Word-Vision 8


If we were to symbolize healthy visions between our hearts, this is one way to do it. To understand Word-Vision 8, look at one through seven below. What appears as gold and yellow flames here represents flows of thought-forms that rise up in us during word-vision. This is also explained below in the fundamentals of word-vision and the attributes used in it.

Word-Vision 1

We would represent word-vision in  our own thoughts.

Word is in the normal perspective of looking at something from outside of it. Vision is in the perspective of look­ing through a window at something outside. Working simultaneously, this is word-vision, the language of the mind of the heart. 

Word-Vision 2

Working between ourselves and others, word-vision is bound together by one vision pearl, which establishes its baseline and depth .

The key to remember is that all these illustrations, except WV-3, symbolize some level of vision and should therefore be used to trigger actual vision, not used in our mind as they are displayed on these pages. WV-3 symbolizes blindness and thus cannot trigger vision.

Our word-visions work as gates of communication between us, the upper left representing our own position in light blue. Minimally, we work from four word-visions that have been coupled, since it takes two gates to establish a baseline for each person and at least two others doing the same without our being a part of them to establish our vision depth. Joined together, they form one vision pearl that each person partakes of together with their own sight, regardless of whether we aware of how it works.

Word-visioning each other occurs correctly when the other’s presence is our focus without allowing our own presence to block any of theirs. This is making them more important, the nature of social life and thus of Name. Making others more important in our word-vision is referred to as the principle, the nature of love. It includes loving the enemies of conscience. But if we do not, there can be no vision pearl joined to our sight, even if we believe we are justified in not loving them due to their behavior in the world.

The fact is we cannot love them because we lost the ability to word-vision, thinking we see with understanding with these two opaque eyes alone. The inability is due to painful memory so traumatic that our conscience caged itself in. Thinking we were protecting ourselves, we only formed false boundaries of us and them in our word-vision.

To resolve this conflict in ourselves, we need to understand that the principle works from Name’s Word, life’s underlying nature in all our word-visions, whether we can see it or not. Thus, trying to word-vision without the principle, knowingly or not, only creates illusion.

To resolve all inner conflict, including those driven by trauma or addiction, requires knowledge of each of the ten main attributes of Name’s nature in our word-vision. Rather than working from memory behind trauma or addiction, this knowledge exposes the specifics of illusion that have blinded our word-vision to its vision pearl with others.

Word-Vision 3

Blindness cannot see its own illusion, trapping us in our own word-vision.

This image represents what is behind conflict in a person. The blue outline is trauma and gold the illusion. With no baseline or depth in their word-vision, they misperceive whatever others are seeing, correctly or incorrectly themselves. Consider how the attributes of Name’s nature are twisted in this illusion.

Consider anger working under the illusion, hateful anger, an illusion of the healthy anger in Name’s nature. Consider the torment of fear in illusion, not knowing it is an illusion of healthy fear. For in Name’s nature, “mature love casts out the fear [that] has torment.”[2]

The so-called fear that remains is yirah, Hebrew for fear, but a side of fear that cannot be fear in any real sense, since, working with reverence for Life, its only purpose is to cleanse the conscience from the traumatic cage it built for itself in WV-3. For Name’s “yirah [is] clean, enduring forever.”[3]  With just this basic knowledge of Name’s anger and yirah, allow the light of your vision pearl to start casting itself onto your word-vision. It will put your past illusion in perspective. 

Word-Vision 4

This is the first step out of the visual conflict of blindness, when we are ready to see its illusion and resolve trauma and addiction.

Still unable to get a clear baseline for our word-vision or know its depth, we are at least aware of the illusion now. We can sense the principle working in our conscience and use it as a guide each time it sheds healing light on our trauma. Without a baseline though, it is a constant challenge to know whether it is our own word-vision or another’s that is feeding the illusion.

Word-Vision 5

This represents what we think is going on when we start the journey, what it seems like when another’s supposed illusion is our own.

When it seems as though others do not get deeper meaning and it is us, this is how we experience it. For starting the journey to healthy word-vision, we are ready to dismiss illusion but have no way of recognizing it.

Word-Vision 6

This is what is actually going on.

