1. Adopting the principle step by step.

2. Opening our generational eyes in the national conscience.

3. Learning the simple but powerful visual language of the principle.

Much of the unrest today is due to so many of us refusing to be silent before injustice any longer. We are developing higher conscientious thought on the path to reversing the misuse of conscience behind hatred, which exists on both sides of the divide. 

We cannot stop until we reach those on both sides who are blinded by the hatred in generational moral judgments. This includes those of us who have the facts on their side but, due to judgment, cannot see their role under the principle, their role in loving the enemies of conscience.

The anger working from love for an enemy of conscience is mindful anger, wiser and stronger than the mindless anger of hatred for them.

Those of us who unite around mindless anger make too many of the rest of us turn and do the same or appear as cowards, too nice. Either our conscientious mind is sleeping, or we do not know how to tap into the depth of its mindful anger, always working from empathy for everyone while defending the oppressed.

The visual language of word-vision is the means with which to individually and collectively engage the mind of our hearts -- in the moment and generationally to love every enemy of conscience.

Word-vision breaks through the barriers made from oversimplifying the task before our present and generational eyes. These barriers divide us into "us and them" based on whatever is convenient for the conscience in a catatonic state. Under the principle, the conscience speaks word-vision and handles those of us in self-made boundaries with care and empathy.