 2,000 years across the event line. A white slightly diagonal line joins the universal pupil of its vision-pearl to the four-directional symbol at the bottom end of the foremost light passage and its word-vision set. This implies that the four-directional symbol at the other end is joined to it also, depicting Word’s light passage in all three sets touching both ends of now in his 2,000-year national vision-pearl above them.

At the very center sits our collective word-vision identity in Name, bowing before Him as we also gaze at the street of our decisions – left or right in Word’s piety or straight in his philadelphia. This sets the stage for the Mystery of Word’s Piety Attribute.

To begin with, Word rising up by Name’s faith is an act, symbolized by the green line at the bottom of Word’s larger sphere crossing over blindness for us, as discussed under WV-10. It is a pious act going along with the illusion the world-image is under to break it. Raising up our awareness is no act though, restoring the arms and hands of our word-vision to practice the principle according to the oneness of desire and the fulness of now.

Name placed illusion in the world because we did not practice the principle as we understand its power here, even though the Word of our Life, or the Word of our God, practices it with such power in us unceas­ingly. In this way, we chose to join the 2,000-year supersession and come under the illusion that not loving enemies of conscience, even hating them, is good.  

Word manifests the world illusion in each of us in the supersession, but only until we can­ see beyond our present sight of now with principle word-vision. Then, in the mystery of his piety attribute, an act throughout the word, we see it in his 2,000-year word-vision in our­selves as depicted in WV-20.

He can do this for us because he is “the all [the world] and in all [of us]”.[22] As the language enlightenment of Life, Word is the oneness of all our intelligence in the world. It is ex­pressed in all of us through his word-vision, in this case, even as many express­ their illu­sions of hatred, but at other times, love for Name’s love in us.

Many of us under the illusion who believe on Word, unknowingly through his piety, are hoping to be freed by faith, not knowing that understand­ing alone, including that of the world illusion, is free­dom, the truth setting us free. Not knowing our place in the world as it is superseded or place in our nation as it is superseded, we proclaim Word to be taken up in glory, hoping to be raised up with him.

The time for faith alone, however, or even good deeds without knowledge has passed – if our desire is to be set free indeed. For we are being given knowledge to resume aware­ness of our essence in Name’s  eternal now. Here, the world’s collective presence luminates together with every individual nation in the word-visions emanating in  Word’s national vision-pearl. It all remains superseded to us though until we accept Word’s reverent knowledge, especially that about names.

Like Name, we are our names in our word-vision identity, known only in the 2,000-year now of Word. Referring to Word, “his name is called the Word of God.”[23] Here, his name is the same as saying he is, “he is called the Word of God,” for his name is who he is. Word is his name in all word-vision identi­ties, a name referencing all words birthed out of their sem­inal word, name in Name. Every name is a person of light in the syntactic order of word-vision, not the names that label the physical bodies we feel and see on Earth.

Word’s piety is his attribute that also takes us out of the act, in a transfer of identities, when we awaken from the one that exists only in blindness. We discover our word-vision identity name in Name.  It is the truth about all of us, true because Name is the One “who fills the all [Word] in all [of us]”.[24] He is His name, the Name of names. Thus, we too are living names, whether we are friends or foes of Word’s good conscience in us.

As friends, use WV-20 to trigger word-vision of the blessing we have in being names before Name, Word, and Spirit. Life gives its fullness to each of its lives. 


On their way home that day, Laura thanked Jack for speaking up for her mother, good people who are enemies in only a small part of their conscience.

“Did you see how quickly my dad got angry? It’s always the same when I say something. His own mind and conscience start fighting first. I cannot keep him in a calm state to talk about it. But I see the same in myself to a lesser degree.”

“You’re not like him at all, but I know what you mean. I’ve noticed it in myself too. Clearing my mind helps me reflect on it, but when it comes around again, there is nothing I can do to stop it. Whether it is fear, anger or a misguided desire, it is bigger than me. But I feel like if I just had enough knowledge about it and myself, I could be free from it. You too?”


If the catatonic part of Jack and Laura’s conscience ever reaches the stage her father’s has, they too will no longer be able to clear their mind and think about these things. This knowledge will seem completely irra­tional, which means that, for now, Jack and Laura still have enough empathy to receive this knowledge and learn how to love the enemies of their conscience. They still have the will to make a choice.

We all lose our will at times but go through a cycle and regain it. Laura’s father may regain it on his death­bed, but there is no assurance. Neither is it assured that we will stay the course if we decide to learn this prin­ciple. It is not knowledge detached from the conscience like physics. Knowledge about the conscience engages the conscience. But it is spiritual knowledge, meaning that once we get through the errors we held on to that restricted us, we feel better than ever, en­lightened in the faceted attribute transparencies of Words vision-pearl.

Jack and Laura made the right choice and are now learning it. Name’s anointing attribute in Word is next. First, they remember being taught as children and still believe that we should never wish good things for bad people. They do want her father to stop mistreating her mother so good things would happen but, either way, they still love him and he loves them. This is about loving bad people who do not love you.

Laura felt it first, Spirit, the life in her. It is Name’s life in Word in her, in everyone, blessing everyone but also blinding them if they are enemies of Earth. Only if we are willing to participate in blessing everyone can we see it. Jack understood her words explaining it, but he could not prevent the catatonic part of his social conscience from attack­ing him when he pictured blessing people everyone hates.