This represents what is actually occurring, whether there is conflict in the other person’s word-vision or not. We see them according to our illusion and trauma, but being only aware of our trauma, our illusion is hidden behind it in our mis­perception of them. It is a reversal of the yellow and blue out­lines. We are trapped in trauma by illusion.

Word-Vision 7

Word-Visions 7 and 8 are the completion of the journey.

As we dismiss illusion in our perspective more and more, we get better at engaging in healthy word-vision with others and switching over to it working in illusion when it is present, switching between WV-8 and WV-7 respectively. We do this with a simple test using the principle and the ten attributes of Name in Word.

Word-Vision 8

The Fundamentals of Word-Vision



Our inner vision determines how we perceive the outer world, particularly words. We change each other’s inner vision accord­ing to how we influence each other in the outer world, but only according to how the state of our individual and group con­science allows or forces us to.

The word-vision illustrations here are like reticles for us to identify and manage such influence. The pearl represents the eyeball of the outer world and inner eye of the mind of the heart, making each word-vision sight and vision inseparable. These illustrations provide us with three indispensa­ble truths. First is the process of word-vision itself working in our sight and the mind of our heart. Second is the ability of word-vision to consciously include – in every vision (sight implied) – whatever our belief or experience of what life is, be that of God or simply the essence of Life, either way referred to as Name.

Third, and goal of all our natural efforts, is the ability to resolve conflicts between ourselves to make life better for everyone. The chief conflicts are due to either emotional or physical trauma in the past, both of which result in present addiction that blinds our word-vision. Until we resolve these in every form, our word-visions are mostly at war. It is reflected all around us in the fact that we are individuals connected – affected by the traumas of others.

Translated from ancient knowledge, we should “take every thought captive.”[1] Noéma is the Greek word for thought here, referring specifically to the products of our mental vision. Take every word-vision captive to truth when there is such war, knowing that some are trying to take yours captive due to conflict in our national conscience that allows or forces us to try and change each other’s inner vision.

What Makes Word-Vision so Important?

If you are like most Americans, like me you are finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that these days of upheaval we are living through in the twenties are so un-American. We are Americans and we find solutions, at least have until this point. Well, when something is fundamentally wrong, you guessed it, we need a fundamental solution.

Anyone who reads over this can, in no time, start practicing healthy word-visioning. It fundamentally teaches how to love our enemies, whether we believe in God or not. If that does not bring us together, well, I am sure you can finish the rest of that thought as you see it. The full explanation is in my book “The Mind of the Heart”, discussed on the other pages of this website.

The Attributes Used in Word-Vision


   The more we practice the principle of making others more important the more we realize that it does not matter whether they are blind too. For our goal is to first cleanse our own word-vision to see Word working Name’s attributes in them, and then, if we accurately recognize any blindness in them, it is to help them cleanse it with yirah if they are willing.

   Cleansing the conscience with yirah removes the effects of trauma by dispelling the illusion that Name is not present when the effects are. In fact, we replace the effects with His presence, Its presence if our belief is in Life, either way knowing that Name’s nature does not experience these effects the way we do.



   The key attribute to start this is yirah, for the trauma in fear is what disables our mind, while the fragrance of yirah enables our mind to come under a clean conscience, regardless of whether there is any past wrongdoing associated with the trauma. For this cleansing only lasts long enough to practice the principle, while it is the principle that permanently cleanses our conscience from past wrongdoing, Name’s forgiveness, whichever your beliefs.

   Word “will spiritually smell (smell comes from the Hebrew word for spirit) with the yirah of Yahweh (Hebrew name for God) and not judge [according] to the sight of his eyes, nor decide [according] to the hear­ing of his ears.”[4]

   By allowing “the fragrance of (Word)”[5] to bring yirah into our word-vision, we are given respite from using our eyes and ears to judge, starting with the reason for the effects of our trauma, then everything else that crosses our troubled conscience. Freeing it from judging, Name’s yirah in Word cleanses it, replaces the torment of fear in our trauma, and begins replacing all effects with Name’s other nine attributes.

Here, we quickly realize that all traumatic effects are removed by, one, eliminating illusion and, two, following the principle in our word-vision, for by not following it, we are against Life’s nature and heading for illusion and trauma again sooner or later.



