Whether by minutes or millennia, the conscience without the principle restricts itself by building moral walls around its eyes. The good feelings we have being with those who share our views on pluralism and nonelite capitalism are due to the absence of such walls or knowing how to simply stay clear of them on other issues. 

The negative feelings we get around those who disagree with us are due to moral walls being blindly activated in both of us, creating mindless anger and desire in us that make us hate each other to one degree or another.

The Solution will restore the good by removing all walls in our conscience while keeping the physical ones necessary for safety.

Love in the conscience is timeless and nonselective, the nature of breathing democracies.

The conscience is not only timeless, it is nonselective. Without walls, it is apparent that the conscience does not select one person over another. With walls, it appears to be selective by hiding certain people from its eyes. While being around loved ones, we unknowingly use walls to keep our conscientious thoughts focused on them, forcing the conscience to redirect its nonselective eyes onto them.  When we are the ones walled off from the eyes of others' conscience, we see the love they have for those walled in as unnatural, unless we are walling them off in return. 

It all comes down to learning the visual language of the conscience called principle-vision.

Word-vision is the language of the mind of the heart, principle-vision its highest form. The conscience uses it to transform itself, that is, we use it to transform ourselves to see others, to see the mind of their heart, their living faces. It is like exchanging currency, translating language and reaching resonance all in one. 

To see another, start with their human face. Envision the walls of conscience as walls of light surrounding it, filling the space within the walls with unspeakable iridescent beauty. The walls prevent them from seeing or sharing their own beauty or seeing others' beauty. But at the same time, these walls may well be your walls in part or competely, projected onto them. 

Either way, nothing can stop the light of Name and Word from reflecting in our living faces. However, the walls of conscience can stop us from seeing each other this way if we do not know word-vision. And democracy requires that we see each other; otherwise, autocracy will tell us what we look like.  

The Mind of the Heart will be published in September 2023.

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