Permeation Meditation

The Tune Up


Receiving reverent knowledge of how Word’s oneness of desire and conscience works through the limited form of our past encaged conscience, or those in the present, to make those blinded by them more important agapé names before Name in Word is the tune-up, from our own position to the others in our sets as nation-names.


The Major Work


Receiving reverent knowledge of how this works for us as el-elohe-names in Word’s 2,000-year national vision-pearl is the major work. Every sound, action or word of others, even attitude or mood, engages the forty-one previous generations of the conscience, veiling or unveiling more of Name’s ten attributes in Word. Using Word’s yirah fragrance not to judge and Spirit to bless, without being against ourselves, we are ready to check our basic instruments before getting out in traffic.

When the vision-pearl of our el-elohe-name is single, our whole body also is radiant, and our word-visions recognize blindness without judging. But when our vision-pearl is blind, our body also is completely dark. We project our trauma onto others and fill our el-elohe-name with the world illusion. Take caution, therefore, lest the seeing vision-pearl that is in you is blindness for you.

But if our whole el-elohe-name is radiant, it does not have any part completely dark. Completely dark is when the seeing vision-pearl is our own blindness, while not completely dark is when it is someone else’s blindness in one of the other three key positions of our relationships. It creates temporary blindness in us until we engage the oneness, in truth, in our shared seeing vision-pearl through them.

When we do that, our el-elohe-name is wholly radiant, as when Name’s word-vision enlightens us with its sudden lightning flashes of Word’s ten-attribute diamond oneness in his national vision-pearl – loving the enemies of conscience. He uses Name’s yirah fragrance and ice to display their name identity in El-Elohe.




Traffic of the heart is our real interaction with each other, not interaction through our cars or even the personal or social interaction in our daily lives, although all of these outwardly express the actions in our heart. For example, when someone cuts us off in our car, endangering us and our passengers, or offends us in our daily life, we may say, do or think something that is out of character, minor but the same pattern occurs repeatedly in addiction. This tells us that, in the traffic of our heart, we are blindly breaking one of the attribute laws. We interpret road traffic and the rest of our daily lives accordingly, blindly. Let’s take this to its logical conclusion.

We know Name according to how we know Word. As stated under grace, concerning Name, “With the pure, You show Yourself pure, and with the crooked, You show Yourself twisted.”[8] It works through Word, “whose presence [is misperceived] according to the energy of Satan…[misperceived by] those perishing because they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved.”[40] Everywhere else, the ancient knowledge states that we are saved by faith. This takes us to the logical conclusion.

Since Christ invited those who do not believe in him to understand the knowledge of loving enemies of conscience, we can interpret the words “in order for them to be saved” also as in order for them to be saved from death in their hearts. And we can interpret “the energy of Satan” also as misuse of the energy of Name’s faith.

In this light, the believer believes that there is a devil and the nonbeliever that there is misuse of life’s energy. Either way, misperception of Word and thus Name is the death of our heart, blindness, where judgment takes over, as opposed to life raised up in our heart. Fortunately, reverent knowledge in Word’s yirah attribute empowers us to stop judging those we believe are acting like the devil or misuse life’s energy. Word directly told us not to judge but only when using standards other than the principle. “Do not judge according to appearance but [according to] the righteous judgment [of principle word-vision in a living heart].”[41]

This judgment tells us that unless we see everyone as el-elohe-names, no matter what the appearance of their words or actions, we ourselves see Word according to the energy of Satan or are misusing Word’s energy, either way without word-vision.

There was a time when, addressing Name, “You spoke in vision to Your be­loved [ones],”[42] word-vision. We are learning about them with diagrams, a Greek word meaning ‘through writing’. Accompanying our diagrams about word-vision are written explanations that make them legitimate symbolic forms of word-vision. For they are able to trigger word-vision in the mind of our hearts – that naturally interact with word-vision from Name if we are His beloved, practicing the principle. Life is constantly talking to us.

We get one impression when looking at our diagrams without reading the associated text but a deeper one when doing so. For looking at them with our own knowledge cannot help us understand what our inner vision using knowledge specific to them can, knowledge of the principle, Word’s knowledge, not mine.