   Consider anger again but this time with yirah fragrance in your word-vision. It is Name’s attribute of grace taking the form of loving anger against us when we do not follow the principle. Under our illusion though, it feels like our own anger against those we hate, hardly a loving anger.

   Make them more important at least in your word-vision and the only anger you might see is Name’s anger for them if they are not making you more important. Either way, with Word’s yirah, you will plainly see that Word is “full of grace and truth”[6] in everyone.

   Again though, when blind, we know his grace only in the form he shows it to us, be it an illusion of his anger or any other attribute. Referring to Name, it says, “With the pure, You show Yourself pure, and with the crooked, You show Yourself twisted.”[7]

   This is why so many in the world have a twisted concept of money, for in our sight, money takes the place of the currency of grace in our word-vision. If we cannot correctly see Name’s grace take its many forms in Word under the principle, how can we understand the different forms money takes in our blindness under the world’s illusion?



   With yirah fragrance in your word-vision, consider desire. Say to Life, “the desire of the soul [is] for Your name and Your memory.”[8]  Unlike how His desire appears in us under illusion, Name’s desire is never unfulfilled. Word said, “With desire, I have desired to eat this Passover (special commemoration meal) with you before I suffer (on the cross).”[9]

   With perfect word-vision, Word sees our blindness and desires to let us use his perfect word-vision again but will not unless we choose to follow the principle, the nature of his love. Eating the Passover with him signifies we have chosen to follow it. His desire for us to love Name in him is then realized.

   He is not unfulfilled if we choose not to because he is our life in Name. We alone are unfulfilled, unable to fully partake of our own life in Word. With yirah in your clean conscience to see Word full of grace and truth in everyone, use this knowledge in your word-vision to desire to see Name and His memory in everyone.

   Under WV-3, we experience Name’s desire under illusion, as coming from ourselves to satisfy ourselves in the world or, under WV-6, to satisfy only those who satisfy us, never to satisfy the enemies of conscience, the nature of love. Both blind word-visions strengthen the connection between addiction and the pain of trauma, for the pleas­ure behind addiction is inseparable from pain, even sharing the same regions of the brain (Cromie, 2002).

   “Where do wars and conflicts in you [come from]? From this: your pleasures that wage war in your members [those of your vision pearl relationships].”[10]  Desire is at the center of all wars between our word-visions, every side under the addictive pleasures of desire, trying to take the others captive by possessing them. Start making the enemies of conscience more important and the yirah fragrance in your word-vision will reveal the real desire of everyone’s soul – for Name and His memory.

  We have already looked at the first three attributes, except that they need to be understood in their oneness with the other seven. As attributes of Name’s nature, they are inseparable and work as one, like facets of a diamond, something our vision pearl reveals working in all word-visions, knowingly or not.

   Until we know it, we consciously work from only one or two attributes at a time, so we need to establish placeholders of light for the other attributes still in our blindness. Lightholders work like shields to protect us from our own misuse. When any trauma appears in you, with yirah fragrance in your word-vision, identify its torment of fear as misuse of Word’s yirah attribute. Use it correctly by receiving it to see his grace and desire in you. Then, see them in others to stop allowing yourself to be judged and stop judging others.

   Use the other attributes correctly as you recognize their misuse. The lightholders stop the depths of illusion from overwhelming us while we endure all the temptations of addiction behind it, some tied directly to trauma. Break it altogether with the ten attributes of Life – showing Name to be the absolute source of Word in all of us. The physiological side of addiction and trauma is also broken by your word-visions, for they work in the mind of your heart, reaching the oneness between body and mind.



   Consider the natural anointing all life has to bless life. With yirah fragrance in your word-vision, bless everyone. Stop cursing the enemies of conscience as the illusion makes us believe is our duty. When those we love do wrong, we bless them in the sense of giving them hope to do better. It should be the same for enemies we love who do wrong. Only we should act prudently and protect ourselves, for we are never against ourselves, whether that means avoiding them and loving them at a distance or doing what it takes to defend ourselves.

   Seeing every attribute of Word as Name’s, know the strength of your vision pearl by realizing that Name is already blessing Word in everyone. We partake of it consciously when we use His nature in us accordingly through our word-visions.

