A light year and one inch are no different if we are blind. Two thousand years of history and what we are feeling right now are no different when the eyes of our conscience are blind. The ideas of these many years have formed our present conscience into what it is at this very moment, even though time does not exist in it. 

Wokeness is a sign that together we are developing conscientious thought on a much higher level. The principle will give us greater understanding of its processes and awareness of the misuse of conscience that producess hatred, both so that we can reach those trapped in its hatred and misguided moral judgments.

The Solution empowers us to see the depth of the misuse.

The anger of love is stronger than the anger of hatred, but many believe the opposite.

Hate unites because it kills the conscience with the mindless anger needed to do what cannot or should not be done with a conscience. But is it that loving an enemy makes us too weak to do what we think must be done to survive or does it show us what we really need to do but we refuse? This is not a religious discussion, but Jesus taught it and yet told his followers to buy swords to defend themselves. It is just that nations have a long history of defending themselves out of hatred not love.

Where are the voices today guiding us to love Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un or should there be? We will take a close look at Jesus’ teaching on this matter, but this is not a religious book. For looking at this teaching only religiously has been part of the problem.

We do not have to be Christian to learn the method of the principle, but many believe we do.

To confront autocracy and rageful neighbors or at least live with them, the kind of love Jesus taught would have to have an anger all its own that unites us. Not just to protect, it must be an anger that allows us to see the enemy as equals, not inhuman as the anger of hatred makes us do. The anger of love fights nobly rather than inhu­manely, for it is mindful anger. But how does it work? Without allowing us to lose our conscience, it comes from the mind of the heart.    

We cannot be united through it though if it depends on everyone being Christian. Thinking that we must comes from looking at his teaching only through religious eyes. Jesus said that if we do not believe in him, we should at least believe his works. Teaching us to love our enemies was his greatest work for all humanity, believers and nonbelievers alike.

Believers in autocracy can unite only around hatred for their enemies, and yet, they make too many of us cowards because our conscientious mind is either sleeping or we do not know that its mindful anger makes us courageous.

First, we must be able to look at this teaching without any beliefs associated with it, to just focus on the deeper method behind it. If we are Chris­tians or of any other religion, we can do both but should not let our beliefs interfere with the reasoning. Autocracy and rageful citizens are betting we cannot unite around it, but when approached this way, it does not require a miracle.

To accommodate all readers, I equate the word God with life, the essence of life a given without reference to any deity behind it. And I pro­pose that life as a whole be given a name, for as offspring of life, each of us has one. And likewise, since each of us produces words, life produces words. Rather than giving life a more personal name, I call it Name and its one offspring Word, both without any reference to deity.

At the same time, for Christians, God is the Name and Jesus is the Word, so I refer to God and Jesus as Name and Word also, applicable to all other religions interpreted your own way. I use a story about Name and Word with both sym­bolic meaning about life and spiritual meaning about God. Either way, those who love life or “Name will dwell in it,”[1] and they will handle “the Word of life”.[2]

1- Psalm 69:36, 2 - 1 John 1:1