Is there a simple exercise for everyone that gives us peace?

Word-Vision 23

Word-Vision 24

Word-Vision 25

Word-Vision 23

Permeation Meditation

There was a time when all cars had to be warmed up for 10 minutes before they were driven. This applies to word-vision when we are unfamiliar with it or just need time to take our focus off things to relieve stress, like meditation. It is very simple. Envision the word-vision identity set in WV-9a. That's really all there is to it, except when something in our thoughts or feelings distracts us. When that happens, envision WV-16a. It includes the symbol for limited conscience with the oneness of desire and conscience filling it. Then, envision WV-16b, affecting all three depths without entering them so you can return to WV-9a.

More specifically, look at WV-9a for few seconds and then close your eyes and picture it. You don’t have to keep it exactly the same. The important thing is to keep the feeling of four different color patterns inseparable. This is very relaxing, for the mind centers itself with four inseparable images, a method everyone can use to relieve stress. Be sure to make them attractive to look at, think about, or feel. The same with WV-16a. The form in the center should also be attractive since it is used to correctly experience, though in a limited way, an attribute misused, appearing as some unwanted thought or feeling coming out of WV-9a. After envisioning WV-16b, return to WV-9a. Just looking over these four images in order is often enough.

If the distraction persists, it means you are struggling with an addictive thought pattern in your conscience that requires attention, and you need to start using word-vision to permeate with the principle. 

Word-Vision 26

Word-Vision 27

Word-Vision 28

Word-Vision 26

Word-visioning requires entering the permeations of the mind of our heart, depicted by using all three sets in WV-15a in the same position simultaneously. The four name identities in each set also permeate each other, so we have three permeating levels permeating each other. Make them all nearly transparent like glass, slightly colored with their identity patterns, each of their permeations within a presence of Name and Word permeating one another, the source of all identity patterns and permeations.

When the three sets are permeationally manifest, our word-vision identity in Name appears as we use the limited diamond forms of the blind we are making more important – before Him [Life] – to love Him through.  When the blind part in us appears, joined to theirs, our word-vision identity in Name vanishes, so suspend the symbol for illusion in its place and use their limited diamond forms to stay aware of your blindness to Name’s presence, depicted in WV-10a. This is inferred in the upper half of WV-10 with the use of yirah knowledge.

The bottom half infers yirah knowledge touching illusion, depicted in WV-10b. By cleansing the pupil of our own conscience with knowledge of Word’s yirah attribute first, we understand that it was misuse of all ten of Name’s attributes that made them appear to be our own, blinding us to His presence. This results in Name reappearing as we restore our use of them, so we can continue loving Him through the limited diamond forms of those still blind to this knowledge, WV-15a.

Using Word’s yirah attribute to replace the fear of blindness in us with a clean conscience to love the enemies of conscience enables us to hear Spirit blessing everyone. Make their permeations in the three sets of WV-15a more important in your word-vision by also blessing them, without being against your own permeations in them.

Remember that Name’s faith raises up Word in everyone who chooses to learn how to love the enemies of conscience. We, then, must receive the love of this truth to begin seeing Truth. Again, our beliefs do not matter or our past as long as we are ready to change. Life does this for all of its lives.

Trigger word-vision again with WV-15a and include reverent knowledge of being el-elohe-names. Use Word’s inner and outer word-vision, symbolized by the four-directional arrows in WVs 19 and 20, to enter and exit the piety of Word’s agapé with his philadelphia, not being drawn into the act, the Mystery of Word’s Piety. Keep them more important with this in their permeations to love them with the oneness of his desire and 2,000-year conscience. See their beauty in the oneness of Name’s faceted attributes in Word and Word’s in Name.

Word-Vision 3a

We cannot know ourselves very well if our conscience is encaged and creating illusion, trauma and addiction. During such periods, we are not aware of Name’s presence as El, Word’s as Elohe, or our own as el-elohe-names. However, this does not mean that they are not working in our life story and that we are not names. From minutes to generations, Name and Word are always present, awareness of which is especially needed during these days of upheaval.

Simply put, which attributes are you using in your inner vision to see the world and are you misusing any of them? We must use the principle together for the sake of our nation.