   Again, it comes back to knowing that Word’s yirah fra­grance cleanses the eyes of our conscience to see, so that we can receive the knowledge of Name’s attributes in him. It works together in one spiritual essence, called “the Spirit of Knowledge and Yirah of Yahweh.”[11]



   Consider Name’s humble-mindedness. With Word’s yirah fragrance in your word-vision, knowledge implied, use his humble mind as an example of how to bless the enemies of conscience, showing anger for them only out of grace, and, out of grace, desiring for them to see Name in themselves. For this is all so that they might love us in return. But the illusion turns humble-minded­ness into an attitude of wanting to take everything by force, especially when trying to love this way fails.

   Under WV-1, examine yourself with both perspectives working as one, seeing your word-visions through your sight and holding them up to the principle already working in Word in you. Do not condemn yourself, for in blindness we never know what we are doing, specifically, never know how to love the enemies of conscience.

   So when ready to do better, enter consciousness of WV-2 again and love them in their world, not their world, WV-3. They see themselves under WV-4 just as we did, thinking they see everyone clearly, hating their enemies, unaware of the constant trauma their conscience is under, blind to the fact that their word-vision has been taken captive.



   With Word’s fragrant yirah in your word-vision, consider why Name has faith. Like yirah or fear, faith is some­thing we need not Him and yet, like everything, it originates in Him. Only in this case, like yirah, faith is in a different form.

   Now when our word-vision enters illusion, naturally His attributes in us do not change, neither does the essence of our presence. Only our awareness changes, so Name maintains our presence in Himself as its true essence exists even without our awareness, superseding us.

   To raise our awareness out of its death, Name’s faith raises up Word and, through him, raises our awareness, until once again, His faith becomes our faith also, ending the superses­sion. We were “raised with [Word] through the faith of the working of God, who raised him from the dead.”[12]

   This is represented by Word rising out of the gold in WV-7, gold symbolizing Name, who raises us with him. We are risen out of the illusion that we are this gold, our own source. At the same time, we experience the truth of ourselves, represented by jasper blue, coming out of the trauma we experienced in the illusion.

 Now since we only gradually learn to follow the principle, coming out of the supersession gradually, we only see our awareness returned to us through those we are making more important. In being raised up, we see Name in them and the world, verifying it, along with any failure on their part in seeing Name in us and, thus, the accompanying illusion of how they see us and the world.

  Once Name’s faith awakens us to seeing Him as our source in the supersession, we see that the illusion subjected us to the world. This is the part of Name’s faith that judges us to bring us back, Life judging us, protecting all life.

  Knowing how His faith works in our word-vision now, we can consciously work from our position in WV-7 in the upper left and see, without judging, blue in the other positions as illusion blinding the world. And having removed illusion from the gold, by using the principle in our word-vision, we see Name in the world where it only knows illusion, causing trauma and addiction in the world.


   Consider Name’s sincerity when He interacts with us in our word-vision when we are superseded – while we are unaware that Life is carrying on with our essence without our conscious participation as we suffer, thus, His desire to free us.

  With Word’s yirah fragrance in your word-vision, use his sincerity attribute to be sincere with those who are more super­seded than you, possible by doing your part and making them more important with others in your vision pearl. Remember, sight by itself sees only the appearance of bad people, true or not. Word-vision sees blind people and uses sight simultaneously to practice the principle prudently.


  With knowledge of Word’s sincerity, we are ready for “the Mystery of the Piety [of Word], who was manifested in flesh [as part of the illusion], justified in spirit [because he uses the illusion to awaken us], seen by angels [the conveyance between all word-visions], proclaimed in nations, believed on in the world, [and] taken up in glory.”[13] 

  Consider Word’s attribute of piety with his yirah fragrance. Raising Word up with the working of Name’s faith is an act, a pious act going along with the illusion the world is under to restore our word-vision. Remember, the cause of illusion in the world is not practicing the principle. Word practices it unceasingly. The whole world is under the illusion that not loving enemies of conscience, even hating them, is good.  