“Cleanse that part of your conscience with Word’s yirah attribute,” Laura said, “long enough to see that, in your inner vision, these everyone are not everyone and should be blessed as enemies of conscience just as the people they hate, for they are both working from the same catatonic conscience, capable of reaching critical mass.”

“Yes, my mind went opaque because I misread Name’s yirah warning of fear for them as my fear of their anger, anger which was also Name’s against them. When their conscience reached critical mass and was cut off from His grace in Word, it cut me off too because I depended on them in fear.

"I could only see them and the people they hated in their one appearance in this world, not the life each of them are in each of my three sets, the same multi-present life as every­one else. I was blinded by opaque images of their behavior or rumors of it. But now I can bless them because I see their baseline and depth.”

Jack got through this error quickly and experi­enced the next attribute, humble-mindedness, before Laura. With the help of Spirit, he word-visioned the infinite and illuminating beauty of everyone, espe­cially those who hate him now for loving their enemies. It hum­bles his mind and blesses him with infinite peace.

But when Laura tried, the catatonic part of her social con­science attacked her for being a threat to the tempo­rary beauty of this world, primarily the beauty of woman.

“Cleanse your conscience as you told me,” Jack said, “and simultaneously see the infinite beauty in each of your sets of those who see you as a threat. Do not hide your mind behind their images of temporary beauty or yours in our single appearance as you see them doing.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I actually have word-vision to see it, the yirah, grace, desire, anointing and humble-mindedness transparencies of Name in Word and their word-vision identities partaking of them blindly as their translucent or opaque forms of them fill their perception in Words optic passage. I feel a peace that can only be described as infinite, how wonderfully humbling and illuminating to see their beauty in Name.”

They will both have to go through this error seven times total in their mind and conscience before enlight­enment in Word’s humble-mindedness. For bowing to temporary beauty works through unnatu­ral dependen­cies, tempting the world to participate in seven levels of misguided desire. This will be explained further in Name’s tenth attribute transparency in Word. 

Until then, enjoy seeing their infinite beauty in Name in all your sets and the temporary beauty of Earth veiling them, as it does in us only much, much less if we are making them more important without being against ourselves.

Name’s next three attributes are joined in Word to work out the process of spiritual birth and learn how to see with his vision-pearl in us. Together, Laura and Jack experience the first of these attributes, Name’s faith.

“Jack, are you seeing in yourself what I am seeing in myself? An iridescent light is at the center of me, moving toward a galaxy-filled hole in the sky. I can see many going into it, but I cannot tell whether they come out on the other side, whether it is really the black hole we see in  Word’s desire attribute when we misuse it.”

They are travelling in Word through Name’s univer­sal optic passage, the spir­itual birth canal. Name’s faith raises Word out of it and, thus, both of them in him, greater than the birth of a million stars. They appear on the other side with him, after a tremendous burst of their iridescent light exits the black hole in them.

Fully opening their new eyes, they find themselves look­ing at perfect transparent manifestations of themselves, Name’s word-visions of their essence in Word. They superseded their awareness here, being unaware that they never left, only their vision left. They blinded their own conscience with Word’s ten attrib­ute transparencies when they made themselves more important than their enemies, exactly like the rest of us.

“Laura, look at Name’s ten attribute transparencies emanating in and from your parents’ light! Name is making their enemies around them more important for them, so they can see Word’s beauty in their enemies. Or maybe these are Name’s word-visions of them in their absence of awareness. 

“Look at that! They are also holding the blindness of others captive in their own light, the catatonic part of their conscience a danger to their sets in each other no matter how small that part is!”

Laura and Jack’s vision-pearl eyes in Word are gently being cast upon both ends of Name’s universal optic passage. Word’s light is suspended at both ends and everywhere between at the same time in a span of 2,000 years. Speaking sincerely to the blind as if He is no different, Name has revealed the attribute transparency of His sincerity in Word.

“Jack!” She rubbed her vision-pearl eyes with the illuminating fingers of her word-vision in Word. “Everyone’s conscience here spans Name’s optic passage in Word’s vision-pearl. Forty-two generations. Each of us is the forty-first, unborn light, and the forty-second, birthed light, as we are now. The other forty are names of light like us in Word’s vision-pearl, people in the past 2,000 years of their generations, part of the now of our conscience in Name’s.  

“Now I understand why my parents could not see each other throughout their lives. They were unborn, with forty generations of blindness in their conscience. Now I see how to love the worst enemies of conscience while still hating their behavior. Our desire to do so in Word is one with our 2,000-year conscience in Name.”

And now they see the third of these attributes in birth and the vision-pearl, Name’s piety in Word. Its trans­parency touches their blindness with the left hand of His vision-pearl in Word, birthing them. In the same position permeating itself, its transparency uses the right hand of His vision-pearl to dis­play the three stages of this reverent knowledge in Word across the span of their conscience in each of its generations – pre-blind­ness, blindness and temporary vision to make choices.

“Are you guys ok?” Laura’s mother asks. “I tried to get your attention. Laura, your father died in his sleep.”

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