Laura’s mother still grieves the loss of her husband but is doing better now, and Laura and Jack separated but are back together stronger than ever. They are growing together in the knowledge they received and teaching it to their children one step at a time 

She’s working and doing fine but struggles sometimes with applying the knowledge she learned about the conscience to her daily life and the world at large. The level of hatred in the world is growing beyond her ability to love the enemies of conscience. When she just focuses on her inner vision long enough, she feels momentary love for them, but then images of their hatred in action come to mind and overcome her.

Word-vision shows us how to think from our conscience, together the mind of our heart, not react to our conscience when a part of it is encaged or catatonic, and certainly not to think without it, the loss of all empathy. Laura understands now that her father was reacting to or not using his conscience at all when mistreating her mother. Therefore, Laura is able to think with her conscience when remembering him and makes the choice to love him anyway in memory, while safely hating what he did.

In this way, she is able to use the very thought of him to love him with, a steppingstone to using the thought of greater enemies of conscience to love them with. She always knew that the life that was in her father in this world is the same life in everyone. But tradition keeps us locked into loving family members without knowledge of how the conscience of life works.

We feel the power of family love for an outsider who loves us and the power of family hatred when an outsider hates us, but we do not know how to use the power of family love to love an outsider who hates us while protecting ourselves – which alone ensures the safety of our conscience too.

The group mechanics of the conscience do not require us to be in direct contact with our members for it to work, just memory of them is enough. This is important to understand when forming groups in our conscience that include enemies. They are already part of life in the world, their nations and their families. The energy we spend excluding them from groups in our conscience of those we love is much greater than what is needed to include them, by using their light to see them with instead of blinding ourselves to it as they do.

Imagine using the light of your whole nation in the inner vision of your conscience to love its enemies, yours. But instead, we blind ourselves to all our national light by blinding ourselves to them in our conscience. This is what Laura is struggling with, how to envision the national light in her inner vision and use it to experience and understand the sight her eyes see in the world. This is key to word-vision.

Consider the way we see a flat screen TV with our two eyes. When viewed straight forward, our sight gives depth and meaning to the TV images that are quite different than when they are viewed partially from the side. What fooled our eyes is gone and we see that the images on the screen have no depth and no meaning of their own.

Consider the illusion when we look at the surfaces of this world and use them to create depth and meaning in our inner vision. But when we use the depth and meaning we naturally have in our inner vision, which is based on knowledge of the conscience, to interpret the surfaces of this world in our sight, we discover Name and Word in and behind  everyone, whether we believe in God or not. We love everyone with their light in our conscience, which is to love Name with them through Word.

Now unfortunately, the world is in such an upheaval that we must take blindness to its logical conclusion, which, fortunately, gives us the power to love the worst enemies of conscience and protect our own.

Our sight in the world takes in humans and animals separately, but word-vision does not use either of their forms to trigger the inner vision of life, for life in the conscience is not based on either of these forms. The images word-vision uses for life are symbolic forms of light, easy for the mind of the heart to trigger in the conscience. Loving the enemies of conscience is the only standard it works under with these forms in it, thus excluding the need to make any distinction for animals since they cannot love their enemies.

The optic rules of the standard show love for enemies of conscience to be the strongest light, like an intense laser structure, and hatred for its enemies the strongest blindness of conscience, the exact character of animals if we equate their vicious reactionary behavior with hatred.

With sight under partially-blind inner vision, we are in disbelief when we see people behaving like animals, but with fully-blind inner vision, we ourselves behave this way and find it acceptable. When partially blind and seeing such behavior in others, we may blind ourselves totally and use animal behavior also, thinking it is necessary for survival or to just get revenge.

But when we see such behavior in our sight with seeing inner vision, it is still appalling but easy to understand. So if threatened, we know that the only way to survive in our conscience is to use the powerful national light in it to see their beauty in this light and love them with it. Having such strength keeps our mind clear also, the best state to be in to unite and defend ourselves.

May Name bless you and make Word prosper in you.


[40] 2 Thessalonians 2:9, 10

[41] John 7:24

[42] Psalm 89:19