    Word displays the world’s illusion in each of us when we can­not see outside of his piety attribute to see it in ourselves. For Word is “the all and in all [of us]”,[14] which means Word, the language of Life, is the oneness of all of us in the world ex­pressed in all of us through word-vision.

  Those of us under the illusion who believe on Word as the Word of Life or God, unknowingly through His piety, are hoping to be freed, not understanding the world’s illusion. Although not knowing our place in the world as it is superseded or our place in our nation as it is superseded, we proclaim him as being raised up in glory, hoping to be raised up with him.

  From your upper left position in WV-7, know that the gold in the positions around you is Name’s piety covering the blind in the world. But with Word rising up out of the illusion of the world, we see his grace already filling the world in everyone. This is key to restoring your word-vision from the effects of trauma or addiction or both, your own in the past or anyone else’s in the present. See Name’s piety working in His attribute oneness – in His being the absolute source of Word in the world in each of us

  Now see the other positions of WV-7 representing names in word-vision like you, Name and Word, as stated, “his name is called the Word of God.”[15]  A name is a person of light in word-vision, not a person of flesh like our sight sees on the earth. With Name and Word’s sincerity and pious devotion always making us more important, Word takes our word-vision deeper into Name, the One “who fills the all in all [Word]”.[16]


  Consider Word’s attribute of philadelphia with his yirah fragrance in your word-vision and knowledge of the previous eight attributes. It is essential to fully knowing Name by under­standing ourselves as names, persons of light. Although com­monly translated broth­erly love, philadelphia is in the femi­nine grammar form, literally meaning sisterly love.

  But since light has no gender, neither does Name or names. Such distinctions in the language of word-vision represent the two main ways of interacting with Name, one as sym­bolic children of His light and two collectively as the bride of His light.

  As stated earlier, word-vision enables us to visibly include our beliefs about life in every vision or thought-form, noéma, joined to our sight in this world. This is done through the full presence of our names, connecting each of them to Name through Word, called el-elohe-names. In Hebrew, el is a singular form for God and elohe a plural form, together the one form of Name in His many forms. 

  Since Israel was the name of an individual and the name of a nation, “El-Elohe-Israel”[17]  teaches us that, as names, we are each individuals of light, each symbolically a child of His light, and collectively nations of light, collectively the bride of His light – both joined to Name in all His forms through Word.

   El-Elohe-Israel also teaches us that in our own el-elohe-names, our word-vision has twelve key gates, the twelve in El-Elohe-Israel named after his twelve sons,[18] each symbolically a pearl. “The twelve gates (were) twelve pearls, each one of the gates respec­tively was from one pearl.”[19]

  Word uses them together in communication between our el-elohe-names, each of their gates named symbolically with off­spring or other associations. The point is that they are all names of persons of light in word-vision, not names of persons of flesh on the earth, even though they once referred to their life on earth in the Mystery of Piety. Therefore, “train yourselves for piety.”[20]

  El-Elohe-Israel is first Name’s el-elohe-name in His word-vision, then Israel’s in his simultaneously through Word. Under the illusion, the individual name Israel and nation-name are superseded in his superseded world.

  But by making the name Israel more important in your position in WV-7, the gold in his position represents Word rising out of the illusion and bringing El-Elohe-Israel with him, full of his grace and truth again and again, starting by filling the twelve names of his pearl gates. “Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord”[21] – or in the knowledge of Life and the Word of Life, either way though only if we practice the principle.

  Once awakened, recognize any world illusion in your word-vision working from other el-elohe-names. They previously appeared in your word-vision as being the source of their own power – but now are exposed in the presence of Name displaying Himself as the only source of all power, all existence, Life. It reveals yet another depth to Name being our source and to the illusion working in, not of, His piety attribute. We subject ourselves to the world illusion we create in our own el-elohe-names when rejecting the nature of Life in our word-vision, the principle of Word.

  Once awakened to this knowledge, word-vision the four positions of WV-2 occupied by four el-elohe-names, one of them yours, each filled with the all in all by Name. Word uses the twelve pearls gates in each of you to facilitate communication between you – through the one vision pearl the four of you work from together, joined to your individual sight in word-vision. We all express all of Name’s attributes in their oneness, superseded or not, for we are His el-elohe-names first, joined together in Name by Word.


  Speaking to Name, say, “You have exalted Your Word above all of Your Name.”[22] This is agapé, love in Greek, the love of Life’s nature that allows us to see Name in Word in every part of our el-elohe-names and ourselves as their word-visions. For exalting the lesser above Himself demonstrates how the nature of His word-vision works in us, Word revealing Him everywhere as we make all others more important also.

  We, however, exalt the equal above ourselves, for we are greater than no one, all equal. Of course, the world displays an illusory nature where the supposed greater exalt themselves above the supposed lesser, but that appearance is only due to illusion working in their word-vision through His piety attribute. Their superseded worlds display the fullness of Word’s grace and truth untouched, even Name’s love for us through those superseded, for their life in Word never stops loving everyone.“

  The one who does not love does not know God, for the God [of life] is agapé.”[23] Thus, those of us who follow the principle but do not believe in Word as Christ still know God but as Life, even though we may not know that we do.

  As for not believing in him, Word said, “Even if you do not believe in me [as Christ], believe in the works,”[24] the key work being to love the enemies of conscience. If then, we can exalt them, not their blindness, through the love of the principle in ourselves as word-vision in the mind of our hearts, everyone else is easy to love. If we cannot, we cannot see Name in our word-vision nor can we know Him.

  With Word’s yirah fragrance in your word-vision, consider how agapé is misused by some in their illusion to love to hate others by exalting themselves above them. Out of the gold in every el-elohe-name, Name raises up Word and with him all names who stop exalting themselves. They are then no longer blind to the absolute fullness of Name in Word being their source, their being. By exalting them in ourselves as word-vision, we see that they are no longer part of the superseded world in our el-elohe-names.

  Addiction cannot remain in our world without the illusion nor can the effects of trauma. Once we know how to use Name’s yirah to, when necessary, cleanse our conscience whenever they appear in the world, we can take the captivity of illusion’s past captive to Word’s presence in whomever it remains, seeing them in the supersession.

  In whomever illusion’s past no longer remains, we can witness the realization of Word’s desire for them to see Name in the eternal present and His memory of the eternal past. They have been victorious in the war of word-visions. They as word-visions are victorious by showing that the superseded world exists outside the foundations of time, space-time, encompassing and thus rendering useless every appearance of conflict, all exhibited in Name and His memory.

  It does not matter that presently we do not see it or remember it the way He does. Without the illusion, we only know that addiction and the effects of trauma worked behind the gold in our el-elohe-names, exposed by seeing Name as reality instead of them.

  We stop looking for the false memory of such things, but when they appear anyway, it only strengthens the oneness of His diamond attributes in us as word-visions. For as such, we only desire His memory and His name in each other, particularly in the enemies of con­science of the superseded world in our el-elohe-names.The only thing remaining is how to be word-vision that contemplates the future. For this we use the attribute of Name’s faith working as our own, enabling us to trust Him but only in Word. For since Name exalted Word above all of Himself, we turn to Word first to see how he trusts Name within himself in us.

  Now know that Word spiritually smells with his yirah fra­grance in us as word-vision through all our gates as el-elohe-names. Under such cleanness of mind, which knows the grace and truth in Word, contemplate the future in your el-elohe-name, particularly the part of the world that is going to be under Word’s piety attribute.

  We trust that, at the right moment, we will see Word rising up from any illusion distorting the oneness of Name’s attributes in Himself and Word as humble-minded word-visions in our el-elohe-names.

  You can now start using these fundamentals to word-vision your life joined to your sight in all its complexities and simplicities. As el-elohe-names, know that we are not always aware of Name’s presence as El in our names, but that does not mean He is not working in them and thus, through Word, in every part of our life’s dramas from minutes to generations.

  Until we do recognize Him and His attribute oneness in our vision pearl, we are cut off from Him by illusion in the interac­tions between our twelve gates and those of other el-elohe-names, whether in simple or complex situations.

  To fully recognize Him in Word, expand the number of names in your word-vision – by discovering toward whom you need to expose your own misuse of his attributes and start practicing the principle for them. Do so until you see the whole world in the supersession, all individual and nation-names, before Name in Word as every name’s absolute source. 


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